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4Fit-0444-01Facia BMW 1 E87
4Fit-2080-02Facia Ford Transit
4Fit-2085-01Silver Facia Ford Ka to 2008
4Fit-2090-03Black Facia Ford Focus 04>
4Fit-2099-02Facia Ford Transit
4Fit-2106-02Facia Ford Focus
4Fit-2107-01Facia Ford Focus
4Fit-2108-03Silver Facia Ford Focus 04>
4Fit-4481-01Facia Freelander 03-06
4Fit-4483-01Double Facia Freelander 03-06
4Fit-4483-01SDouble Facia Freelander 03-06
4Fit-4484-01Double Facia Freelander 03-06
4Fit-4484-01SDouble Facia Freelander 03-06
4Fit-4970-01FaciaMerceds C Class W203
4Fit-4970-01SFaciaMerceds C Class W203
4Fit-6002-01Facia Peugeot 206
4Fit-6006-01Facia Peugeot 107
4Fit-6011-01Facia Peugeot 207/307
4Fit-6011-01SFacia Peugeot 207/307
4Fit-6012-01Facia Peugeot 307
4Fit-7649-02Facia Toyota RAV4/MR2
4Fit-8401-02Facia Vauxhall
4Fit-8403-02Facia Vauxhall Corsa 00-06 Gunmetal
4Fit-8409-02Facia Vauxhall
4Fit-8415-01Facia Vauxhall
4Fit-8419-01Facia Vauxhall
4Fit-8419-01SFacia Vauxhall
4Fit-8421-01Facia Vauxhall
4Fit-8421-01SFacia Vauxhall
4Fit-8432-01Facia Vauxhall
4Fit-8432-01SFacia Vauxhall
4Fit-8433-01Facia Vauxhall
4Fit-8434-01Facia Vauxhall
4Fit-8435-01Facia Vauxhall
4Fit-8435-01SFacia Vauxhall
4Fit-8436-01Facia Vauxhall
4Fit-8436-01SFacia Vauxhall
4Fit-8503-02Fascia VW
4Fit-8509-03Fascia VW pocket and brackets
4Fit-8509-06Fascia VW pocket and brackets
4Fit-8512-03Fascia VW Golf MK5
4Fit-9111-01Radio Keys Vauxhall
4Fit-9112-01Radio Keys Universal
4Fit-9113-01Radio Keys AUDi/VW Horizontal
4Fit-9115-01Radio Keys AUDi/VW Vertical
4Fit-9201-01DIN Antenna Adaptor Universal
4Fit-9206-01DIN Antenna Adaptor BMW
4Fit-9208-01DIN Antenna Adaptor VAG
4Fit-9214-01DIN Antenna Adaptor Universal
4Fit-9217-01Fakra-DIN Antenna Adaptor Universal
4Fit-9240-01ISO Antenna Adaptor Hyundai
4Fit-9260-01ISO Antenna Adaptor SUBaru
4Fit-9275-01DIN Antenna Adaptor Nissan
4Fit-9276-02DIN Antenna Adaptor Universal
4Fit-9284-01DIN Antenna Adaptor Hyundai/Kia
4Fit-9370-01DIN Antenna Adaptor BMW bundle
4Fit-9374-01DIN and ISO Antenna Adaptor Honda
4Fit-9378-01DIN and ISO Antenna Adaptor Toyota
4Fit-9390-01DIN Antenna Adaptor BMW bundle
4Fit-9391-01ISO and DIN Antenna Adaptor Subaru
4Fit-9392-01ISO and DIN Antenna Adaptor Subaru
4Fit-9502-01Universal Patch Lead
4Fit-9503-01Learning Patch Lead
4Fit-9510-01Universal Patch Lead and ISO-JOIN
4Fit-9511-01Universal LEARNING Patch Lead and ISO-JOIN
4Fit-9514-01Bare-Wire ISO-JOIN
4Fit-9515-01ISO Adaptor
4Fit-9811-01Aux retention
4Fit-9979-012.5m Twin ISO extension
4Fit-9981-015m ISO extension
4Fit-9982-015m Twin ISO extension
4Fit-a481-501Ash tray Infill Silver BMW 3-Series E90
4Fit-a483-501Ash tray Infill Matt Black BMW 3-Series E90
4Fit-c087-501Facia Ford Focus/Mondeo
4Fit-c087-501SFacia Ford Focus/Mondeo
4Fit-c088-501Facia Ford Focus/Mondeo
4Fit-h327-501Facia Skoda Octavia 14- Double Din
4Fit-j007-501Universal Spacer Frame Set
4inst-2020-01LOC Line Output Converter
4inst-3105-01LOC/Amplifier Remote Turn-On Cable 5m
4inst-3515-01LOC/Amplifier ISO-ISO Extender/Joiner for Splicing
4inst-3711-01LOC/Amplifier RCA Cables pair 1m
4inst-3715-01LOC/Amplifier RCA Cables pair 5m
4inst-4111-01Install Wiring Connector Butt Crimp set/10
4inst-4112-01Install Wiring Connector Butt Crimp set/20
4inst-4122-01Install Wiring Connector Bullet prs set/20
4inst-4131-01Install Wiring Scotch Splice Lock T-Tap set/10
4inst-4132-01Install Wiring Scotch Splice Lock T-Tap set/20
4inst-5320-01Install Wiring Loom Insulation Tape Black Reel
4inst-5401-01Install Wire Fixing Cable Tie Base pack of 10
4inst-5414-01Install Wire Fixing Cable Tie 100mm pack of 40
4inst-6745-01Install Cable Crimping Tool for Bullets/Splice
AMPSOT-0442-200SOT ISO Adaptor For BMW 2009> populated data
AMPSOT-0442-AaSOT ISO Adaptor For BMW 2009> populated data
AMPSOT-2050-200SOT ISO Adaptor lead Fiat 500L
AMPSOT-2082-200SOT ISO Adaptor For Ford Mondeo/C-MAX populated
AMPSOT-2082-AaSOT ISO Adaptor For Ford Mondeo/C-MAX populated
AMPSOT-2087-200SOT ISO Adaptor for Ford Fiesta mid-2010 onwards 24-pin connector
AMPSOT-2088-200Ford Fiesta, Focus, Transit 2018-
AMPSOT-6000-200SOT ISO Adaptor For Peugeot, Citroen
AMPSOT-6000-AaSOT ISO Adaptor For Peugeot, Citroen
AMPSOT-8404-200SOT ISO Adaptor For Vaux Q/lock 04 fully populated
AMPSOT-8404-AaSOT ISO Adaptor For Vaux Q/lock 04 fully populated
AMPSOT-8405-200SOT ISO Adaptor For Vauxhall Insignia 08>
AMPSOT-8405-AaSOT ISO Adaptor For Vauxhall Insignia 08>
AMPSOT-8406-200SOT ISO Adaptor For Vauxhall Insignia 14-17
AMPSOT-8502-200SOT ISO Adaptor for VW Delta radios 2010>, 40-pin fully populated
AMPSOT-8502-AaSOT ISO Adaptor for VW Delta radios 2010>, 40-pin fully populated
ANAlogz-SWC-0051-01ANAlogz SWC Alfa Romeo
ANAlogz-SWC-0051-01JANAlogz SWC Alfa Romeo
ANAlogz-SWC-0051-01LANAlogz SWC Alfa Romeo
ANAlogz-SWC-0131-01ANAlogz SWC Audi
ANAlogz-SWC-0131-02JANAlogz SWC Audi
ANAlogz-SWC-0131-02LANAlogz SWC Audi
ANAlogz-SWC-0450-01ANAlogz SWC BMW
ANAlogz-SWC-0450-01JANAlogz SWC BMW
ANAlogz-SWC-0450-01LANAlogz SWC BMW
ANAlogz-SWC-0451-01ANAlogz SWC BMW
ANAlogz-SWC-0451-01JANAlogz SWC BMW
ANAlogz-SWC-0451-01LANAlogz SWC BMW
ANAlogz-SWC-0459-01ANAlogz SWC BMW
ANAlogz-SWC-0459-01JANAlogz SWC BMW
ANAlogz-SWC-0459-01LANAlogz SWC BMW
ANAlogz-SWC-2090-01ANAlogz SWC FORD
ANAlogz-SWC-2090-01JANAlogz SWC FORD
ANAlogz-SWC-2090-01LANAlogz SWC FORD
ANAlogz-SWC-2091-01ANAlogz SWC FORD
ANAlogz-SWC-2091-01JANAlogz SWC FORD
ANAlogz-SWC-2091-01LANAlogz SWC FORD
ANAlogz-SWC-2093-01ANAlogz SWC FORD
ANAlogz-SWC-2093-01JANAlogz SWC FORD
ANAlogz-SWC-2093-01LANAlogz SWC FORD
ANAlogz-SWC-2851-01ANAlogz SWC Honda
ANAlogz-SWC-2851-01JANAlogz SWC Honda
ANAlogz-SWC-2851-01LANAlogz SWC Honda
ANAlogz-SWC-2871-01ANAlogz SWC Honda
ANAlogz-SWC-2871-03JANAlogz SWC Honda
ANAlogz-SWC-2871-03LANAlogz SWC Honda
ANAlogz-SWC-2974-01ANAlogz SWC Hyundai
ANAlogz-SWC-2974-01JANAlogz SWC Hyundai
ANAlogz-SWC-2974-01LANAlogz SWC Hyundai
ANAlogz-SWC-2975-01ANAlogz SWC Hyundai
ANAlogz-SWC-2975-01JANAlogz SWC Hyundai
ANAlogz-SWC-2975-01LANAlogz SWC Hyundai
ANAlogz-SWC-2978-01ANAlogz SWC Hyundai
ANAlogz-SWC-2978-01JANAlogz SWC Hyundai
ANAlogz-SWC-2978-01LANAlogz SWC Hyundai
ANAlogz-SWC-4011-01ANAlogz SWC Kia Ceed
ANAlogz-SWC-4011-01JANAlogz SWC Kia Ceed
ANAlogz-SWC-4011-01LANAlogz SWC Kia Ceed
ANAlogz-SWC-4012-01ANAlogz SWC Kia
ANAlogz-SWC-4012-01JANAlogz SWC Kia
ANAlogz-SWC-4012-01LANAlogz SWC Kia
ANAlogz-SWC-4014-01ANAlogz SWC Kia
ANAlogz-SWC-4014-01JANAlogz SWC Kia
ANAlogz-SWC-4014-01LANAlogz SWC Kia
ANAlogz-SWC-4490-01ANAlogz SWC Land Rover
ANAlogz-SWC-4490-01JANAlogz SWC Land Rover
ANAlogz-SWC-4490-01LANAlogz SWC Land Rover
ANAlogz-SWC-4491-01ANAlogz SWC Land Rover
ANAlogz-SWC-4491-01JANAlogz SWC Land Rover
ANAlogz-SWC-4491-01LANAlogz SWC Land Rover
ANAlogz-SWC-4492-01ANAlogz SWC Land Rover
ANAlogz-SWC-4492-01JANAlogz SWC Land Rover
ANAlogz-SWC-4492-01LANAlogz SWC Land Rover
ANAlogz-SWC-5231-01ANAlogz SWC NISSAN
ANAlogz-SWC-5231-01JANAlogz SWC NISSAN
ANAlogz-SWC-5231-01LANAlogz SWC NISSAN
ANAlogz-SWC-5232-01ANAlogz SWC NISSAN
ANAlogz-SWC-5232-01JANAlogz SWC NISSAN
ANAlogz-SWC-5232-01LANAlogz SWC NISSAN
ANAlogz-SWC-5233-01ANAlogz SWC NISSAN
ANAlogz-SWC-5233-01JANAlogz SWC NISSAN
ANAlogz-SWC-5233-01LANAlogz SWC NISSAN
ANAlogz-SWC-5235-01ANAlogz SWC NISSAN
ANAlogz-SWC-5235-01JANAlogz SWC NISSAN
ANAlogz-SWC-5235-01LANAlogz SWC NISSAN
ANAlogz-SWC-5236-01ANAlogz SWC NISSAN
ANAlogz-SWC-5236-01JANAlogz SWC NISSAN
ANAlogz-SWC-5236-01LANAlogz SWC NISSAN
ANAlogz-SWC-6011-01ANAlogz SWC PEUGEOT
ANAlogz-SWC-6850-01ANAlogz SWC RENAULT
ANAlogz-SWC-6851-01ANAlogz SWC RENAULT
ANAlogz-SWC-7290-01ANAlogz SWC SEAT
ANAlogz-SWC-7290-01JANAlogz SWC SEAT
ANAlogz-SWC-7290-01LANAlogz SWC SEAT
ANAlogz-SWC-7330-01ANAlogz SWC SKODA
ANAlogz-SWC-7330-01JANAlogz SWC SKODA
ANAlogz-SWC-7330-01LANAlogz SWC SKODA
ANAlogz-SWC-7451-01ANAlogz SWC Subaru
ANAlogz-SWC-7451-01JANAlogz SWC Subaru
ANAlogz-SWC-7451-01LANAlogz SWC Subaru
ANAlogz-SWC-7452-01ANAlogz SWC Subaru 12-15
ANAlogz-SWC-7452-01JANAlogz SWC Subaru 12-15
ANAlogz-SWC-7452-01LANAlogz SWC Subaru 12-15
ANAlogz-SWC-7454-01ANAlogz SWC Subaru 12-15
ANAlogz-SWC-7454-01JANAlogz SWC Subaru 12-15
ANAlogz-SWC-7454-01LANAlogz SWC Subaru 12-15
ANAlogz-SWC-7455-01ANAlogz SWC Subaru
ANAlogz-SWC-7455-01JANAlogz SWC Subaru
ANAlogz-SWC-7455-01LANAlogz SWC Subaru
ANAlogz-SWC-7491-01ANAlogz SWC Suzuki
ANAlogz-SWC-7491-01JANAlogz SWC Suzuki
ANAlogz-SWC-7491-01LANAlogz SWC Suzuki
ANAlogz-SWC-7492-01ANAlogz SWC Suzuki
ANAlogz-SWC-7492-01JANAlogz SWC Suzuki
ANAlogz-SWC-7492-01LANAlogz SWC Suzuki
ANAlogz-SWC-7650-01ANAlogz SWC Toyota
ANAlogz-SWC-7650-01JANAlogz SWC Toyota
ANAlogz-SWC-7650-01LANAlogz SWC Toyota
ANAlogz-SWC-8412-01ANAlogz SWC Vauxhall
ANAlogz-SWC-8412-01JANAlogz SWC Vauxhall
ANAlogz-SWC-8412-01LANAlogz SWC Vauxhall
ANAlogz-SWC-8417-01ANAlogz SWC Vauxhall
ANAlogz-SWC-8417-01JANAlogz SWC Vauxhall
ANAlogz-SWC-8417-01LANAlogz SWC Vauxhall
ANAlogz-SWC-8418-01ANAlogz SWC Vauxhall
ANAlogz-SWC-8418-01JANAlogz SWC Vauxhall
ANAlogz-SWC-8418-01LANAlogz SWC Vauxhall
ANAlogz-SWC-8511-01ANAlogz SWC VW
ANAlogz-SWC-8511-01JANAlogz SWC VW
ANAlogz-SWC-8511-01LANAlogz SWC VW
AUTO-SOT-040Autoleads AUTO-SOT-040 or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-043Autoleads AUTO-SOT-043 or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-043Autoleads AUTO-SOT-043 or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-045Autoleads AUTO-SOT-045 or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-046Autoleads AUTO-SOT-046 or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-047Autoleads AUTO-SOT-047 or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-048Autoleads AUTO-SOT-048 or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-048Autoleads AUTO-SOT-048 or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-049Autoleads AUTO-SOT-049 or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-049Autoleads AUTO-SOT-049 or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-053Autoleads AUTO-SOT-053 or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-060Autoleads AUTO-SOT-060 or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-061Autoleads AUTO-SOT-061 or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-062Autoleads AUTO-SOT-062 or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-063Autoleads AUTO-SOT-063 or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-064Autoleads AUTO-SOT-064 or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-065Autoleads AUTO-SOT-065 or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-067Autoleads AUTO-SOT-067 or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-068Autoleads AUTO-SOT-068 or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-069Autoleads AUTO-SOT-069 or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-070Autoleads AUTO-SOT-070 or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-071Autoleads AUTO-SOT-071 or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-072Autoleads AUTO-SOT-072 or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-073Autoleads AUTO-SOT-073 or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-074Autoleads AUTO-SOT-074 or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-075Autoleads AUTO-SOT-075 or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-075Autoleads AUTO-SOT-075 or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-076Autoleads AUTO-SOT-076 or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-077Autoleads AUTO-SOT-077 or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-078Autoleads AUTO-SOT-078 or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-082Autoleads AUTO-SOT-082 or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-084Autoleads AUTO-SOT-084 or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-085Autoleads AUTO-SOT-085 or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-086Autoleads AUTO-SOT-086 or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-090Autoleads AUTO-SOT-090 or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-092Autoleads AUTO-SOT-092 or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-093Autoleads AUTO-SOT-093 or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-096Autoleads AUTO-SOT-096 or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-097Autoleads AUTO-SOT-097 or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-097Autoleads AUTO-SOT-097 or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-099Autoleads AUTO-SOT-099 or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-099/BOSEAutoleads AUTO-SOT-099/BOSE or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-109Autoleads AUTO-SOT-109 or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-117Autoleads AUTO-SOT-117 or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-122Autoleads AUTO-SOT-122 or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-126Autoleads AUTO-SOT-126 or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-128Autoleads AUTO-SOT-128 or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-129Autoleads AUTO-SOT-129 or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-135Autoleads AUTO-SOT-135 or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-901Autoleads AUTO-SOT-901 or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-906/BOSEAutoleads AUTO-SOT-906/BOSE or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-908Autoleads AUTO-SOT-908 or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-909Autoleads AUTO-SOT-909 or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-910Autoleads AUTO-SOT-910 or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-911Autoleads AUTO-SOT-911 or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-912Autoleads AUTO-SOT-912 or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-913Autoleads AUTO-SOT-913 or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-914Autoleads AUTO-SOT-914 or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-915Autoleads AUTO-SOT-915 or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-917Autoleads AUTO-SOT-917 or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-918Autoleads AUTO-SOT-918 or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-918Autoleads AUTO-SOT-918 or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-921Autoleads AUTO-SOT-921 or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-922Autoleads AUTO-SOT-922 or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-925Autoleads AUTO-SOT-925 or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-927Autoleads AUTO-SOT-927 or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-929Autoleads AUTO-SOT-929 or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-938Autoleads AUTO-SOT-938 or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-947Autoleads AUTO-SOT-947 or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-963Autoleads AUTO-SOT-963 or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-976Autoleads AUTO-SOT-976 or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-976FBAutoleads AUTO-SOT-976FB or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-984Autoleads AUTO-SOT-984 or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-990Autoleads AUTO-SOT-990 or eqv.
AUTO-SOT-IO2SAutoleads AUTO-SOT-IO2S or eqv.
BROD-010-511165Brodit: Passive Holder for iPhone 4 - only with skins
BROD-010-511428Brodit: Passive Holder for iPhone 5 - only with skins
BROD-010-511666Brodit: Passive Holder for iPhone 6/6S/7, only with skins
BROD-010-511698Brodit: Passive Holder iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus/7 Plus, only skins
CANbuz-SWC-0139-01CANbuz SWC Audi Combined
CANbuz-SWC-0139-01JCANbuz SWC Audi Combined
CANbuz-SWC-0139-01LCANbuz SWC Audi Combined
CANbuz-SWC-0454-01CANbuz SWC BMW sensor retention
CANbuz-SWC-0454-01JCANbuz SWC BMW sensor retention
CANbuz-SWC-0454-01LCANbuz SWC BMW sensor retention
CANbuz-SWC-2056-01CANbuz SWC FIAT
CANbuz-SWC-2056-01JCANbuz SWC FIAT
CANbuz-SWC-2056-01LCANbuz SWC FIAT
CANbuz-SWC-2094-01CANbuz SWC FORD
CANbuz-SWC-2094-01JCANbuz SWC FORD
CANbuz-SWC-2094-01LCANbuz SWC FORD
CANbuz-SWC-4973-01CANbuz SWC Mercedes
CANbuz-SWC-4973-01JCANbuz SWC Mercedes
CANbuz-SWC-4973-01LCANbuz SWC Mercedes
CANbuz-SWC-4975-01CANbuz SWC Mercedes
CANbuz-SWC-4975-01JCANbuz SWC Mercedes
CANbuz-SWC-4975-01LCANbuz SWC Mercedes
CANbuz-SWC-5238-01CANbuz SWC Nissan Primastar
CANbuz-SWC-5238-01JCANbuz SWC Nissan Primastar
CANbuz-SWC-5238-01LCANbuz SWC Nissan Primastar
CANbuz-SWC-5241-01CANbuz SWC Nissan Qashqai Acenta 14-
CANbuz-SWC-5241-01JCANbuz SWC Nissan Qashqai Acenta 14-
CANbuz-SWC-5241-01LCANbuz SWC Nissan Qashqai Acenta 14-
CANbuz-SWC-6856-03CANbuz SWC Renault Mini ISO 08-
CANbuz-SWC-6856-03JCANbuz SWC Renault Mini ISO 08-
CANbuz-SWC-6856-03LCANbuz SWC Renault Mini ISO 08-
CANbuz-SWC-6857-01CANbuz SWC Renault Quadlock 08-
CANbuz-SWC-6857-01JCANbuz SWC Renault Quadlock 08-
CANbuz-SWC-6857-01LCANbuz SWC Renault Quadlock 08-
CANbuz-SWC-6858-01CANbuz SWC Renault Megane 12-
CANbuz-SWC-6858-01JCANbuz SWC Renault Megane 12-
CANbuz-SWC-6858-01LCANbuz SWC Renault Megane 12-
CANbuz-SWC-7291-01CANbuz SWC SEAT
CANbuz-SWC-7291-01JCANbuz SWC SEAT
CANbuz-SWC-7291-01LCANbuz SWC SEAT
CANbuz-SWC-8414-01CANbuz SWC Vauxhall
CANbuz-SWC-8414-02JCANbuz SWC Vauxhall
CANbuz-SWC-8414-02LCANbuz SWC Vauxhall
CANbuz-SWC-8416-01CANbuz SWC Vauxhall
CANbuz-SWC-8416-01JCANbuz SWC Vauxhall
CANbuz-SWC-8416-01LCANbuz SWC Vauxhall
CANbuz-SWC-8510-01CANbuz SWC Volkswagen
CANbuz-SWC-8510-01JCANbuz SWC Volkswagen
CANbuz-SWC-8510-01LCANbuz SWC Volkswagen
CANbuz-SWC-8512-01CANbuz SWC Volkswagen 15- MIB-PQ
CANbuz-SWC-8512-01JCANbuz SWC Volkswagen 15- MIB-PQ
CANbuz-SWC-8512-01LCANbuz SWC Volkswagen 15- MIB-PQ
Facia-2046-aGrey Facia Fiat Panda 03-12
Facia-2056-aFacia Fiat 500 Black
Facia-2057-aFacia Fiat 500 Ivory
Facia-2058-aFacia Fiat Grande Punto Kit
Facia-2080-03Facia Ford Transit
Facia-2089-02Black Facia Ford Focus 04-07 fixed pocket
Facia-2090-02Black Facia Ford Focus 04>
Facia-2099-03Facia Ford Transit
Facia-2108-02Silver Facia Ford Focus 04>
Facia-6002-aFacia Peugeot 206
Facia-6006-aFacia Peugeot 107
Facia-6841-aFacia Renault Kit
Facia-6843-01Facia Renault Megane
Facia-6846-01Facia Renault Megane II pocket
Facia-6848-01Double DIN Facia Renault Megane II
Facia-6848-01SDouble DIN Facia Renault Megane II
Facia-7321-01Facia Skoda Fabia 99-03
Facia-7323-aFacia Skoda Fabia 03-06
Facia-7327-01Fascia Double Din Skoda Octavia 04-13
Facia-7447-01Black Facia Subaru Impreza/Forester
Facia-7482-01Black Facia Suzuki Swift
Facia-7646-01Black Facia Toyota Yaris 03-06
Facia-7658-aFacia Toyota Aygo 05-14
Facia-8401-03Facia Vauxhall
Facia-8402-04Facia Vauxhall Corsa 00-06 Silver
Facia-8403-04Facia Vauxhall Corsa 00-06 Gunmetal
Facia-8405-01Fascia Vauxhall
Facia-8406-01Fascia Vauxhall
Facia-8409-aFacia Vauxhall Kit
Facia-8419-02Facia Vauxhall
Facia-8433-02Facia Vauxhall
Facia-8502-aFascia VW
Facia-8503-01Fascia VW
Facia-8503-04Fascia VW
Facia-8503-07Fascia VW
Facia-8509-01Fascia VW pocket and brackets
Facia-8509-05Fascia VW pocket and brackets
Facia-8512-01Fascia VW Golf MK5
Facia-8512-01SFascia VW Golf MK5
Facia-8512-04Fascia VW Golf MK5
Facia-c088-502Facia Ford Focus/Mondeo
Facia-c901-501Facia Honda Civic LHD
Facia-e962-501Facia Mercedes C Class W203 00-04
Facia-e963-501Facia Mercedes C Class W203 04-07
Facia-e964-501Facia Mercedes CLK W209 04-09
Fascia-0124-01Single DIN Facia Audi A3 03-06
Fascia-0131-01Single DIN Facia Trim Audi TT 98-06
Fascia-0134-01Facia with pocket Audi TT 07-14
Fascia-0135-01Double DIN Facia Audi A3 03-12
Fascia-0135-01SDouble DIN Facia Audi A3 03-12
Fascia-0440-01Facia BMW 3 E46
Fascia-0443-01Facia BMW Mini
Fascia-0444-02Facia BMW 1 E87
Fascia-0447-01Facia BMW X3
Fascia-2046-01Grey Facia Fiat Panda 03-12
Fascia-2056-01Facia Fiat 500 Black
Fascia-2057-01Facia Fiat 500 Ivory
Fascia-2058-01Facia Fiat Grande Punto
Fascia-2058-bFacia Fiat Grande Punto Kit
Fascia-2072-01Facia Fiat Scudo
Fascia-2072-01SFacia Fiat Scudo
Fascia-2080-01Facia Ford Transit
Fascia-2088-01Dark Grey Facia Ford Mondeo
Fascia-2089-01Black Facia Ford Focus 04-07 fixed pocket
Fascia-2090-01Black Facia Ford Focus 04>
Fascia-2098-01Facia Ford Focus
Fascia-2098-01SFacia Ford Focus
Fascia-2099-01Facia Ford Transit
Fascia-2101-01Facia Silver Double Din Ford Focus
Fascia-2101-01SFacia Silver Double Din Ford Focus
Fascia-2106-01Facia Ford Focus
Fascia-2107-02Facia Ford Focus
Fascia-2108-01Silver Facia Ford Focus 04>
Fascia-2123-01Facia Anthracite Double Din Ford Mondeo
Fascia-2123-01SFacia Anthracite Double Din Ford Mondeo
Fascia-2842-01Honda Civic 03-06 Silver Facia with pocket
Fascia-2965-01Facia Hyunda Santa-Fe 07-12
Fascia-6841-01Facia Renault Megane
Fascia-6841-bFacia Renault Kit
Fascia-6843-cFacia Renault Kit
Fascia-7322-01Facia Skoda Octavia 04-13
Fascia-7447-02Black Facia Subaru Impreza/Forester
Fascia-7649-01Facia Toyota RAV4/MR2
Fascia-7650-01Facia Toyota Corolla 03-08
Fascia-7658-01Facia Toyota Aygo 05-14
Fascia-7664-01Facia Toyota RAV4/MR2 with pocket
Fascia-8401-01Facia Vauxhall
Fascia-8402-01Facia Vauxhall Corsa 00-06 Silver
Fascia-8403-01Facia Vauxhall Corsa 00-06 Gunmetal
Fascia-8404-01Facia Vauxhall
Fascia-8432-03Facia Vauxhall
Fascia-8433-03Facia Vauxhall
Fascia-8435-03Facia Vauxhall
Fascia-8436-03Facia Vauxhall
Fascia-8502-01Fascia VW
Fascia-8503-03Fascia VW
Fascia-8503-05Fascia VW
Fascia-8509-04Fascia VW pocket and brackets
Fascia-8509-07Fascia VW pocket and brackets
Fascia-8512-02Fascia VW Golf MK5
Fascia-c087-502Facia Ford Focus/Mondeo
Fascia-e962-502Facia Mercedes C Class W203 00-04
HU020-ABM1Antenna Adaptor Fakra car to DIN radio
HU020-KAU1Radio Removal Key Audi
HU020-KBM1Radio Removal Key BMW
HU020-KUN1Radio Removal Key ISO
HU021-0120HU01Radio-SWOP lead Audi MMI Basic
HU021-0121HU01Radio-SWOP lead Audi MMI Basic Black Amp
HU021-0122HU01Radio-SWOP lead Audi A6 Bose Surround Sound
HU021-0123HU01Radio-SWOP lead Audi Audi Q7 Bose
HU021-0124HU01Radio-SWOP lead Audi A5 Bang & Olufsen
HU021-0125HU01Radio-SWOP lead Audi A3 Bose
HU021-0440HU01Radio-SWOP for BMW/Land Rover (Rd Pin)
HU021-0441HU01Radio-SWOP for BMW (Flat Pin)
HU021-0442HU01Radio-SWOP For BMW 2009> populated data
HU021-0880HU01Radio-SWOP For Chrysler/Jeep 00>
HU021-0881HU01Radio-SWOP For Chrysler in line
HU021-0882HU01Radio-SWOP lead Chrysler (pre-2000)
HU021-0884HU01Radio-SWOP For Chrysler 07> Standard Sound
HU021-0885HU01Radio-SWOP For Chrysler 2000> Boston
HU021-0887HU01Radio-SWOP For Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat 2011-
HU021-1200HU01Radio-SWOP lead Daewoo
HU021-2080HU01Radio-SWOP lead Ford (post 2001)
HU021-2081HU01Radio-SWOP lead Ford Fiesta 02>
HU021-2082HU01Radio-SWOP For Ford Mondeo/C-MAX populated
HU021-2083HU01Radio-SWOP For Ford Mondeo 03>
HU021-2084HU01Radio-SWOP lead Ford (up to 2001)
HU021-2085HU01Radio-SWOP For Ford Fiesta 2009
HU021-2086HU01Radio-SWOP For Ford US models >2003
HU021-2087HU01Radio-SWOP For Ford Fiesta 2010> 24-pin
HU021-2801HU01Radio-SWOP For Holden Captiva 06-09 CX,LX,SX
HU021-2840HU01Radio-SWOP For Honda (post-2000)
HU021-2841HU01Radio-SWOP For Honda Civic 06>
HU021-2842HU01Radio-SWOP lead Honda (up to 1999)
HU021-2843HU01Radio-SWOP lead Honda Premium Sound
HU021-2861HU01Radio-SWOP For Honda Accord 2008>
HU021-2960HU01Radio-SWOP lead Hyundai 2002>
HU021-2961HU01Radio-SWOP lead Hyundai
HU021-3240HU01Radio-SWOP lead Isuzu
HU021-3600HU01Radio-SWOP For Jaguar/Land Rover
HU021-3601HU01Radio-SWOP lead Jaguar XKR direct interface
HU021-4001HU01Radio-SWOP lead Hyundai non-amplified 2005>
HU021-4020HU01Radio-SWOP For Kia 2002-2005, Hyundai 99-05
HU021-4024HU01Radio-SWOP for Kia/Hyundai 2011>
HU021-4560HU01Radio-SWOP lead Lexus 05>
HU021-4561HU01Radio-SWOP lead Lexus >05
HU021-4562HU01Radio-SWOP lead Lexus GS
HU021-4880HU01Radio-SWOP For Mazda (post 2001)
HU021-4881HU01Radio-SWOP lead Mazda (up to 2001)
HU021-4960HU01Radio-SWOP lead Mercedes E-Class Audio 10/20
HU021-4961HU01Radio-SWOP lead Mercedes Gateway
HU021-4962HU01Radio-SWOP lead Mercedes Command 07>
HU021-4963HU01Radio-SWOP lead Mercedes Harman Kardon
HU021-4980HU01Radio-SWOP For Mercedes 2004-, Audio 10-20
HU021-4991HU01Radio-SWOP For Mercedes Audio 20, 2004-
HU021-5080HU01Radio-SWOP For Mitsubishi
HU021-5081HU01Radio-SWOP for Mitsubishi 07> not nav
HU021-5200HU01Radio-SWOP lead Nissan up to 2000
HU021-5201HU01Radio-SWOP For Nissan 2001> info-panel
HU021-5202HU01Radio-SWOP lead Nissan 03>
HU021-5203HU01Radio-SWOP lead Nissan
HU021-5204HU01Radio-SWOP lead Nissan Primera 05>
HU021-5205HU01Radio-SWOP lead Nissan 350Z 05>
HU021-5206HU01Radio-SWOP lead Nissan VDA
HU021-5207HU01Radio-SWOP lead Nissan VDA C Code
HU021-5208HU01Radio-SWOP lead Nissan 56>
HU021-5220HU01Radio-SWOP For NISSAN >1999
HU021-5221HU01Radio-SWOP For Nissan 2001> models without infopanel
HU021-5223HU01Radio-SWOP For Nissan Pathfinder/Navaro
HU021-6000HU01Radio-SWOP For Peugeot, Citroen
HU021-6001HU01Radio-SWOP lead PSA Group (fly ign)
HU021-6120HU01Radio-SWOP lead Porshe PCM 2.1
HU021-6896HU01Radio-SWOP For Peugeot, Citroen 2012>
HU021-7200HU01Radio-SWOP For SAAB 9-3 03>
HU021-7201HU01Radio-SWOP For SAAB 9-5 06> Facelift Version
HU021-7440HU01Radio-SWOP For Subaru
HU021-7640HU01Radio-SWOP For Toyota
HU021-7641HU01Radio-SWOP For Toyota Landcruiser Sep amp Rad
HU021-7642HU01Radio-SWOP lead Toyota Prius JBL Amplified
HU021-7643HU01Radio-SWOP lead Toyota Landcruiser
HU021-8400HU01Radio-SWOP lead Vauxhall (2000 on)
HU021-8401HU01Radio-SWOP lead Vauxhall CD30/40/70/90 > 2006 non-pop
HU021-8402HU01Radio-SWOP lead Vauxhall/Opel
HU021-8403HU01Radio-SWOP lead Vauxhall/SAAB direct
HU021-8404HU01Radio-SWOP For Vaux Q/lock 04 inc DIN Aerial ad
HU021-8405HU01Radio-SWOP For Vauxhall Insignia 08>
HU021-8480HU01Radio-SWOP For VW, Merc, BMW 05>
HU021-8500HU01Radio-SWOP For VW Delta radios
HU021-8502HU01Radio-SWOP For VW inc twin Ant
HU021-8560HU01Radio-SWOP lead Volvo (not amplified)
HU021-8561HU01Radio-SWOP lead Volvo S40/V50/C70 06
HU021-8562HU01Radio-SWOP lead Volvo 04>
HU021-8563HU01Radio-SWOP lead Volvo (up to 2000)
HU021-8564HU01Radio-SWOP lead Volvo S40/V50 Amplified
HU021-8580HU01Radio-SWOP For Volvo 850/960 S/V40,S/V/C 70
HU021-8581HU01Radio-SWOP For Volvo S60/S80/V70(2001>)
HU021-8582HU01Radio-SWOP For Volvo S40/V50 2004> 14 pins
HU021-8583HU01Radio-SWOP For Volvo S40/V50 2004>
HU021-8584HU01Radio-SWOP For Volvo S80, 2006> 12 + 14 pin
IK20-0440-S2BXMP3 Adaptor for BMW - Round Pin
IK20-0440-S2MXMP3 Adaptor for BMW - Round Pin
IK20-0440-S2NXMP3 Adaptor for BMW - Round Pin
IK20-0440-S2PXMP3 Adaptor for BMW - Round Pin
IK20-0440-S2QXMP3 Adaptor for BMW - Round Pin
IK20-0440-S2XXMP3 Adaptor for BMW - Round Pin
IK20-0441-S2BXMP3 Adaptor for BMW - Flat Pin
IK20-0441-S2MXMP3 Adaptor for BMW - Flat Pin
IK20-0441-S2NXMP3 Adaptor for BMW - Flat Pin
IK20-0441-S2PXMP3 Adaptor for BMW - Flat Pin
IK20-0441-S2QXMP3 Adaptor for BMW - Flat Pin
IK20-0441-S2XXMP3 Adaptor for BMW - Flat Pin
IK20-0442-S2BXMP3 Adaptor for BMW - Flat Pin Pop
IK20-0442-S2MXMP3 Adaptor for BMW - Flat Pin Pop
IK20-0442-S2NXMP3 Adaptor for BMW - Flat Pin Pop
IK20-0442-S2PXMP3 Adaptor for BMW - Flat Pin Pop
IK20-0442-S2QXMP3 Adaptor for BMW - Flat Pin Pop
IK20-0442-S2XXMP3 Adaptor for BMW - Flat Pin Pop
IK20-2080-S2BXMP3 Adaptor for Ford 7+8 pin
IK20-2080-S2MXMP3 Adaptor for Ford 7+8 pin
IK20-2080-S2NXMP3 Adaptor for Ford 7+8 pin
IK20-2080-S2PXMP3 Adaptor for Ford 7+8 pin
IK20-2080-S2QXMP3 Adaptor for Ford 7+8 pin
IK20-2080-S2XXMP3 Adaptor for Ford 7+8 pin
IK20-2081-S2BXMP3 Adaptor for Ford 4500 Radio
IK20-2081-S2MXMP3 Adaptor for Ford 4500 Radio
IK20-2081-S2NXMP3 Adaptor for Ford 4500 Radio
IK20-2081-S2PXMP3 Adaptor for Ford 4500 Radio
IK20-2081-S2QXMP3 Adaptor for Ford 4500 Radio
IK20-2081-S2XXMP3 Adaptor for Ford 4500 Radio
IK20-2082-S2BXMP3 Adaptor for Ford Q/L
IK20-2082-S2MXMP3 Adaptor for Ford Q/L
IK20-2082-S2NXMP3 Adaptor for Ford Q/L
IK20-2082-S2PXMP3 Adaptor for Ford Q/L
IK20-2082-S2QXMP3 Adaptor for Ford Q/L
IK20-2082-S2XXMP3 Adaptor for Ford Q/L
IK20-3600-S2BXMP3 Adaptor for Jaguar
IK20-3600-S2MXMP3 Adaptor for Jaguar
IK20-3600-S2NXMP3 Adaptor for Jaguar
IK20-3600-S2PXMP3 Adaptor for Jaguar
IK20-3600-S2QXMP3 Adaptor for Jaguar
IK20-3600-S2RXMP3 Adaptor for Jaguar
IK20-3600-S2XXMP3 Adaptor for Jaguar
IK20-6000-S2BXMP3 Adaptor for Citroen/Peugeot
IK20-6000-S2MXMP3 Adaptor for Citroen/Peugeot
IK20-6000-S2NXMP3 Adaptor for Citroen/Peugeot
IK20-6000-S2PXMP3 Adaptor for Citroen/Peugeot
IK20-6000-S2QXMP3 Adaptor for Citroen/Peugeot
IK20-6000-S2XXMP3 Adaptor for Citroen/Peugeot
IK20-7640-S2BXMP3 Adaptor for Toyota
IK20-7640-S2MXMP3 Adaptor for Toyota
IK20-7640-S2NXMP3 Adaptor for Toyota
IK20-7640-S2PXMP3 Adaptor for Toyota
IK20-7640-S2QXMP3 Adaptor for Toyota
IK20-7640-S2XXMP3 Adaptor for Toyota
IK20-8400-S2BXMP3 Adaptor for Vauxhall
IK20-8400-S2MXMP3 Adaptor for Vauxhall
IK20-8400-S2NXMP3 Adaptor for Vauxhall
IK20-8400-S2PXMP3 Adaptor for Vauxhall
IK20-8400-S2QXMP3 Adaptor for Vauxhall
IK20-8400-S2XXMP3 Adaptor for Vauxhall
IK20-8404-S2BXMP3 Adaptor for Vauxhall Q/L
IK20-8404-S2MXMP3 Adaptor for Vauxhall Q/L
IK20-8404-S2NXMP3 Adaptor for Vauxhall Q/L
IK20-8404-S2PXMP3 Adaptor for Vauxhall Q/L
IK20-8404-S2QXMP3 Adaptor for Vauxhall Q/L
IK20-8404-S2XXMP3 Adaptor for Vauxhall Q/L
IK20-8404-T3XKMP3 Adaptor for Vauxhall Q/L
IK20-8500-S2BXMP3 Adaptor for VW /Seat/Skoda
IK20-8500-S2MXMP3 Adaptor for VW /Seat/Skoda
IK20-8500-S2NXMP3 Adaptor for VW /Seat/Skoda
IK20-8500-S2PXMP3 Adaptor for VW /Seat/Skoda
IK20-8500-S2QXMP3 Adaptor for VW /Seat/Skoda
IK20-8500-S2XXMP3 Adaptor for VW /Seat/Skoda
IK20-8502-S2BXMP3 Adaptor for VW Pop
IK20-8502-S2MXMP3 Adaptor for VW Pop
IK20-8502-S2NXMP3 Adaptor for VW Pop
IK20-8502-S2PXMP3 Adaptor for VW Pop
IK20-8502-S2QXMP3 Adaptor for VW Pop
IK20-8502-S2XXMP3 Adaptor for VW Pop
IK20-9800-S2BXMP3 Adaptor for Alfa Romeo/Fiat
IK20-9800-S2MXMP3 Adaptor for Alfa Romeo/Fiat
IK20-9800-S2NXMP3 Adaptor for Alfa Romeo/Fiat
IK20-9800-S2PXMP3 Adaptor for Alfa Romeo/Fiat
IK20-9800-S2QXMP3 Adaptor for Alfa Romeo/Fiat
IK20-9800-S2XXMP3 Adaptor for Alfa Romeo/Fiat
IK20-9800-T3XKMP3 Adaptor for Alfa Romeo/Fiat
INKA-001-0101Cradle Holder for charging, iPhone 3/3GS, cig-plug
INKA-001-0102Cradle Holder for charging, iPhone 3/3GS, bare-wire
INKA-001-0106Cradle Holder for charging, iPhone 4, cig-plug
INKA-001-0107Cradle Holder for charging, iPhone 4, bare-wire
INKA-001-0120Cradle Holder for charging,iPhone 4 with skin, DockPort pass-thru
INKA-001-0121Cradle Holder for charging, iPhone 4, DockPort pass-thru
INKA-001-0123Cradle Holder for charging, iPhone 4, DockPort 1m Cable
INKA-001-0150Cradle Holder for charging, iPhone 4 with skin, cig-plug
INKA-001-0153Cradle Holder for charging, iPhone 4 with skin, DockPort 1m Cable
INKA-001-0199Cradle Holder for charging, iPhone 5, Open-Cup
INKA-001-0201Cradle for charging, iPhone 5/5S,built-in Lightning USB cable/cig
INKA-001-0211Cradle for charging, iPhone 5, for clip-in Lightning connector
INKA-001-0231Cradle for charging, iPhone 5C,built-in Lightning USB cable/cig
INKA-001-0250Cradle/charging, iPhone 5, skin, built-in Lightning USB cable/cig
INKA-001-0255Cradle/charging, iPhone 6, Passive, Open-cup
INKA-001-0257Cradle/charging, iPhone 6S/7, Passive, Open-cup
INKA-001-0260Cradle/charging, iPhone 6 built-in Lightning USB cable/cig
INKA-001-0262Cradle/charging, iPhone 6s/7 built-in Lightning USB cable/cig
INKA-001-0264Cradle/charging, iPhone 6/6S/7, skin, inc Lightning cable/cig
INKA-001-0268Cradle/charging, iPhone 6 Plus, Passive, Open-cup
INKA-001-0270Cradle/charging, iPhone 6 Plus built-in Lightning USB cable/cig
INKA-001-0274Cradle/charging, iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus/7 Plus,skin,inc cable/cig
INKA-001-0276Cradle/charging, iPhone 6S Plus/7 Plus, Passive, Open-cup
INKA-001-0300Cradle Holder for charging, Blackberry Bold 9700/9780, cig-plug
INKA-001-0301Cradle Holder for charging, Blackberry Bold 9700/9780, bare-wire
INKA-001-0315Cradle Holder for charging, Blackberry Torch 9850/9860, cig-plug
INKA-001-1101Cradle Holder for charging, HTC Desire, cig-plug
INKA-001-1102Cradle Holder for charging, HTC Desire, bare-wire
INKA-001-2121Cradle Holder for charging, Nokia E72, cig-plug
INKA-001-2122Cradle Holder for charging, Nokia E72, bare-wire
INKA-001-2251Cradle Holder for charging, Nokia Lumia 800, cig-plug
INKA-001-3101G1Cradle for charging, iPhone 3G/3GS, cig-plug, swivel
INKA-001-3101G3Cradle for charging, iPhone 3G/3GS, cig-plug & ISO, swivel
INKA-001-3101H1Cradle for charging, iPhone 3G/3GS, cig-plug, flange
INKA-001-3101J1Cradle for charging, iPhone 3G/3GS, cig-plug, swivel & flange
INKA-001-3106G1Cradle for charging, iPhone 4, cig-plug, swivel
INKA-001-3106G3Cradle for charging, iPhone 4, cig-plug & ISO, swivel
INKA-001-3106H1Cradle for charging, iPhone 4, cig-plug, flange
INKA-001-3106S1Cradle for charging, iPhone 4, cig-plug, swivel,arm,sucker
INKA-001-3120Cradle Holder for charging,iPhone 4 with skin, DockPort (in-h)
INKA-001-3120G4Cradle Holder for charging,iPhone 4 with skin, DockPort pass-thru
INKA-001-3120G5Cradle Holder for charging,iPhone 4/skin, DockPort pass-thru,cig
INKA-001-3120G8Cradle Holder for charging,iPhone 4/skin, DockPort,3.5,USB,cig
INKA-001-3120GcCradle, iPhone 4,skin, Fixed DockPort Cable pass-thru
INKA-001-3120GdCradle,iPhone 4,skin, Fixed D-Port Cable pass-thru,Loose Splitter
INKA-001-3120GfCradle, iPhone 4,skin, Fixed Splitter,3.5,USB,cig
INKA-001-3121G4Cradle Holder for charging, iPhone 4, DockPort pass-thru
INKA-001-3121G5Cradle Holder for charging, iPhone 4, DockPort pass-thru and cig
INKA-001-3121G6Cradle Holder for charging, iPhone 4, DockPort pass-thru cig/ISO
INKA-001-3121G8Cradle Holder for charging, iPhone 4, DockPort,3.5, USB,cig
INKA-001-3121S4Cradle for charging, iPhone 4, DockPort pass-thru,arm,sucker
INKA-001-3121S5Cradle for charging, iPhone 4, DockPort pass-thru,arm,sucker,cig
INKA-001-3121S6Cradle for charging, iPhone 4, DockPort,sucker,cig/ISO
INKA-001-3121S8Cradle for charging, iPhone 4, DockPort,arm,sucker,3.5,USB,cig
INKA-001-3121ScCradle, iPhone 4,skin, Fixed DockPort Cable pass-thru,arm,sucker
INKA-001-3150G1Cradle for charging, iPhone 4 with skin, cig-plug, swivel
INKA-001-3199G9Cradle Holder for charging, iPhone 5, Open-Cup
INKA-001-3201G5Cradle for charging, iPhone 5/5S,built-in Lightning USB cable/cig
INKA-001-3201G7Cradle,charging, iPhone 5/5S, Lightning USB cable/cig sep jack
INKA-001-3250G5Cradle,charging,iPhone 5/5S,skin,built-in Lightning USB cable/cig
INKA-001-3255G9Cradle for charging, iPhone 6, Passive, Open-cup
INKA-001-3257G9Cradle for charging, iPhone 6S/7, Passive, Open-cup
INKA-001-3257GmCradle for charging, iPhone 6S/7, Open-cup, mag charger
INKA-001-3257GnCradle for charging, iPhone 6S/7, Open-cup, USB charger
INKA-001-3257GtCradle for charging, iPhone 6S/7, Open-cup, mag charger, cig-USB
INKA-001-3257GuCradle for charging, iPhone 6S/7, Open-cup, USB charger, cig-USB
INKA-001-3260G5Cradle,charging,iPhone 6 built-in Lightning USB cable/cig
INKA-001-3262G5Cradle,charging,iPhone 6S/7 built-in Lightning USB cable/cig
INKA-001-3264G5Cradle,charging,iPhone 6/6S/7,skin,built-in Lightning cable/cig
INKA-001-3268G9Cradle for charging, iPhone 6 Plus, Passive, Open-cup
INKA-001-3270G5Cradle/charging, iPhone 6 Plus built-in Lightning USB cable/cig
INKA-001-3274G5Cradle/charging, iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus/7 Plus,skin,inc cable/cig
INKA-001-3276G9Cradle for charging, iPhone 6S Plus/7 Plus, Passive, Open-cup
INKA-001-3276GmCradle for charging, iPhone 6S Plus/7 Plus, Open-cup, mag charger
INKA-001-3276GnCradle for charging, iPhone 6S Plus/7 Plus, Open-cup, USB charger
INKA-001-3276GtCradle,charging,6S Plus/7 Plus, Open-cup mag charger,cig-USB
INKA-001-3276GuCradle, charging, 6S Plus/7 Plus, Open-cup, USB charger, cig-USB
INKA-001-3300G1Cradle for charging, BlackBerry Bold 9700/9780, cig-plug, swivel
INKA-001-3300G3Cradle,charging,BlackBerry Bold 9700/9780, cig-plug & ISO, swivel
INKA-001-3315G1Cradle for charging, BlackBerry Torch 9850/9860, cig-plug, swivel
INKA-001-4101G1Cradle Holder for charging, HTC Desire, cig-plug, swivel
INKA-001-4101G3Cradle Holder for charging, HTC Desire, cig-plug & ISO, swivel
INKA-001-4101H1Cradle Holder for charging, HTC Desire, cig-plug, flange
INKA-001-4225Cradle Holder for charging, Samsung Galaxy S3/S4, skin, USB/cig
INKA-001-4241Cradle Holder for charging, Samsung Galaxy S4, USB/cig
INKA-001-4261Cradle Holder for charging, Samsung Galaxy S5, USB/cig
INKA-001-4265Cradle Holder for charging, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, USB/cig
INKA-001-4400Adjustable Holder 58-95mm iPhone 8-pin
INKA-001-4410Adjustable Holder 58-95mm micro-USB
INKA-001-4420Adjustable Holder 58-95mm USB-C
INKA-001-4500Adjustable Holder 58-80mm Wireless Qi Charger
INKA-001-5000Universal Holder 35-83mm
INKA-001-5121G1Cradle Holder for charging, Nokia E72, cig-plug, swivel
INKA-001-5121G3Cradle Holder for charging, Nokia E72, cig-plug & ISO, swivel
INKA-001-5121H1Cradle Holder for charging, Nokia E72, cig-plug, flange
INKA-001-5251G1Cradle Holder for charging, Nokia Lumia 800, cig-plug, swivel
INKA-001-7225G5Cradle Holder for charging, Samsung Galaxy S3/S4, skin, USB/cig
INKA-001-7241G5Cradle Holder for charging, Samsung Galaxy S4, USB/cig
INKA-001-7261G5Cradle Holder for charging, Samsung Galaxy S5, USB/cig
INKA-001-7265G5Cradle Holder for charging, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, USB/cig
INKA-001-7400A5Adjustable Holder 58-95mm iPhone 8-pin
INKA-001-7410A5Adjustable Holder 58-95mm micro-USB
INKA-001-7420A5Adjustable Holder 58-95mm USB-C
INKA-001-7500A5Adjustable Holder 58-80mm Wireless Qi Charger
INKA-001-8164B9Passive Holder iPhone 4 - not with skins
INKA-001-8165B9Passive Holder iPhone 4 - only with skins
INKA-001-8178B9Passive Holder iPhone 4 - only with Apple Bumper
INKA-001-8428B9Passive Holder iPhone 5, Skin, Open-Cup
INKA-001-8666B9Passive Holder iPhone 6/6S/7, Skin, Open-Cup
INKA-001-8698B9Passive Holder iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus/7 Plus, Skin, Open-Cup
INKA-001-9210B9Passive Holder iPhone 4, w/out skin, built-in swivel, flange
INKA-001-9211B9Passive Holder iPhone 4,built-in swivel,flange,cig lead
INKA-001-9212B9Passive Holder iPhone 4,built-in swivel,flange,splitter,cig
INKA-001-9226S9Passive Holder iPhone 4, w/out skin, built-in swivel, sucker
INKA-001-9227S9Passive Holder iPhone 4,built-in swivel,sucker,cig lead
INKA-001-9228S9Passive Holder iPhone 4,built-in swivel,sucker,splitter,cig
INKA-001-9301C9Charger Options
INKA-001-9312AUMag Charger /Cradle/Dash Bkt Options Audi
INKA-001-9312BMMag Charger /Cradle/Dash Bkt Options BMW
INKA-001-9312FOMag Charger /Cradle/Dash Bkt Options Ford
INKA-001-9312H8Charger /Cradle Options
INKA-001-9312LRMag Charger /Cradle/Dash Bkt Options Land Rover
INKA-001-9312SKMag Charger /Cradle/Dash Bkt Options Skoda
INKA-001-9312VAMag Charger /Cradle/Dash Bkt Options Vauxhall
INKA-001-9312VWMag Charger /Cradle/Dash Bkt Options VW
INKA-001-9313AUCharger /Cradle/Dash Bkt Options Audi
INKA-001-9313BMCharger /Cradle/Dash Bkt Options BMW
INKA-001-9313FOCharger /Cradle/Dash Bkt Options Ford
INKA-001-9313LRCharger /Cradle/Dash Bkt Options Land Rover
INKA-001-9313SKCharger /Cradle/Dash Bkt Options Skoda
INKA-001-9313VACharger /Cradle/Dash Bkt Options Vauxhall
INKA-001-9313VWCharger /Cradle/Dash Bkt Options VW
INKA-001-9900Swivel Ball-Joint for Cradle Holder
INKA-001-9906Arm with swivel, sucker & stick-on plate for non-skin Cradle
INKA-001-9907Arm with swivel, sucker & stick-on plate for skin Cradle
INKA-001-9919Spring-Clip Plate iP4/5
INKA-001-9920Spring-Clip Plate Galaxy
INKA-001-9921Spring-Clip Plate iP6
INKA-001-9950Tablet Holder 7-10 inch
INKA-001-9950W9Universal Holder 35-83mm, built-in swivel, flange
INKA-001-9950WmUniversal Holder 35-83mm, swivel, flange, mag charger
INKA-001-9950WnUniversal Holder 35-83mm, swivel, flange, USB charger
INKA-001-9950WtUniversal Holder 35-83mm, swivel, flange, mag charger, cig/USB
INKA-001-9950WuUniversal Holder 35-83mm, swivel, flange, USB charger, cig/USB
INKA-001-9961Adapter Plate, hooks, swivel
INKA-001-99825-inch Smartphone Grip-Holder with Integral Ball Socket
INKA-001-9982015-inch Grip-Holder Smartphone, built-in swivel, flange
INKA-001-99837-inch Smartphone Grip-Holder with Integral Ball Socket
INKA-001-9983017-inch Grip-Holder Smartphone, built-in swivel, flange
INKA-001-9988iPhone 4 Car holder with Integral Ball Socket
INKA-002-3268W01W2C Holder for iPhone 6 Plus, Passive, Open-cup
INKA-002-3270W01W2C Holder for iPhone 6 Plus inc Lightning USB cable/cig
INKA-002-3274W01W2C Holder for iPhone 6/6S/7 Plus,skin,inc Lightning cable/cig
INKA-002-7265W63W2C Holder for charging, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, USB/cig
INKA-002-9950W01W2C Tablet/Phablet Holder 7-10 inch
INKA-002-9951W01W2C Tablet/Phablet Holder 7-10 inch,cig,USB micro
INKA-002-9982W015-inch Grip-Holder Tablet/Phablet, built-in swivel, flange
INKA-002-9983W017-inch Grip-Holder Tablet/Phablet, built-in swivel, flange
INKA-005-5209CradlStr: Nokia 6300 Active,straight bare wire, swivel joint
INKA-005-6114CradlStr: iPhone 3G Active,straight bare wire, swivel joint
INKA-008-4424CradlCly: iPhone 3G Active,curly, USB, swivel joint
INKA-008-4462CradlCly: HTC HD Active,curly, USB, swivel joint
INKA-008-4547CradlCly: Nokia N96 Active,curly, USB, swivel joint
INKA-008-5278CradlCly: BB 8900 Active,curly, USB, swivel joint
INKA-010-2010Car Charger - Mini-B USB
INKA-010-2020Car Charger - Micro-USB
INKA-010-2123Car Charger - Apple iPhone/iPod
INKA-010-2401Car Charger - Motorola Micro USB
INKA-010-2403Car Charger - Motorola V500 Style
INKA-010-2501Car Charger - Nokia Big Pin
INKA-010-2502Car Charger - Nokia Small Pin
INKA-010-2601Car Charger - Samsung D600 Style
INKA-010-2602Car Charger - Samsung D800 Style
INKA-010-2603Car Charger - Samsung G600 Style
INKA-010-2823Car Charger - Sony Ericsson Fast Port
INKA-010-2828Car Charger - Sony Ericsson T28 Style
INKA-010-3003Car Charger Adaptor - Cig Plug to USB socket
INKA-010-3004Cig/USB Charger Adaptor black
INKA-010-3005Car Charger Adaptor - Cig Plug to Twin-USB socket, 5 angled pos.
INKA-010-3027Cig/USB Charger Adaptor
INKA-010-3028Cig/USB Charger Adaptor white single USB 1000mA
INKA-010-5010Charger - 3-pin UK Mains to USB adaptor
INKA-010-5012Mains/USB Charger Adaptor black 12v
INKA-010-5027Mains/USB Charger Adaptor
INKA-010-7001USB type A to USB Mini-B lead
INKA-010-7010USB type A to USB Micro lead
INKA-010-7025USB 5-in-1 Power/Data Cable
INKA-010-7027USB/DockPort Retractor cable, white
INKA-010-7029USB A/DockPort iPod Power/Data
INKA-010-7030USB A/DockPort iPhone Power/Sync
INKA-010-9500USB/DockPort Retractor cable, cig plug, mains plug set, white
INKA-010-9503USB/DockPort Retractor cable, cig plug set, white
INKA-010-9505USB/DockPort Retractor cable, mains plug set, white
INKA-010-9510USB/DockPort cable, cig plug, mains plug set, white
INKA-010-9513USB/DockPort cable, cig plug set, white
INKA-010-9515USB/DockPort cable, mains plug set, white
INKA-010-9527iPod Charger 3in1 Retractable
INKA-010-9600USB/Mini-B cable, cig plug, mains plug set, black
INKA-010-9603USB/Mini-B cable, cig plug set, black
INKA-010-9605USB/Mini-B cable, mains plug set, black
INKA-010-9700USB/Micro cable, cig plug, mains plug set, black
INKA-010-9703USB/Micro cable, cig plug set, black
INKA-010-9705USB/Micro cable, mains plug set, black
INKA-018-UN01Case for Mobile Phone - Samsonite Sports-Line 1 - Tall/Narrow
INKA-023-0120Radio-SWOP lead Audi MMI Basic
INKA-023-0121Radio-SWOP lead Audi MMI Basic Black Amp
INKA-023-0122Radio-SWOP lead Audi A6 Bose Surround Sound
INKA-023-0123Radio-SWOP lead Audi Audi Q7 Bose
INKA-023-0124Radio-SWOP lead Audi A5 Bang & Olufsen
INKA-023-0125Radio-SWOP lead Audi A3 Bose
INKA-023-0440Radio-SWOP for BMW/Land Rover (Rd Pin)
INKA-023-0441Radio-SWOP for BMW (Flat Pin)
INKA-023-0442Radio-SWOP For BMW 2009> populated data
INKA-023-0880Radio-SWOP For Chrysler/Jeep 00>
INKA-023-0881Radio-SWOP For Chrysler in line
INKA-023-0882Radio-SWOP lead Chrysler (pre-2000)
INKA-023-0884Radio-SWOP For Chrysler 07> Standard Sound
INKA-023-0885Radio-SWOP For Chrysler 2000> Boston
INKA-023-0887Radio-SWOP For Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat 2011-
INKA-023-1200Radio-SWOP lead Daewoo
INKA-023-2080Radio-SWOP lead Ford (post 2001)
INKA-023-2081Radio-SWOP lead Ford Fiesta 02>
INKA-023-2082Radio-SWOP For Ford Mondeo/C-MAX populated
INKA-023-2083Radio-SWOP For Ford Mondeo 03>
INKA-023-2084Radio-SWOP lead Ford (up to 2001)
INKA-023-2085Radio-SWOP For Ford Fiesta 2009
INKA-023-2086Radio-SWOP For Ford US models >2003
INKA-023-2087Radio-SWOP For Ford Fiesta 2010> 24-pin
INKA-023-2801Radio-SWOP For Holden Captiva 06-09 CX,LX,SX
INKA-023-2840Radio-SWOP For Honda (post-2000)
INKA-023-2841Radio-SWOP For Honda Civic 06>
INKA-023-2842Radio-SWOP lead Honda (up to 1999)
INKA-023-2843Radio-SWOP lead Honda Premium Sound
INKA-023-2861Radio-SWOP For Honda Accord 2008>
INKA-023-2960Radio-SWOP lead Hyundai 2002>
INKA-023-2961Radio-SWOP lead Hyundai
INKA-023-3240Radio-SWOP lead Isuzu
INKA-023-3600Radio-SWOP For Jaguar/Land Rover
INKA-023-3601Radio-SWOP lead Jaguar XKR direct interface
INKA-023-4001Radio-SWOP lead Hyundai non-amplified 2005>
INKA-023-4020Radio-SWOP For Kia 2002-2005, Hyundai 99-05
INKA-023-4024Radio-SWOP for Kia/Hyundai 2011>
INKA-023-4560Radio-SWOP lead Lexus 05>
INKA-023-4561Radio-SWOP lead Lexus >05
INKA-023-4562Radio-SWOP lead Lexus GS
INKA-023-4880Radio-SWOP For Mazda (post 2001)
INKA-023-4881Radio-SWOP lead Mazda (up to 2001)
INKA-023-4960Radio-SWOP lead Mercedes E-Class Audio 10/20
INKA-023-4961Radio-SWOP lead Mercedes Gateway
INKA-023-4962Radio-SWOP lead Mercedes Command 07>
INKA-023-4963Radio-SWOP lead Mercedes Harman Kardon
INKA-023-4980Radio-SWOP For Mercedes 2004-, Audio 10-20
INKA-023-4991Radio-SWOP For Mercedes Audio 20, 2004-
INKA-023-5080Radio-SWOP For Mitsubishi
INKA-023-5081Radio-SWOP for Mitsubishi 07> not nav
INKA-023-5200Radio-SWOP lead Nissan up to 2000
INKA-023-5201Radio-SWOP For Nissan 2001> info-panel
INKA-023-5202Radio-SWOP lead Nissan 03>
INKA-023-5203Radio-SWOP lead Nissan
INKA-023-5204Radio-SWOP lead Nissan Primera 05>
INKA-023-5205Radio-SWOP lead Nissan 350Z 05>
INKA-023-5206Radio-SWOP lead Nissan VDA
INKA-023-5207Radio-SWOP lead Nissan VDA C Code
INKA-023-5208Radio-SWOP lead Nissan 56>
INKA-023-5220Radio-SWOP For NISSAN >1999
INKA-023-5221Radio-SWOP For Nissan 2001> models without infopanel
INKA-023-5223Radio-SWOP For Nissan Pathfinder/Navaro
INKA-023-6000Radio-SWOP For Peugeot, Citroen
INKA-023-6001Radio-SWOP lead PSA Group (fly ign)
INKA-023-6120Radio-SWOP lead Porshe PCM 2.1
INKA-023-6896Radio-SWOP For Peugeot, Citroen 2012>
INKA-023-7200Radio-SWOP For SAAB 9-3 03>
INKA-023-7201Radio-SWOP For SAAB 9-5 06> Facelift Version
INKA-023-7440Radio-SWOP For Subaru
INKA-023-7640Radio-SWOP For Toyota
INKA-023-7641Radio-SWOP For Toyota Landcruiser Sep amp Rad
INKA-023-7642Radio-SWOP lead Toyota Prius JBL Amplified
INKA-023-7643Radio-SWOP lead Toyota Landcruiser
INKA-023-8400Radio-SWOP lead Vauxhall (2000 on)
INKA-023-8401Radio-SWOP lead Vauxhall CD30/40/70/90 > 2006 non-pop
INKA-023-8402Radio-SWOP lead Vauxhall/Opel
INKA-023-8403Radio-SWOP lead Vauxhall/SAAB direct
INKA-023-8404Radio-SWOP For Vaux Q/lock 04 fully populated
INKA-023-8405Radio-SWOP For Vauxhall Insignia 08>
INKA-023-8480Radio-SWOP For VW, Merc, BMW 05>
INKA-023-8500Radio-SWOP For VW Delta radios
INKA-023-8502Radio-SWOP For VW inc twin ant
INKA-023-8560Radio-SWOP lead Volvo (not amplified)
INKA-023-8561Radio-SWOP lead Volvo S40/V50/C70 06
INKA-023-8562Radio-SWOP lead Volvo 04>
INKA-023-8563Radio-SWOP lead Volvo (up to 2000)
INKA-023-8564Radio-SWOP lead Volvo S40/V50 Amplified
INKA-023-8580Radio-SWOP For Volvo 850/960 S/V40,S/V/C 70
INKA-023-8581Radio-SWOP For Volvo S60/S80/V70(2001>)
INKA-023-8582Radio-SWOP For Volvo S40/V50 2004> 14 pins
INKA-023-8583Radio-SWOP For Volvo S40/V50 2004>
INKA-023-8584Radio-SWOP For Volvo S80, 2006> 12 + 14 pin
INKA-024-0441BMW 5series 3M power ext cable (7W)
INKA-024-9922Adaptor lead Nokia>Bury (7W)
INKA-024-9923Ericsson adaptor (7W)
INKA-024-9924Motorola adaptor (7W)
INKA-024-9925M Startac adaptor (7W)
INKA-024-9926Siemens adaptor (7W)
INKA-024-9927Sony Ericsson T68i adaptor (7W)
INKA-024-9928Motorola T280 adaptor (7W)
INKA-024-9929Smartec 8 way adapter (7W)
INKA-024-9930Sony Ericsson Bluetooth 2003> adaptor (7W)
INKA-024-9931Parrot to Nokia 7W connector Adaptor (CK3100 only)
INKA-024-9932Motorola 2003> adaptor (7W)
INKA-024-9933Sony Ericsson Bluetooth HCA-60 adapter (7W)
INKA-024-9934Parrot to Nokia 7W Adaptor (CK3200, CK3400,MK6000,MK6100)
INKA-024-9935Parrot to Nokia 7W Adaptor (CK3000, CK3000 Evo only)
INKA-024-9936Adaptor lead Hyundai i30 mute wire
INKA-024-99375m 24 way Microfit Extension P/IO
INKA-024-99382.5m 24 way Microfit Extension P/IO
INKA-024-9939Parrot 3100 2.5m Extension
INKA-024-9940Parrot 3100 5m Extension
INKA-025-6840Renault speaker
INKA-025-7201Saab 9-3 02> interface adaptor
INKA-025-8400Vauxhall relay
INKA-025-8401Vauxhall relay and lead
INKA-025-9906Nokia to butt conn adaptor
INKA-025-9908Nokia 2002> adaptor
INKA-025-99103.5 ra jack to 2.5 socket 250mm
INKA-025-9914Nokia speaker output level adjus
INKA-025-99152 wire mute lead for relay board
INKA-025-9916Inline Diode for V3 module
INKA-025-99175m microphone ext lead
INKA-025-9918Nokia <2002 4-pin lead to 6-pin kit (CARK-91)
INKA-025-9919Bare wires terminated in MQS terminals 10-pack
INKA-025-9936Adaptor Lead In-line Phantom Ignition
INKA-026-0041Active Tele-Mute Alfa Bose syste
INKA-026-0080Telemute Adaptor Aston Martin
INKA-026-0120Active Tele-Mute Audi Bose syste
INKA-026-0121Audi Bose A6 & Q7 with MMI System
INKA-026-0122BOSE Audi A6 04> with MMI Bose System
INKA-026-0127Telemute Adaptor Audi Bose s/sound
INKA-026-0128Telemute Adaptor Audi Bose s/sound
INKA-026-0129Telemute Adaptor Audi with Bose
INKA-026-0130Telemute Adaptor Audi Bose s/sound
INKA-026-0131Telemute Adaptor Audi A5 - Bang & Olufsen
INKA-026-0440Telemute BMW
INKA-026-0441Telemute BMW Quadlock
INKA-026-0447Telemute Adaptor BMW
INKA-026-0448Smart Lead - BMW 01>
INKA-026-0880Chrysler Jeep, Voyager, Cherokee
INKA-026-0881Telemute Chrysler
INKA-026-0882Telemute Chrysler 02 > with screen
INKA-026-0920Telemute Citroen/Peugeot all mo
INKA-026-1200Telemute Daewoo
INKA-026-2040Fiat Ulysse/Peugeot 807/Citroen
INKA-026-2080Telemute Ford
INKA-026-2081Telemute Ford 2001>
INKA-026-2082Telemute Fiesta 02>
INKA-026-2083Telemute Ford Mondeo 2003>
INKA-026-2840Telemute Honda 2002>Primium ICE
INKA-026-2842Telemute Honda
INKA-026-2843Telemute Honda 20 pin
INKA-026-2844Telemute Honda with sat nav 02>
INKA-026-2845Honda Accord with Bose 03>
INKA-026-2846Telemute Adaptor Honda
INKA-026-2960Telemute Hyundai
INKA-026-2961Hyundai/Kia 2005> Non Amplified
INKA-026-2962Telemute Adaptor for Hyundai Santa Fe 2005 onwards
INKA-026-3240Telemute Isuzu 1993>
INKA-026-3601Telemute Jaguar X Type 01>with
INKA-026-3602Jaguar Amplified leads 02>
INKA-026-4560Telemute Adaptor Lexus
INKA-026-4561Telemute Adaptor Lexus Nav
INKA-026-4562Telemute Adaptor Lexus 2003, Toyota amplified
INKA-026-4563Telemute Adaptor Lexus LS460
INKA-026-4880Telemute Adaptor Mazda Bose 05>
INKA-026-4881Telemute Mazda
INKA-026-4882Telemute Mazda 01>
INKA-026-4883Telemute Adaptor Mazda CX7 07>
INKA-026-4961Mercedes E-Class non-amplified
INKA-026-4962Telemute Adaptor Mercedes
INKA-026-4963Telemute Adaptor Mercedes
INKA-026-4964Telemute Adaptor Mercedes Command 07
INKA-026-5080Telemute Mitsubushi
INKA-026-5081Telemute Adaptor Mitsubushi Rockford S
INKA-026-5200Telemute Nissan
INKA-026-5201Telemute Nissan 2001>
INKA-026-5202Nissan X Trail 03>
INKA-026-5203Telemute Adaptor Nissan Bose
INKA-026-5204Telemute Adaptor Nissan
INKA-026-6000Peugeot 407 2004>
INKA-026-6120Telemute Adaptor Porsche with PCM2.1
INKA-026-6922Telemute Rover
INKA-026-7440Telemute Subaru
INKA-026-7640Telemute Toyota
INKA-026-7641Telemute Adaptor Toyota Avensis Satnav
INKA-026-7642Telemute Adaptor Toyota Prius
INKA-026-7643Telemute Adaptor Toyota
INKA-026-7644Telemute Adaptor Toyota
INKA-026-8400Telemute 26 way GM
INKA-026-8401Telemute Vauxhall Corsa 01>
INKA-026-8402Telemute Vauxhall Astra/Corsa/Z
INKA-026-8481Telemute VW/Audi with Gamma
INKA-026-8560Volvo S60-V70-S80 all models 200
INKA-026-8561Volvo XC90 all models 2002>
INKA-026-8562Volvo S40-V50 all models 2004>in
INKA-026-8563Volvo S40, V50 2004 non-amp
INKA-026-8564Telemute Volvo 2000 >
INKA-026-8565Telemute Volvo replacement for
INKA-026-8566Telemute Volvo S40/V40 2003>
INKA-026-8567Telemute Adaptor Volvo
INKA-026-8568Telemute Adaptor Volvo
INKA-026-9900Telemute Universal ISO
INKA-026-9901Tele Mue ISO with separate live
INKA-027-0042Interface Adaptor Alfa Romeo
INKA-027-0123Audi interface lead
INKA-027-0124Audi A4 interface lead 01>
INKA-027-0125Audi A3/A4 interface lead 2003>
INKA-027-0126Interface Adaptor Audi
INKA-027-0127Telemute Adaptor Audi/Universal
INKA-027-0445BMW/VAG interface lead
INKA-027-2084Mondeo 04> Focus 05> interface lead
INKA-027-3603Jaguar Interface Lead
INKA-027-3604Special Jaguar Interface Lead+ada
INKA-027-3605XK8 interface lead
INKA-027-3606Jaguar XK82003 Interface lead
INKA-027-4480Land Rover Discovery 2005> all m
INKA-027-5203Nissan Primera 2002> interface l
INKA-027-5204Nissan Primera 05>
INKA-027-5205Nissan 350Z 05>
INKA-027-6120Porsche Range interface lead
INKA-027-6800Range Rover 2001> interface lead
INKA-027-6840Renault Laguna all models 00>
INKA-027-7201Saab 2000> interface lead
INKA-027-7202Saab 93 and 05 with Quadlock Interface Lead
INKA-027-8406Vauxhall interface lead
INKA-027-8408Omega 2000>(use with 102B)
INKA-027-8409Opel/Vauxhall interface lead 200
INKA-027-8410Vauxhall/Opel quadlock connector
INKA-027-8482VW interface lead
INKA-027-8483VW Delta connector 03> interface
INKA-027-8484VW Delta connector 03> interface lead - LONG
INKA-028-0120SOT ISO Adaptor lead Audi MMI Basic
INKA-028-0121SOT ISO Adaptor lead Audi MMI Basic Black Amp
INKA-028-0122SOT ISO Adaptor lead Audi A6 Bose Surround Sound
INKA-028-0123SOT ISO Adaptor lead Audi Audi Q7 Bose
INKA-028-0124SOT ISO Adaptor lead Audi A5 Bang & Olufsen
INKA-028-0125SOT ISO Adaptor lead Audi A3 Bose
INKA-028-0126SOT ISO Adaptor for Audi Q5 new connector type
INKA-028-0127SOT ISO Adaptor Audi A1, Concert, without MMI-nav - new connector
INKA-028-0176SOT ISO Adaptor VAG, Golf 7 populated
INKA-028-0440SOT ISO Adaptor For BMW (Rd Pin)
INKA-028-0441SOT ISO Adaptor For BMW (Flat Pin)
INKA-028-0442SOT ISO Adaptor For BMW 2009> populated data
INKA-028-0844SOT ISO Adaptor for Chevrolet 2002>
INKA-028-0845SOT ISO Adaptor for Chevrolet 2007> Basic sound system
INKA-028-0852SOT ISO Adaptor for Chevrolet >2002
INKA-028-0880SOT ISO Adaptor For Chrysler/Jeep 00>
INKA-028-0881SOT ISO Adaptor For Chrysler in line
INKA-028-0882SOT ISO Adaptor lead Chrysler >01
INKA-028-0884SOT ISO Adaptor For Chrysler 07> Standard Sound
INKA-028-0885SOT ISO Adaptor For Chrysler 2000> Boston
INKA-028-0887SOT ISO Adaptor For Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat 2011-
INKA-028-1200SOT ISO Adaptor lead Daewoo
INKA-028-2050SOT ISO Adaptor lead Fiat 500L
INKA-028-2080SOT ISO Adaptor lead Ford (post 2001)
INKA-028-2081SOT ISO Adaptor lead Ford Fiesta 02>
INKA-028-2082SOT ISO Adaptor For Ford Mondeo/C-MAX populated
INKA-028-2083SOT ISO Adaptor For Ford Mondeo 03>
INKA-028-2084SOT ISO Adaptor lead Ford (up to 2001)
INKA-028-2085SOT ISO Adaptor For Ford Fiesta 2009-6/2010
INKA-028-2086SOT ISO Adaptor For Ford US models >2003
INKA-028-2087SOT ISO Adaptor for Ford Fiesta mid-2010 onwards 24-pin connector
INKA-028-2808SOT ISO Adaptor for Holden
INKA-028-2840SOT ISO Adaptor For Honda (post-2000)
INKA-028-2841SOT ISO Adaptor For Honda Civic 06>
INKA-028-2842SOT ISO Adaptor lead Honda (up to 1999)
INKA-028-2843SOT ISO Adaptor lead Honda
INKA-028-2861SOT ISO Adaptor For Honda Accord 2008>
INKA-028-2960SOT ISO Adaptor lead Hyundai 2002>
INKA-028-2961SOT ISO Adaptor lead Hyundai
INKA-028-3240SOT ISO Adaptor lead Isuzu
INKA-028-3600SOT ISO Adaptor For Jaguar/Land Rover
INKA-028-3601SOT ISO Adaptor lead Jaguar XKR direct interface
INKA-028-4001SOT ISO Adaptor lead Kia/Hyundai non-amplified 2005>
INKA-028-4020SOT ISO Adaptor For Kia 2002-2005, Hyundai 99-05
INKA-028-4024SOT ISO Adaptor for Kia/Hyundai 2011> new connector
INKA-028-4027SOT ISO Adaptor for Kia Sorento 2006> US Model
INKA-028-4560SOT ISO Adaptor lead Lexus 05> OBSOLETE
INKA-028-4561SOT ISO Adaptor lead Lexus >05
INKA-028-4562SOT ISO Adaptor lead Lexus GS
INKA-028-4880SOT ISO Adaptor For Mazda (post 2001)
INKA-028-4881SOT ISO Adaptor lead Mazda (up to 2001)
INKA-028-4960SOT ISO Adaptor lead Mercedes E-Class Audio 10/20
INKA-028-4961SOT ISO Adaptor lead Mercedes Gateway
INKA-028-4962SOT ISO Adaptor lead Mercedes Command 07>
INKA-028-4963SOT ISO Adaptor lead Mercedes Harman Kardon
INKA-028-4980SOT ISO Adaptor For Mercedes 2004-, Audio 10-20
INKA-028-5080SOT ISO Adaptor For Mitsubishi
INKA-028-5081SOT ISO Adaptor For Mitsubishi 07> not nav
INKA-028-5200SOT ISO Adaptor lead Nissan up to 2000
INKA-028-5201SOT ISO Adaptor For Nissan 2001> info-panel
INKA-028-5202SOT ISO Adaptor lead Nissan 03>
INKA-028-5203SOT ISO Adaptor lead Nissan
INKA-028-5204SOT ISO Adaptor lead Nissan Primera 05>
INKA-028-5205SOT ISO Adaptor lead Nissan 350Z 05>
INKA-028-5206SOT ISO Adaptor lead Nissan VDA
INKA-028-5207SOT ISO Adaptor lead Nissan VDA C Code
INKA-028-5208SOT ISO Adaptor lead Nissan 56>
INKA-028-5220SOT ISO Adaptor For NISSAN >1999
INKA-028-5221SOT ISO Adaptor For Nissan 2001> models without infopanel
INKA-028-5223SOT ISO Adaptor For Nissan Pathfinder/Navara
INKA-028-6000SOT ISO Adaptor For Peugeot, Citroen
INKA-028-6001SOT ISO Adaptor lead PSA Group (fly ign)
INKA-028-6120SOT ISO Adaptor lead Porshe PCM 2.1
INKA-028-6895SOT ISO Adaptor for Renault Megane III
INKA-028-6896SOT ISO Adaptor for Renault 2012-,Vivaro 2013-
INKA-028-7200SOT ISO Adaptor For SAAB 9-3 03>
INKA-028-7201SOT ISO Adaptor For SAAB 9-5 06> Facelift Version
INKA-028-7440SOT ISO Adaptor For Subaru
INKA-028-7480SOT ISO Adaptor for Suzuki >2002
INKA-028-7640SOT ISO Adaptor For Toyota
INKA-028-7641SOT ISO Adaptor For Toyota Landcruiser Sep amp Rad
INKA-028-7642SOT ISO Adaptor lead Toyota Prius JBL Amplified
INKA-028-7643SOT ISO Adaptor lead Toyota Landcruiser
INKA-028-8400SOT ISO Adaptor lead Vauxhall (2000 on)
INKA-028-8401SOT ISO Adaptor lead Vauxhall CD30/40/70/90 > 2006 non-pop
INKA-028-8402SOT ISO Adaptor lead Vauxhall/Opel
INKA-028-8403SOT ISO Adaptor lead Vauxhall/SAAB direct
INKA-028-8404SOT ISO Adaptor For Vaux Q/lock 04 fully populated
INKA-028-8405SOT ISO Adaptor For Vauxhall Insignia 08>
INKA-028-8480SOT ISO Adaptor For VW, Merc, BMW 05> OBSOLETE use 028-8500
INKA-028-8500SOT ISO Adaptor for VW Delta radios
INKA-028-8502SOT ISO Adaptor for VW Delta radios 2010>, 40-pin fully populated
INKA-028-8506SOT ISO Adaptor unpop for VW Delta radios with new 2010 data port
INKA-028-8560SOT ISO Adaptor lead Volvo (not amplified)
INKA-028-8561SOT ISO Adaptor lead Volvo S40/V50/C70 06
INKA-028-8562SOT ISO Adaptor lead Volvo 04>
INKA-028-8564SOT ISO Adaptor lead Volvo S40/V50 Amplified
INKA-028-8580SOT ISO Adaptor For Volvo 850/960 S/V40,S/V/C 70
INKA-028-8581SOT ISO Adaptor For Volvo S60/S80/V70(2001>)
INKA-028-8582SOT ISO Adaptor For Volvo S40/V50 2004> 14 pins
INKA-028-8583SOT ISO Adaptor For Volvo S40/V50 2004>
INKA-028-8584SOT ISO Adaptor For Volvo S80, 2006> 12 + 14 pin
INKA-028-9910SOT ISO Adaptor for iO Play for 2-Speaker systems
INKA-029-0126Intelli-SOT ISO Adaptor for Audi Q5 new connector type
INKA-029-0127Intelli-SOT ISO Adaptor Audi A1, Concert, not MMI-nav - new conn
INKA-029-0176Intelli-SOT ISO Adaptor VAG, Golf 7 populated
INKA-029-0440Intelli-SOT For BMW (Rd Pin)
INKA-029-0441Intelli-SOT For BMW (Flat Pin)
INKA-029-0442Intelli-SOT For BMW 2009> populated data
INKA-029-0844Intelli-SOT ISO Adaptor for Chevrolet 2002>
INKA-029-0845Intelli-SOT ISO Adaptor for Chevrolet 2007> Basic sound system
INKA-029-0852Intelli-SOT ISO Adaptor for Chevrolet >2002
INKA-029-0880Intelli-SOT For Chrysler/Jeep 00>
INKA-029-0881Intelli-SOT For Chrysler in line
INKA-029-0882Intelli-SOT lead Chrysler (>2000)
INKA-029-0884Intelli-SOT For Chrysler 07> Standard Sound
INKA-029-0885Intelli-SOT For Chrysler 2000> Boston
INKA-029-0887Intelli-SOT For Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat 2011-
INKA-029-1200Intelli-SOT lead Daewoo
INKA-029-2050Intelli-SOT For Fiat 500L
INKA-029-2080Intelli-SOT lead Ford (post 2001)
INKA-029-2081Intelli-SOT lead Ford Fiesta 02>
INKA-029-2082Intelli-SOT For Ford Mondeo/C-MAX populated
INKA-029-2083Intelli-SOT For Ford Mondeo 03>
INKA-029-2084Intelli-SOT lead Ford (up to 2001)
INKA-029-2085Intelli-SOT For Ford Fiesta 2009-6/2010
INKA-029-2086Intelli-SOT For Ford US models >2003
INKA-029-2087SOT ISO Adaptor for Ford Fiesta mid-2010 onwards 24-pin connector
INKA-029-2808SOT ISO Adaptor for Holden
INKA-029-2840Intelli-SOT For Honda (post-2000)
INKA-029-2841Intelli-SOT For Honda Civic 06>
INKA-029-2842Intelli-SOT lead Honda (up to 1999)
INKA-029-2843Intelli-SOT lead Honda Premium Sound
INKA-029-2861Intelli-SOT For Honda Accord 2008>
INKA-029-2960Intelli-SOT lead Hyundai 2002>
INKA-029-2961Intelli-SOT lead Hyundai
INKA-029-3240Intelli-SOT lead Isuzu
INKA-029-3600Intelli-SOT For Jaguar/Land Rover
INKA-029-3601Intelli-SOT lead Jaguar XKR direct interface
INKA-029-4001Intelli-SOT lead Hyundai non-amplified 2005>
INKA-029-4020Intelli-SOT For Kia 2002-2005, Hyundai 99-05
INKA-029-4024SOT ISO Adaptor for Kia/Hyundai 2011> new connector
INKA-029-4027Intelli-SOT ISO Adaptor for Kia Sorento 2006> US Model
INKA-029-4560Intelli-SOT lead Lexus 05>
INKA-029-4561Intelli-SOT lead Lexus >05
INKA-029-4562Intelli-SOT lead Lexus GS
INKA-029-4880Intelli-SOT For Mazda (post 2001)
INKA-029-4881Intelli-SOT lead Mazda (up to 2001)
INKA-029-4960Intelli-SOT lead Mercedes E-Class Audio 10/20
INKA-029-4961Intelli-SOT lead Mercedes Gateway
INKA-029-4962Intelli-SOT lead Mercedes Command 07>
INKA-029-4963Intelli-SOT lead Mercedes Harman Kardon
INKA-029-4980Intelli-SOT For Mercedes 2004-, Audio 10-20
INKA-029-5080Intelli-SOT For Mitsubishi
INKA-029-5081Intelli-SOT For Mitsubishi 07> not nav
INKA-029-5200Intelli-SOT lead Nissan up to 2000
INKA-029-5201Intelli-SOT For Nissan 2001> info-panel
INKA-029-5202Intelli-SOT lead Nissan 03>
INKA-029-5203Intelli-SOT lead Nissan
INKA-029-5204Intelli-SOT lead Nissan Primera 05>
INKA-029-5205Intelli-SOT lead Nissan 350Z 05>
INKA-029-5206Intelli-SOT lead Nissan VDA
INKA-029-5207Intelli-SOT lead Nissan VDA C Code
INKA-029-5208Intelli-SOT lead Nissan 56>
INKA-029-5220Intelli-SOT For NISSAN >1999
INKA-029-5221Intelli-SOT For Nissan 2001> models without infopanel
INKA-029-5223Intelli-SOT For Nissan Pathfinder/Navaro
INKA-029-6000Intelli-SOT For Peugeot, Citroen
INKA-029-6001Intelli-SOT lead PSA Group (fly ign)
INKA-029-6120Intelli-SOT lead Porshe PCM 2.1
INKA-029-6895Intelli-SOT ISO Adaptor for Renault Megane III
INKA-029-6896Intelli-SOT ISO Adaptor for Renault 2012-,Vivaro 2013-
INKA-029-7200Intelli-SOT For SAAB 9-3 03>
INKA-029-7201Intelli-SOT For SAAB 9-5 06> Facelift Version
INKA-029-7440Intelli-SOT For Subaru
INKA-029-7480Intelli-SOT ISO Adaptor for Suzuki >2002
INKA-029-7640Intelli-SOT For Toyota
INKA-029-7641Intelli-SOT For Toyota Landcruiser Sep amp Rad
INKA-029-7642Intelli-SOT lead Toyota Prius JBL Amplified
INKA-029-7643Intelli-SOT lead Toyota Landcruiser
INKA-029-8400Intelli-SOT lead Vauxhall (2000 on)
INKA-029-8401Intelli-SOT lead Vauxhall CD30/40/70/90 > 2006 non-pop
INKA-029-8402Intelli-SOT lead Vauxhall/Opel
INKA-029-8403Intelli-SOT lead Vauxhall/SAAB direct
INKA-029-8404Intelli-SOT For Vaux Q/lock 04 fully populated
INKA-029-8405Intelli-SOT For Vauxhall Insignia 08>
INKA-029-8480Intelli-SOT For VW, Merc, BMW 05>
INKA-029-8500Intelli-SOT For VW Delta radios
INKA-029-8502Intelli-SOT for VW Delta radios 2010>, 40-pin fully populated
INKA-029-8506Intelli-SOT Adaptor unpop for VW Delta radios, new 2010 data port
INKA-029-8560Intelli-SOT lead Volvo (not amplified)
INKA-029-8561Intelli-SOT lead Volvo S40/V50/C70 06
INKA-029-8562Intelli-SOT lead Volvo 04>
INKA-029-8563Intelli-SOT lead Volvo (up to 2000)
INKA-029-8564Intelli-SOT lead Volvo S40/V50 Amplified
INKA-029-8580Intelli-SOT For Volvo 850/960 S/V40,S/V/C 70
INKA-029-8581Intelli-SOT For Volvo S60/S80/V70(2001>)
INKA-029-8582Intelli-SOT For Volvo S40/V50 2004> 14 pins
INKA-029-8583Intelli-SOT For Volvo S40/V50 2004>
INKA-029-8584Intelli-SOT For Volvo S80, 2006> 12 + 14 pin
INKA-040-0160LdT3: Telemute for Audi A6,2004-/Q7,2006- DSP, 10 Spk, non-Bose
INKA-040-0166LdT3: Telemute for Audi A4/A5, 2007> 14 Spkr Bang & Olufsen
INKA-040-0167LdT3: Telemute for Audi A4/A5 2007>
INKA-040-0170LdT3: Telemute for Audi Q5 2008- New connector type 8 Speakers
INKA-040-0171LdT3: Telemute for Audi 2009>
INKA-040-0440LdT3: Telemute for BMW, Rover 75, 17 pin round-pin
INKA-040-0441LdT3: Telemute for BMW 2001>, 16 pin
INKA-040-0442LdT3: Telemute for BMW 2009>, 40 pin
INKA-040-0845LdT3: Chevrolet 2007> Basic Sound system
INKA-040-2080LdT3: Telemute for Ford with Power 7/8 pins
INKA-040-2082LdT3: Telemute for Ford Mondeo 2003>, 6000CD
INKA-040-2084LdT3: Ford with Power 8 + 8 pins
INKA-040-2085LdT3: Ford Fiesta 2009-6/2010
INKA-040-2087LdT3: Ford Fiesta mid-2010 onwards 24-pin connector
INKA-040-2840LdT3: Telemute for Vaux, Honda 20 pin
INKA-040-2841LdT3: Telemute for Honda Civic, 2006> OBS
INKA-040-2861LdT3: Telemute for Honda Accord 08> 24pin
INKA-040-2869LdT3: Telemute for Honda Accord 2008>
INKA-040-3600LdT3: Jaguar/Land Rover
INKA-040-4001LdT3: Kia Sportage 2005> Hyundai sonata 2005>
INKA-040-4027LdT3: Kia Sorento 2006> US Model
INKA-040-4481LdT3: Land Rover Range Rover 2007> Hi-Fi Stereo 11 Speakers OBS
INKA-040-4560LdT3: Lexus IS220D,IS250,IS350,GS450h 2005>
INKA-040-4580LdT3: Lexus RX 450h 2009> without Lexus Navigation
INKA-040-4880LdT3: Telemute for Mazda 2001>
INKA-040-4889LdT3: Telemute for Mazda CX-7 2006>
INKA-040-4980LdT3: Telemute for Mercedes 2004> E-/C-class
INKA-040-4981LdT3: Mercedes E-class Audio 50/70/Command
INKA-040-4982LdT3: Mercedes S-class 2006> without Surround
INKA-040-4994LdT3: Telemute for Mercedes CL C215 1999-8/2003 With BOSE
INKA-040-5080LdT3: Mitsubishi with 20 pin connector
INKA-040-5081LdT3: Telemute for Mitsubishi Outlander 07> nnav
INKA-040-5089LdT3: Telemute for Mitsubishi, Peugeot, Citroen
INKA-040-6000LdT3: Telemute for Peugeot 407/307, Citroen C5
INKA-040-7640LdT3: Telemute for Toyota
INKA-040-8400LdT3: Telemute for Vauxhall/Opel CAR2000 Radios
INKA-040-8402LdT3: Telemute for Vauxhall/Opel, 26 pins, 98-03
INKA-040-8404LdT3: Telemute for Vauxhall/Opel with CD30, CD50 etc radio
INKA-040-8405LdT3: Telemute for Vauxhall/Opel Insignia
INKA-040-8500LdT3: Telemute for VW Delta/RNS Navi/MFD Navi
INKA-040-8502LdT3: Telemute for VW Delta/RNS Navi/MFD Navi 2010> 40-pin poptd
INKA-040-8581LdT3: Telemute for Volvo S80/S60 + V 70, 2000>
INKA-040-8582LdT3: Telemute for Volvo S40/V50, 2004> 14 pins Base Performance
INKA-040-8583LdT3: Telemute for Volvo S40/V50, 2004> 16 pins
INKA-040-8586LdT3: Telemute for Volvo S60/V70/S80 Dolby Surround
INKA-040-8590LdT3: Telemute for Volvo with Premium sound 2002> Dolby Pro Logic
INKA-040-9800LdT3: Telemute for ISO vehicles
INKA-041-0160LdT7: Telemute for Audi A6,2004-/Q7,2006- DSP, 10 Spk, non-Bose
INKA-041-0166LdT7: Telemute for Audi A4/A5, 2007> 14 Spkr Bang & Olufsen
INKA-041-0167LdT7: Telemute for Audi A4/A5 2007>
INKA-041-0170LdT7: Telemute for Audi Q5 2008- New connector type 8 Speakers
INKA-041-0171LdT7: Telemute for Audi 2009>
INKA-041-0440LdT7: Telemute for BMW, Rover 75, 17 pin round-pin
INKA-041-0441LdT7: Telemute for BMW 2001>, 16 pin
INKA-041-0442LdT7: Telemute for BMW 2009>, 40 pin
INKA-041-0845LdT7: Chevrolet 2007> Basic Sound system
INKA-041-2080LdT7: Telemute for Ford with Power 7/8 pins
INKA-041-2082LdT7: Telemute for Ford Mondeo 2003>, 6000CD
INKA-041-2084LdT7: Ford with Power 8 + 8 pins
INKA-041-2085LdT7: Ford Fiesta 2009-6/2010
INKA-041-2087LdT7: Ford Fiesta mid-2010 onwards 24-pin connector
INKA-041-2840LdT7: Telemute for Vaux, Honda 20 pin
INKA-041-2841LdT7: Telemute for Honda Civic, 2006> OBS
INKA-041-2861LdT7: Telemute for Honda Accord 08> 24pin
INKA-041-2869LdT7: Telemute for Honda Accord 2008>
INKA-041-3600LdT7: Jaguar/Land Rover
INKA-041-4001LdT7: Kia Sportage 2005> Hyundai sonata 2005>
INKA-041-4027LdT7: Kia Sorento 2006> US Model
INKA-041-4481LdT7: Land Rover Range Rover 2007> Hi-Fi Stereo 11 Speakers OBS
INKA-041-4560LdT7: Lexus IS220D,IS250,IS350,GS450h 2005>
INKA-041-4580LdT7: Lexus RX 450h 2009> without Lexus Navigation
INKA-041-4880LdT7: Telemute for Mazda 2001>
INKA-041-4889LdT7: Telemute for Mazda CX-7 2006>
INKA-041-4980LdT7: Telemute for Mercedes 2004> E-/C-class
INKA-041-4981LdT7: Mercedes E-class Audio 50/70/Command
INKA-041-4982LdT7: Mercedes S-class 2006> without Surround
INKA-041-4994LdT7: Telemute for Mercedes CL C215 1999-8/2003 With BOSE
INKA-041-5080LdT7: Mitsubishi with 20 pin connector
INKA-041-5081LdT7: Telemute for Mitsubishi Outlander 07> nnav
INKA-041-5089LdT7: Telemute for Mitsubishi, Peugeot, Citroen
INKA-041-6000LdT7: Telemute for Peugeot 407/307, Citroen C5
INKA-041-7640LdT7: Telemute for Toyota
INKA-041-8400LdT7: Telemute for Vauxhall/Opel CAR2000 Radios
INKA-041-8402LdT7: Telemute for Vauxhall/Opel, 26 pins, 98-03
INKA-041-8404LdT7: Telemute for Vauxhall/Opel with CD30, CD50 etc radio
INKA-041-8405LdT7: Telemute for Vauxhall/Opel Insignia
INKA-041-8500LdT7: Telemute for VW Delta/RNS Navi/MFD Navi
INKA-041-8502LdT7: Telemute for VW Delta/RNS Navi/MFD Navi 2010> 40-pin poptd
INKA-041-8581LdT7: Telemute for Volvo S80/S60 + V 70, 2000>
INKA-041-8582LdT7: Telemute for Volvo S40/V50, 2004> 14 pins Base Performance
INKA-041-8583LdT7: Telemute for Volvo S40/V50, 2004> 16 pins
INKA-041-8586LdT7: Telemute for Volvo S60/V70/S80 Dolby Surround
INKA-041-8590LdT7: Telemute for Volvo with Premium sound 2002> Dolby Pro Logic
INKA-041-9800LdT7: Telemute for ISO vehicles
INKA-043-0176-NMLdMK: VAG, Golf 7 Populated
INKA-043-0441-AGLdMKIG: BMW 2001>, 16 pin, inc AUX
INKA-043-0441-AMLdMK: BMW 2001>, 16 pin, inc AUX
INKA-043-0441-BGLdMKIG: BMW 2001>, 16 pin, inc AUX
INKA-043-0441-BMLdMK: BMW 2001>, 16 pin, inc AUX
INKA-043-0441-NGLdMKIG: BMW 2001>, 16 pin
INKA-043-0441-NMLdMK: BMW 2001>, 16 pin
INKA-043-0442-AGLdMKIG: BMW 2009>, 40 pin, inc AUX
INKA-043-0442-AMLdMK: BMW 2009>, 40 pin, inc AUX
INKA-043-0461-AGLdMKIG: BMW with nav 2001>, 16 pin, inc AUX, inc Ext for nav
INKA-043-0461-AMLdMK: BMW with nav 2001>, 16 pin, inc AUX, inc Ext for nav
INKA-043-0461-BGLdMKIG: BMW 2001>, 16 pin, inc AUX, inc Ext for nav
INKA-043-0461-BMLdMK: BMW 2001>, 16 pin, inc AUX, inc Ext for nav
INKA-043-0461-NGLdMKIG: BMW 2001>, 16 pin, inc Ext for nav
INKA-043-0461-NMLdMK: BMW 2001>, 16 pin, inc Ext for nav
INKA-043-0885-NMLdMK: Chrysler/Jeep
INKA-043-2082-AGLdMKIG:Ford Mondeo 2003>, 6000CD - incs AUX cable
INKA-043-2082-AMLdMK: Ford Mondeo 2003>, 6000CD - incs AUX cable
INKA-043-2084-NMLdMK: Ford with Power 8 + 8 pins
INKA-043-2085-AMLdMK: Ford Fiesta 2009-06/2010 - incs AUX cable
INKA-043-2085-NMLdMK: Ford Fiesta 2009-06/2010
INKA-043-2087-AGLdMKIG:Ford Fiesta 2011 - incs AUX cable
INKA-043-2087-AMLdMK: Ford Fiesta 2011 - incs AUX cable
INKA-043-2087-NGLdMKIG:Ford Fiesta 2011
INKA-043-2087-NMLdMK: Ford Fiesta 2011
INKA-043-2808-NMLdMK: Holden
INKA-043-2840-NMLdMK: Vaux, Honda 20 pin
INKA-043-2841-AMLdMK: Honda Civic 2006> - incs AUX cable
INKA-043-2841-NMLdMK: Honda Civic 2006>
INKA-043-3600-AGLdMKIG: Land Rover inc AUX cable
INKA-043-3600-AMLdMK: Land Rover inc AUX cable
INKA-043-3600-NGLdMKIG: Land Rover
INKA-043-3600-NMLdMK: Land Rover
INKA-043-4001-NMLdMK: Kia Sportage 2005> Hyundai Sonata 2005>
INKA-043-4481-AGLdMKIG: Land Rover 2007> Hi-Fi Stereo 11 Speakers inc ext/AUX
INKA-043-4481-AMLdMK: Land Rover 2007> Hi-Fi Stereo 11 Speakers inc ext/AUX
INKA-043-4481-NGLdMKIG: Land Rover 2007> Hi-Fi Stereo 11 Speakers inc. extension
INKA-043-4481-NMLdMK: Land Rover 2007> Hi-Fi Stereo 11 Speakers inc. extension
INKA-043-4482-AGLdMKIG: Land Rover 2007> Logic 7 14-Speaker inc ext/AUX OBS
INKA-043-4482-AMLdMK: Land Rover 2007> Logic 7 14-Speaker inc ext/AUX OBS
INKA-043-4482-NGLdMKIG: Land Rover 2007> Logic 7 14-Speaker inc extension OBS
INKA-043-4482-NMLdMK: Land Rover 2007> Logic 7 14-Speaker inc extension OBS
INKA-043-4491-AGLdMKIG: Land Rover 05> HK Stereo 11 Speakers inc 5m ext/AUX
INKA-043-4491-AMLdMK: Range Rover 05> HK Stereo 11 Speakers inc 5m ext/AUX
INKA-043-4491-NGLdMKIG: Land Rover 05> HK Stereo 11 Speakers inc. 5m extension
INKA-043-4491-NMLdMK: Range Rover 05> HK Stereo 11 Speakers inc. 5m extension
INKA-043-6000-AGLdMKIG: Peugeot 407/307, Citroen C5 inc AUX cable
INKA-043-6000-AMLdMK: Peugeot 407/307, Citroen C5 inc AUX cable
INKA-043-6000-NGLdMKIG: Peugeot 407/307, Citroen C5
INKA-043-6000-NMLdMK: Peugeot 407/307, Citroen C5
INKA-043-7201-AMLdMK: Saab inc AUX cable
INKA-043-7640-AGLdMKIG: Toyota inc AUX cable
INKA-043-7640-AMLdMK: Toyota inc AUX cable
INKA-043-7640-NGLdMKIG: Toyota
INKA-043-7640-NMLdMK: Toyota
INKA-043-8400-NMLdMK: Vauxhall/Opel CAR2000 Radios
INKA-043-8404-AGLdMKIG: Vauxhall/Opel with CD30, CD50 etc radio - incs AUX cable
INKA-043-8404-AMLdMK: Vauxhall/Opel with CD30, CD50 etc radio - incs AUX cable
INKA-043-8405-AGLdMKIG: Vauxhall/Opel Insignia/Astra 09> (not van) inc AUX cable
INKA-043-8405-AMLdMK: Vauxhall/Opel Insignia/Astra 09> (except van) inc AUX cable
INKA-043-8500-AGLdMKIG: VW Delta/RNS Navi/MFD Navi inc AUX for VW RCD radios 07>
INKA-043-8500-AMLdMK: VW Delta/RNS Navi/MFD Navi inc AUX for VW RCD radios 07>
INKA-043-8500-BGLdMKIG: VW Delta/RNS Navi/MFD Navi inc AUX Cable VW / Skoda
INKA-043-8500-BMLdMK: VW Delta/RNS Navi/MFD Navi inc AUX Cable VW / Skoda
INKA-043-8500-NGLdMKIG: VW Delta/RNS Navi/MFD Navi
INKA-043-8500-NMLdMK: VW Delta/RNS Navi/MFD Navi
INKA-043-8502-BGLdMKIG: VW 2011 Delta/RNS Navi/MFD Navi inc AUX Cable VW / Skoda
INKA-043-8502-BMLdMK: VW 2011 Delta/RNS Navi/MFD Navi inc AUX Cable VW / Skoda
INKA-043-8502-NGLdMKIG: VW 2011 Delta/RNS Navi/MFD Navi
INKA-043-8502-NMLdMK: VW 2011 Delta/RNS Navi/MFD Navi
INKA-043-8581-NALdMK: Volvo - various for Asteroid - see compatibility chart
INKA-043-8581-NMLdMK: Volvo - various models - see compatibility chart
INKA-043-8581-YMLdMK: Volvo - various models - see compatibility chart
INKA-043-8582-NALdMK: Volvo - various for Asteroid - see compatibility chart
INKA-043-8582-NMLdMK: Volvo - various models - see compatibility chart
INKA-043-8583-NALdMK: Volvo - various for Asteroid - see compatibility chart
INKA-043-8583-NMLdMK: Volvo - various models - see compatibility chart
INKA-043-8583-PALdMK: Volvo - various for Asteroid - see compatibility chart
INKA-043-8583-PMLdMK: Volvo - various models - see compatibility chart
INKA-043-8583-RMLdMK: Volvo - various models - see compatibility chart
INKA-043-8583-XMLdMK: Volvo - various models - see compatibility chart
INKA-043-8586-NALdMK: Volvo - various for Asteroid - see compatibility chart
INKA-043-8586-NMLdMK: Volvo - various models - see compatibility chart
INKA-043-8590-NALdMK: Volvo - various for Asteroid - see compatibility chart
INKA-043-8590-NMLdMK: Volvo - various models - see compatibility chart
INKA-043-8590-PALdMK: Volvo - various for Asteroid - see compatibility chart
INKA-043-8590-PMLdMK: Volvo - various models - see compatibility chart
INKA-043-8590-RMLdMK: Volvo - various models - see compatibility chart
INKA-043-8591-AALdMK: Volvo - various for Asteroid - see compatibility chart
INKA-043-8591-AMLdMK: Volvo - various models - see compatibility chart
INKA-043-9800-NMLdMK: MusiConnect lead for ISO vehicles
INKA-044-9347Ld3ad: THB Bury: System 8,CarTalk,Comfort,CC9060
INKA-044-9377Ld3ad: Ericsson (HF6600, HCA-20,etc.)
INKA-044-9447Ld3ad: Motorola HF-850,HFW-8000,HFK-7200, HFK-9250,HFK-9800,T605
INKA-044-9470Ld3ad: Nokia Cark-91/74/109/111
INKA-044-9471Ld3ad: Nokia CARK-112,CK-7W, CK-15W,CK-20W,CK-100,CK-600,CK-300
INKA-044-9472Ld3ad: Nokia CARK-112,CK-7W, CK-15W,CK-20W,CK-100,CK-600,CK-300
INKA-044-9473Ld3ad: Nokia CARK-112,CK-7W, CK-15W,CK-20W,CK-100,CK-600,CK-300
INKA-044-9499Ld3ad: Parrot CK3100,CK3300,CK3500
INKA-044-9501Ld3ad: Parrot CK3200,MK6000,MK6100,MKi9000,MKi9100,MKi9200
INKA-044-9502Ld3ad: Parrot Asteroid Mini/Tablet
INKA-044-9703Ld3ad: 3G Mutebox Extension 1.25m
INKA-044-9704Ld3ad: 3G Mutebox Extension 2.5m
INKA-044-9705Ld3ad: 3G Mutebox Extension 5m
INKA-044-9901Volume Restrictor
INKA-044-9915Kit Converter for Sony Ericsson: HCA-20,30,200,HCB-300,400,700
INKA-044-9930Kit Converter for iO Play car-kit
INKA-044-9941Kit Converter for various Motorola car-kits, HF-850, T605 etc
INKA-044-9960Kit Converter For Nokia Kits Cark/CK
INKA-044-9961Kit Converter For Nokia Kits Cark-91
INKA-044-9962Kit Converter For THB Bury System BT/ 8/Comfort
INKA-044-9965Kit Converter for Siemens 25/35/45/55/60/HKW-600 series kits
INKA-044-9971Kit Converter For Parrot CK3100 Car Kit
INKA-044-9974Kit Converter For Parrot CK3200/MK/Mki, Moto TK30
INKA-044-9975Kit Converter For Parrot CK3000 Evo Car Kit
INKA-044-99781.25m twin ISO Extension Lead
INKA-044-99792.5m twin ISO Extension Lead
INKA-044-99805m Extension cable for 2G INKA-046/047 leads
INKA-044-99815m ISO Extension Lead
INKA-044-99825m twin ISO Extension Lead
INKA-044-99845m Extension for Parrot CK3200 Display
INKA-044-99875m Extension for Parrot CK3100 Display
INKA-044-99885m Extension for Parrot CK3000 Evo
INKA-044-99895m Extension for Parrot CK3100
INKA-044-9994Inline Cig Socket, 20cm bare wires
INKA-044-9995Power Adaptor, ISO to Cig-Socket
INKA-045-9803LdMisc: 3G Mutebox
INKA-045-9804LdMisc: 2G adaptor for 3G Mutebox
INKA-045-9879Folio Keypad
INKA-045-9888Smart-Box adapter 6 pin female USB
INKA-045-9891Keypad Extension 2m
INKA-045-9900LdMisc: IGNI-BOX main box
INKA-045-9922IGNI-BOX ignition sensor for INKA 046 Leads
INKA-045-9937IGNI-BOX ignition sensor for Parrot or other kits with ISO
INKA-046-0140Telemute For Audi A2/A3/A4 1998-2006 Bose
INKA-046-0141Telemute For Audi A6, 2004- / Q7, 06
INKA-046-0142Telemute For Audi A6, 2004-05, 13 Spk
INKA-046-0143Telemute For Audi A6, 2006>, 13 Spkr
INKA-046-0150Telemute For Audi A4/A5 07> Audi System
INKA-046-0151Telemute For Audi A4/A5 07> B&O Systm
INKA-046-0152Telemute For Audi A8, 2003-2004, Bose
INKA-046-0153Telemute For Audi A8, 2004-, Bose
INKA-046-0154Telemute For Audi Q7, 2006-, Bose
INKA-046-0460Telemute For BMW/Rover 75 01> 17pin
INKA-046-0461Telemute For BMW 01>
INKA-046-0469Telemute For BMW Mini 2006> Harman
INKA-046-0470Telemute For BMW with Logic 7 system
INKA-046-0860Telemute For Chevrolet -2002
INKA-046-0861Telemute For Chevrolet 2002-
INKA-046-0862Telemute For Chevrolet 2002-, sep amp
INKA-046-0905Telemute For Chrysler 2008>
INKA-046-0906Telemute For Chrysler 96-02,Jeep96-02
INKA-046-0907Telemute For Chrysler 2001-
INKA-046-0908Telemute For Chrysler 04>, Bos/Infinity
INKA-046-0909Telemute For Chrysler 2008>
INKA-046-0911Telemute For Chrysler/Jeep 96-02 Infi
INKA-046-0912Telemute Chrysler/Jeep 03-05 Infinity - OBSOLETE
INKA-046-0913Telemute For Chrysler / Jeep / Dodge
INKA-046-1220Telemute For Daewoo
INKA-046-2103Telemute For Ford Mondeo 2003>
INKA-046-2104Telemute For Ford with power, 7+8 pin
INKA-046-2105Telemute For Ford w/power, 8 + 8 pins
INKA-046-2106Telemute For Ford US models 16 pin
INKA-046-2107Telemute For FORD Fiesta/Fusion, Free
INKA-046-2108Telemute For FORD Fiesta 2009 (Mk8 from Sept 2008)
INKA-046-2866Telemute For Honda Civic 2006>
INKA-046-2867Telemute For HONDA 20pin, Suzuki Lian
INKA-046-2868Telemute For HONDA Accord 2008> Basic
INKA-046-2869Telemute For Honda Bose/Premium Sys
INKA-046-2870Telemute For Honda Civic Premium Sys
INKA-046-2982Telemute For Hyundai Sonata 05>
INKA-046-2983Telemute For Hyundai -98
INKA-046-2984Telemute For Hyundai/Kia Sorento/Carn
INKA-046-2985Telemute For Hyundai Sonata 05-/Kia S
INKA-046-3260Telemute For ISUZU
INKA-046-3300Telemute For IVECO
INKA-046-3620Telemute For Jaguar X-Type 2001>
INKA-046-3621Telemute For Jaguar S-type/X-type/XJR - OBSOLETE
INKA-046-4500Telemute For Land Rover Freelander 2
INKA-046-4501Telemute For Land Rover Range Rover
INKA-046-4580Telemute For Lexus IS220D, IS250
INKA-046-4581Telemute For Lexus GS series, Mark Levinson
INKA-046-4582Telemute For Lexus RX series, GS series
INKA-046-4583Telemute For Lexus RX Mark Levinson
INKA-046-4901Telemute For MAZDA -2001
INKA-046-4902Telemute For MAZDA 2001-
INKA-046-4903Telemute For Mazda CX-9 08> Bose
INKA-046-4904Telemute For Mazda Bose system, amped
INKA-046-4981Telemute For Merc C-Class 04>
INKA-046-4982Telemute For BMW/Merc C-Class 04>
INKA-046-4983Telemute For Mercedes ML & GL Class
INKA-046-4984Telemute For Mercedes CL & S, BOSE
INKA-046-4989Telemute For Mercedes G-class
INKA-046-4990Telemute For Mercedes E-class, Audio
INKA-046-5104Telemute For Mitsubishi
INKA-046-5105Telemute For Mitsubishi 2007>
INKA-046-5220Telemute For NISSAN -1999
INKA-046-5221Telemute For NISSAN 2000-
INKA-046-5222Telemute For Nissan Primera 2002-
INKA-046-5223Telemute For Nissan X-Trail 2003-,
INKA-046-5224Telemute For Nissan Pathfinder/Navara
INKA-046-5225Telemute For Nissan Murano 2005- BOSE
INKA-046-5226Telemute For Nissan Pathfinder/Navara
INKA-046-6020Telemute For Peugeot 407 04> JBL
INKA-046-6021Telemute For Peugeot 407/307-2005-
INKA-046-6820Telemute For Range Rover with Harman
INKA-046-7220Telemute For Saab 9.3, 2003-
INKA-046-7221Telemute For Chevrolet, Saab 9.5, 05-
INKA-046-7229Telemute For Saab 9.5, 2005-, Premium
INKA-046-7460Telemute For Subaru Legazy/Impreza - OBSOLETE
INKA-046-7461Telemute For Subaru B9 Tribeca 2006-
INKA-046-7500Telemute For Suzuki
INKA-046-7660Telemute For Toyota
INKA-046-7661Telemute For Toyota Landcruiser, amped
INKA-046-7662Telemute ForToyota with JBL
INKA-046-8420Telemute For Vauxhall, 26 pins
INKA-046-8421Telemute For Vauxhall, 2000 radios
INKA-046-8422Telemute For Vauxhall with CD50 radio
INKA-046-8423Telemute For Vauxhall,2000 radio BOSE
INKA-046-8500Telemute For VW Delta Radio/, VW RNS
INKA-046-8580Telemute For VOLVO 850/960/940, S/V/C
INKA-046-8581Telemute For Volvo S/V 40, S60, V70
INKA-046-8582Telemute For Volvo S40/V50, 04> 14pin
INKA-046-8584Telemute For Volvo S80, 2006> 12 & 14
INKA-046-8585Telemute For Volvo S40/V40 2001-2003
INKA-046-8586Telemute For Volvo S60,V70,S80 Dolby Surround
INKA-046-8587Telemute For Volvo with Premium sound
INKA-046-8590Telemute For Volvo S40/V50, 2004> 16-pins
INKA-046-9920Telemute For Radio mute, ISO 16 pin
INKA-046-9921Telemute ISO amped with volume control e.g Chrysler Crossfire 04>
INKA-047-0042Direct-Input For Mini-ISO connectors
INKA-047-0143Direct-Input For Audi -2001, Line-in lead
INKA-047-0144Direct-Input For Audi 01>
INKA-047-0145Direct-Input For Audi 2007Line-in lead
INKA-047-0470Direct-Input For BMW 01>
INKA-047-0860Direct-Input For Chevrolet 2002-, Line-in
INKA-047-0861Direct-Input For Chevrolet 2002- Onstar
INKA-047-0862Direct-Input For Chevrolet 2006>, Line-in
INKA-047-2084Direct-Input for Ford Falcon BA 2002 to 2005
INKA-047-2101Direct-Input For Ford US models -2003, 20p
INKA-047-2102Direct-Input For Ford US models 2003-, 24p
INKA-047-3620Direct-Input For Jaguar XK8, VDA lead 10-pin
INKA-047-3621Direct-Input For Jaguar XK8, VDA lead 14-pin
INKA-047-3622Direct-Input For Jaguar XK8, VDA lead
INKA-047-4500Direct-Input For Land Rover, Range Rover
INKA-047-4849Direct-Input for Maserati
INKA-047-5100Direct-Input For Mitsubishi Outlander 07>
INKA-047-5220Direct-Input For Nissan 2002>, VDA lead
INKA-047-6020Direct-Input For Peugeot 407/ Citroen C5
INKA-047-6140Direct-Input For Porsche Boxster, Line-in
INKA-047-6860Direct-Input For Renault Laguna 2001>, VDA
INKA-047-7221Direct-Input For Saab/Opel/Vauxhall
INKA-047-7222Direct-Input For Saab 1998-7/2000, With 10
INKA-047-7223Direct-Input For Saab Sport models, VDA
INKA-047-8405Direct-Input Lead for Vauxhall Insignia, Astra 2009>
INKA-047-8427Direct-Input For Vauxhall, Holden/Pontiac
INKA-047-8428Direct-Input For Vauxhall, VDA Lead, Relay
INKA-047-8429Direct-Input For Vauxhall 36 pin 2005/2006
INKA-047-8430Direct-Input For Vauxhall/Opel CD30/40/70
INKA-047-8505Direct-Input For VW Beta/Gamma Radio
INKA-047-8510Direct-Input For VW Delta Radio
INKA-047-8512Direct-Input For VW Delta Radio Fully-Populated
INKA-048-0160LdMC: Audi A6, 2004- / Q7, 2006- DSP, 10 Speakers, non-Bose
INKA-048-0166LdMC: Audi A4/A5, 2007- 14 Speaker Bang & Olufsen Sound System
INKA-048-0167LdMC: Audi A4/A5 2007>
INKA-048-0170LdMC: Audi Q5 2008- New connector type 8 Speakers
INKA-048-0171LdMC: Audi 2009>
INKA-048-0176LdMC: VAG, Golf 7 populated
INKA-048-0440LdMC: BMW, Rover 75, 17 pin round-pin
INKA-048-0441LdMC: BMW 2001>, 16 pin
INKA-048-0442LdMC: BMW 2009>, 40 pin
INKA-048-0845LdMC: Chevrolet 2007> Basic Sound system
INKA-048-0885LdMC: Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge 2005> direct to separate amp 14+20 pin
INKA-048-0896LdMC: Chrysler 2004> amplified
INKA-048-0898LdMC: Chrysler 2007> not amplified
INKA-048-0899LdMC: Chrysler 2007> amplified
INKA-048-2080LdMC: Ford with Power 7/8 pins - OBSOLETE
INKA-048-2081LdMC: Ford 4500 Radio
INKA-048-2082LdMC: Ford Mondeo 2003>, 6000CD - incs AUX cable
INKA-048-2084LdMC: Ford with Power 8 + 8 pins
INKA-048-2085LdMC: Ford Fiesta 2009-6/2010
INKA-048-2087LdMC: Ford Fiesta mid-2010 onwards 24-pin connector
INKA-048-2808LdMC: Holden
INKA-048-2840LdMC: Vaux, Honda 20 pin
INKA-048-2841LdMC: Honda Civic, 2006> OBSOLETE
INKA-048-2861LdMC: Honda Accord 08> 24pin
INKA-048-2869LdMC: Honda Accord 2008> Premium
INKA-048-3600LdMC: Jaguar/Land Rover
INKA-048-4001LdMC: Kia Sportage 2005> Hyundai sonata 2005>
INKA-048-4027LdMC: Kia Sorento 2006> US Model
INKA-048-4481LdMC: Land Rover Range Rover 2007> Hi-Fi Stereo 11 Speakers OBS
INKA-048-4482LdMC: Land Rover Range Rover 2007> Logic 7 14-Speaker OBS
INKA-048-4483LdMC: Range Rover 2006> Vogue Logic 7 14-Speaker OBS
INKA-048-4484LdMC: Range Rover 2013> Meridian, Jaguar XF 2012> Premium
INKA-048-4499LdMC: Land Rover Freelander 2 9-Speaker, Jag XF/XK/XKR Premium
INKA-048-4560LdMC: Lexus IS220D,IS250,IS350,GS450h 2005>
INKA-048-4580LdMC: Lexus RX 450h 2009> without Lexus Navigation
INKA-048-4581LdMC: Lexus IS 220d 2009>
INKA-048-4586LdMC: various Lexus GS/RX models w/out Mark Levinson OBSOLETE
INKA-048-4880LdMC: Mazda 2001>
INKA-048-4889LdMC: Mazda CX-7 2006> Bose
INKA-048-4980LdMC: Mercedes 2004> E-/C-class OBSOLETE
INKA-048-4981LdMC: Mercedes E-class Audio 50/70/COMAND
INKA-048-4982LdMC: Mercedes S-class 2006> without Surround
INKA-048-4994LdMC: Mercedes CL C215 1999-8/2003 With BOSE sound system
INKA-048-5080LdMC: Mitsubishi with 20 pin connector
INKA-048-5081LdMC: Mitsubishi Outlander 07> nnav
INKA-048-5089LdMC: Mitsubishi, Peugeot, Citroen
INKA-048-6000LdMC: Peugeot 407/307, Citroen C5
INKA-048-7201LdMC: Chevrolet & Saab 9.5, 2005-
INKA-048-7640LdMC: Toyota
INKA-048-7648LdMC: Toyota JBL Amp
INKA-048-8400LdMC: Vauxhall/Opel CAR2000 Radios
INKA-048-8402LdMC: Vauxhall/Opel, 26 pins, 98-03
INKA-048-8404LdMC: Vauxhall/Opel with CD30, CD50 etc radio - incs AUX cable
INKA-048-8405LdMC: Vauxhall/Opel Insignia/Astra 09> (except van) inc AUX cable
INKA-048-8500LdMC: VW Delta/RNS Navi/MFD Navi, old data
INKA-048-8502LdMC: VW Delta/RNS Navi/MFD Navi 2010> 40-pin fully populated
INKA-048-8506LdMC: VW Delta/RNS Navi/MFD Navi 2010>, new data
INKA-048-8581LdMC: Volvo S80/S60 + V 70, 2000>
INKA-048-8582LdMC: Volvo S40/V50, 2004> 14 pins Base Performance
INKA-048-8583LdMC: Volvo S40/V50, 2004> 16 pins
INKA-048-8586LdMC: Volvo S60/V70/S80 Dolby Surround
INKA-048-8590LdMC: Volvo with Premium sound system 2002> Dolby Pro Logic
INKA-048-8591LdMC: incs on-board AUX for Volvo with Base/Perf 06>
INKA-048-9800LdMC: MusiConnect lead for ISO vehicles
INKA-048-9805LdMC: Fakra
INKA-048-9905LdMCib: IGNI-BOX for MusiConnect lead
INKA-048-9910LdMCkit: ISO kit to MusiConnect
INKA-048-9915LdMCkit: iO Play to MusiConnect
INKA-048-9916LdMCkit: iO Talk1 to MusiConnect
INKA-048-9917LdMCkit: iO Play 2 to MusiConnect
INKA-048-9923LdMCkit: CK100,CK600 to MusiConnect
INKA-048-9948LdMCkit: THB Bury CC9060 MUSIC to MusiConnect
INKA-048-9952LdMCkit: Parrot Asteroid Mini/Tablet to MusiConnect
INKA-048-9983LdMCext: MusiConnect Extension 1.25m
INKA-048-9984LdMCext: MusiConnect Extension 2.5m
INKA-048-9985LdMCext: MusiConnect Extension 5m
INKA-049-0170LdMS: Audi ISO half-amped
INKA-049-0171LdMS: Audi ISO Bose full amp
INKA-049-0180LdMS: Audi Quadlock half-amped
INKA-049-0182LdMS: Audi Quadlock Bose full amp
INKA-049-0880LdMS: Chrysler Voyager (02-07)/Jeep - Infinity Amplified
INKA-049-2841LdMS: Honda Civic 07> Amplified
INKA-049-4001LdMS: Hyundai Sante Fe CDX Amplified
INKA-049-4880LdMS: Mazda Bose Amplified
INKA-049-5202LdMS: Nissan Murano Amplified
INKA-049-5208LdMS: Nissan Navara (07), Pathfinder Amplified
INKA-049-6000LdMS: Citroen/Peugeot JBL Amplified
INKA-049-8480LdMS: VW style Quadlock Amplified
INKA-049-9921LdMS: ISO Amped Adjustable Volume
INKA-052-2082-AJLd4P:Ford Mondeo 2003>, 6000CD AUX with Jack Plug
INKA-052-2082-ASLd4P:Ford Mondeo 2003>, 6000CD AUX with Jack Socket
INKA-052-3600-AJLd4P: Land Rover AUX with Jack Plug
INKA-052-3600-ASLd4P: Land Rover AUX with Jack Socket
INKA-052-6000-AJLd4P: Peugeot 407/307, Citroen C5 AUX with Jack Plug
INKA-052-6000-ASLd4P: Peugeot 407/307, Citroen C5 AUX with Jack Socket
INKA-052-7640-AJLd4P: Toyota AUX with Jack Plug
INKA-052-7640-ASLd4P: Toyota AUX with Jack Socket
INKA-054-9801AUX Lead 3.5 jack to 3.5 jack - gold, 1.2m
INKA-054-9803AUX Extension Lead 3.5 jack to 3.5 socket - gold, 3m
INKA-054-9814AUX Lead 3.5 jack/USB to DockPort, black
INKA-054-9817DockPort Extender Cable, 30-pin, M/F, 1m
INKA-054-9825Lead, 3.5mm Panel Socket to Jack, 2m
INKA-054-9826Coupler, 3.5mm Socket to Socket
INKA-054-9901AUX Adaptor 4-pin M to 3.5 jack
INKA-054-9905AUX Adaptor 4-pin M to 2xRCA
INKA-054-9906AUX Adaptor 4-pin M to 2xRCA Fem
INKA-054-9911AUX Adaptor 4-pin F to 3.5mm Jack, straight
INKA-054-9913AUX Adaptor 4-pin F to 3.5mm Jack, 90 degree
INKA-054-9915AUX Adaptor 4-pin Female to 2xRCA Male
INKA-054-9934AUX Extension 4-pin M-F 2.5m
INKA-054-9951AUX Adaptor 4-pin M/3.5 Jack Panel Socket
INKA-058-0128Aux cable (CD-changer) Audi A2,A3,A4,A6,A8,TT
INKA-058-0129AUX Cable (CD-changer) Audi w/Fakra Navigation Plus
INKA-058-0130AUX Cable Audi A2, A3, A4 & TT 06>
INKA-058-0131AUX Cable (Connects to MOST-bus) Audi A6/ A8/ Q7
INKA-058-0132AUX Cable Audi A4, A5 non-Nav, 2007>
INKA-058-0447AUX Cable BMW 2001-2010 12pins
INKA-058-0448AUX Cable BMW 3 E46/ 5 E39/ 7/ X5/ Mini
INKA-058-0449AUX Cable (CD-changer) BMW 3/ 5/ 7/ X5/ Mini 17 pin
INKA-058-0450AUX Cable (CD-changer) BMW 3/ 5/ Mini/ X3/ X5/ Z4/ Z8
INKA-058-0451AUX Cable BMW 5, 7, X3, X5, Z3, Z4 & Mini 06>, VW RCD radios 07>
INKA-058-0452AUX Cable BMW 3 series - OBSOLETE
INKA-058-0453AUX Cable BMW
INKA-058-0454AUX Cable BMW - older data ports
INKA-058-0520AUX Cable Mini 2001-2006 With Radio Wave With old 17 pin BMW
INKA-058-0521AUX Cable Mini 2001-2006 Boost Radio and Boost Navi With Fakra
INKA-058-0882AUX Cable Chrysler/JEEP/Dodge 2002-2005 RAD & REK radios
INKA-058-0883AUX Cable (CD-changer) Chrysler 2001- 10 pin square
INKA-058-0928AUX Cable (CD-changer) Citroen
INKA-058-2085AUX Cable (CD-changer) Ford -2004 4050, 5000, 6000 radios
INKA-058-2087AUX Cable Ford Fiesta 2011>
INKA-058-2088AUX Cable Ford 6000CD with AUX button and not CDDJ button
INKA-058-2089AUX Cable Ford Fiesta 2008>
INKA-058-2848AUX Cable (CD-changer) Honda Accord/Civic/Jazz 14 pin CD-changer
INKA-058-2859AUX Cable Honda 2006>
INKA-058-3644AUX Cable (CD-changer) JEEP 2005- REG and RAR radios 22 pin
INKA-058-4498AUX Cable Land Rover 2007>
INKA-058-4888AUX Cable (CD-changer input) Mazda 2,5,6,323,MX-5,MPV,RX-7,RX-8
INKA-058-4889AUX Cable (CD-changer) Mazda 3, 5, 6 - 16 pin CD-changer
INKA-058-4890AUX Cable Mazda 3, 5, 6 - 16 pin, Ford Ranger
INKA-058-4965AUX Cable (CD-changer) Mercedes Audio 10 & 30 APS COMAND
INKA-058-4966AUX Cable Mercedes COMAND 2.0 (not optical D2B-bus)
INKA-058-4967AUX Cable Mercedes Audio 50 APS & COMAND APS 3-Pin connector
INKA-058-4968Aux cable Mercedes Audio 20, 50 & COMAND with Fakra.
INKA-058-5081AUX Cable Mitsubishi 3 loose pin to be inserted
INKA-058-5208AUX Cable (CD-changer) Nissan Micra, Almera, Primera
INKA-058-6003AUX Cable Peugeot / Citroen Aux input 1
INKA-058-6004AUX Cable Peugeot / Citroen
INKA-058-6005AUX Cable (CD-changer) Peugeot 206/ 307/ 406
INKA-058-6844AUX Cable (CD-changer) Renault. Uses blue 8 pin mini ISO stik
INKA-058-7282AUX Cable Seat Mini Iso Beta/ Aura/ Scala/ VAG navigation
INKA-058-7284AUX Cable (CD-changer) Seat 12 pin mini Fakra
INKA-058-7322AUX Cable (CD-changer) Skoda Fabia/Octavia 8 pin mini ISO
INKA-058-7323AUX Cable (CD-changer) Skoda Octavia Stream radio 12 pin mini
INKA-058-7485AUX Cable (CD-changer) Suzuki Grand Vitara/Swift
INKA-058-7645AUX Cable (CD-changer) Toyota Yaris/Avensis/Corolla old big 12pin
INKA-058-7646AUX Cable (CD-changer) Toyota Avensis/Corolla small new 12 pin
INKA-058-7647AUX Cable Toyota Avensis 2009>
INKA-058-8407AUX Cable Vauxhall/Opel Insignia/Astra 2009>
INKA-058-8409AUX Cable Vauxhall/Opel radios CC20,CD30,CDC40,CD50,CD70,DVD90
INKA-058-8481AUX Cable VW / Skoda, old data
INKA-058-8482AUX Cable (CD-changer) VW 1997- Beta 5, Gamma 5
INKA-058-8483AUX Cable (CD-changer) VW 1997- With Monocrom Navigation MCD, MFD
INKA-058-8484AUX Cable VW, Audi, Seat, Ford With MFD1 - VW/Audi/Skoda with ISO
INKA-058-8485AUX Cable (CD-changer) VW Fakra Delta, Delta 6
INKA-058-8486AUX Cable VW / Skoda 2010-, new data
INKA-058-8487AUX Cable VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda & Ford Navi 16:9 18 pin connector
INKA-058-8561AUX Cable Volvo S80, XC60, XC70 & V70 Base Performance
INKA-058-9801AUX Cable FM-Modulator, Inc. 3 antenna plugs
INKA-064-9921ipacc: Aux Input 3.5mm Jack - RCA Lead
INKA-064-9950iPacc: iPod/iPhone Voltage Converter 12v to 5v
INKA-066-496Aip35: Aux Input Mercedes C-Class 2004> Audio 20/30
INKA-067-012Aip35: Aux Adapter Audi A2/A3/A4/A6/A8/TT Concert/Symphony/Chorus
INKA-067-208Bip35: Aux Adapter Ford Focus/Fiesta/Mondeo with CD/Aux Button
INKA-067-600Jip35: Aux Adapter Peugeot 206/307/406/607/807, Citroen C2
INKA-067-684Aip35: Aux Adapter most Renault models
INKA-067-748Aip35: Aux Adapter Suzuki Grand Vitara/Swift PACR01/02/03
INKA-067-848Dip35: Aux Adapter VW Passat/Golf/Touareg/Touran/Transporter
INKA-069-012Ciport: Ipod Adaptor Audi A2,A3,A4,A6,A8,TT
INKA-069-012Diport: Ipod Adaptor Audi A2, A3, A4, TT 2006>
INKA-069-044Giport: Ipod Adaptor BMW 3,5,7,Mini,Z8 (17 pin)
INKA-069-044Iiport: Ipod Adaptor BMW 3,5,Mini,X3,X5,Z4 (40 pin)
INKA-069-208Eiport: iPod Adaptor Ford C-Max,Fiesta,Focus,Mondeo,S-Max
INKA-069-284Aiport: Ipod Adaptor Honda Accord,Civic,Jazz,S2000
INKA-069-448Eiport: Ipod Adaptor Land Rover Discovery Alpine
INKA-069-600Kiport: iPod Adaptor Peugeot 207,307,407,607,807 VDO head unit RD4
INKA-069-684Ciport: Ipod Adaptor Renault Laguna,Scenic,Megane,Clio,Espace
INKA-069-748Aiport: iPod Adaptor Suzuki Grand Vitara,Swift PACR01/02/03
INKA-069-764Biport: iPod Adaptor Toyota Avensis,Corolla,Yaris
INKA-069-848Ciport: Ipod Adaptor VW
INKA-069-848Iiport: Ipod Adaptor VW Passat,Golf,Touareg,Touran Delta
INKA-072-0040Dash Bracket 71729 Alfa Romeo 146 1995-1996
INKA-072-0041Dash Bracket 71857 Alfa Romeo 155 1992-1996
INKA-072-0042Dash Bracket 71516 Alfa Romeo 156 1998-2001
INKA-072-0043Dash Bracket 71203 NHB085 Alfa Romeo 156 08/2002>, GTA
INKA-072-0044Dash Bracket 711051 NHB379 Alfa Romeo 159/Alfa Romeo BRERA
INKA-072-0045Dash Bracket 71812 Alfa Romeo 164 1986-1998
INKA-072-0046Dash Bracket 71440 NHB136 Alfa Romeo 166 1999-
INKA-072-0047Dash Bracket 71813 Alfa Romeo 33 1990-1994
INKA-072-0048Dash Bracket 71302 NHB084 Alfa Romeo GT, COUPE 2004>
INKA-072-0049Dash Bracket 71778 Alfa Romeo SPIDER 1996-1998
INKA-072-0050Dash Bracket 71447 Alfa Romeo SPIDER 1999-
INKA-072-0080Dash Bracket 71537 Aston Martin DB7 1997-
INKA-072-0120Dash Bracket 71351 NHB037 Audi A2 2001> NOT SAT NAV/SYMPHONY
INKA-072-0120LDash Bracket 70351 LHD Audi A2 2001>
INKA-072-0121Dash Bracket 71283 NHB325 Audi A3 2001-
INKA-072-0122Dash Bracket 71428 Audi A4 1999-2000
INKA-072-0123Dash Bracket 71266 NHB008 Audi A4/Cabriolet 2002>
INKA-072-0124Dash Bracket 71159 NHB149 Audi A8 2003-
INKA-072-0125Dash Bracket 71907 Audi 100 1984-1988
INKA-072-0126Dash Bracket 71903 Audi 100 1988-1990
INKA-072-0127Dash Bracket 71307 Audi A2 2001-
INKA-072-0128Dash Bracket 71541 NHB286 Audi A3 1997-2000
INKA-072-0129Dash Bracket 71658 Audi A3 1997-2000
INKA-072-0130Dash Bracket 71273 NHB007 Audi A3 2001-2003
INKA-072-0131Dash Bracket 71067 Audi A3 2004-
INKA-072-0132Dash Bracket 71256 NHB114 Audi A3 3/5 door Sportback 2004-2010
INKA-072-0133Dash Bracket 71748 Audi A4 1995-1998
INKA-072-0134Dash Bracket 71745 NHB294 Audi A4 1995-2000
INKA-072-0135Dash Bracket 71319 NHB189 Audi A4 2001-
INKA-072-0136Dash Bracket 71483 NHB005 Audi A6 1997-2004
INKA-072-0137Dash Bracket 71597 Audi A6 1997-2004
INKA-072-0138Dash Bracket 71905 Audi A6 1994-1997
INKA-072-0139Dash Bracket 71069 NHB432 Audi A6 2005-
INKA-072-0140Dash Bracket 71079 NHB147 Audi A6 2005-11
INKA-072-0141Dash Bracket 71775 Audi A8 1995-2002
INKA-072-0142Dash Bracket 71904 Audi COUPE/S2 1988-1995
INKA-072-0143Dash Bracket 71459 NHB036 Audi TT 1999-2006
INKA-072-0144Dash Bracket 711114/711114a NHB401 Audi TT 07>
INKA-072-0145Dash Bracket 711167 NHB425 Audi A5/S5 07-15, A4/S4 07-15
INKA-072-0146Dash Bracket 72075 Audi A8 Left Side >04/03
INKA-072-0147Dash Bracket 711198 Audi R8
INKA-072-0148Dash Bracket 711180 NHB479 Audi A4 4DR 08> upper console
INKA-072-0149Dash Bracket NHB434 AudiA5 2007>LEFT CONSOLE
INKA-072-0150Dash Bracket NHB435 AudiQ7 2006>LEFT CONSOLE
INKA-072-0151Dash Bracket 711224 Audi A1 2010 on
INKA-072-0152Dash Bracket 711249 Audi A6 2011-14
INKA-072-0153Dash Bracket 711282 Audi A3 2013-
INKA-072-0440Dash Bracket 71195 NHB086 BMW Z4 2002-
INKA-072-0441Dash Bracket 71055 NHB169 BMW 1-Series
INKA-072-0442Dash Bracket 71908 BMW 3-Serie (E30) 1982-1990
INKA-072-0443Dash Bracket 71487 BMW 3-Serie (E36) 1991-1998
INKA-072-0444Dash Bracket 71767 BMW 3-Serie (E36) 1991-1998
INKA-072-0445Dash Bracket 711001 NHB210 BMW 3-Series (E90/91/92) console 2005
INKA-072-0445LDash Bracket 701001 LHD BMW 3-Series (E90/91/92) console 2005
INKA-072-0446Dash Bracket 711000 NHB304 BMW 3-Serie (E90/91) vent 2005-
INKA-072-0447Dash Bracket 71783 BMW 3-Serie Compact (E36) 1994-20
INKA-072-0448Dash Bracket 71479 NHB132 BMW 3-Series E46 / Compact 2002> vent
INKA-072-0449Dash Bracket 71473 NHB016 BMW 3-Serie E46 98-05,E46 Compact 02-04
INKA-072-0450Dash Bracket 71909 BMW 5-Serie (E34) 1988-1995
INKA-072-0451Dash Bracket 71634 NHB010 BMW 5-Series (E39) 1995-2003
INKA-072-0452Dash Bracket 71697 NHB321 BMW 5-Serie (E39) 1995-2003 vent
INKA-072-0453Dash Bracket 71064 NHB200 BMW 5-Series (E60) 2004-07
INKA-072-0454Dash Bracket 71093 NHB206 BMW 5-Series (E60) 2004> vent
INKA-072-0455Dash Bracket 71133 NHB028 BMW 645 Ci (E-63) 2004-
INKA-072-0456Dash Bracket 71910 BMW 7-Serie (E32) 1986-1994
INKA-072-0457Dash Bracket 71715 BMW 7-Serie (E38) 1994-2001
INKA-072-0458Dash Bracket 71227 NHB138 BMW 7-Serie 2002-
INKA-072-0459Dash Bracket 71902 BMW 840/850 (E31) 1990-1999
INKA-072-0460Dash Bracket 71113 BMW X3 airvent location 2004-
INKA-072-0461Dash Bracket 71110 NHB184 BMW X3 console location 2004-
INKA-072-0462Dash Bracket 71191 NHB039 BMW X5. with nav. screen. 2002-
INKA-072-0463Dash Bracket 71264 BMW X5. with small nav. screen. 200
INKA-072-0464Dash Bracket 71377 NHB040 BMW X5. without nav. screen. 2000-
INKA-072-0465Dash Bracket 71612 NHB137 BMW Z3 Cabrio 1996-
INKA-072-0466Dash Bracket 71297 NHB038 Mini One, Cooper, Cooper S 2001-2006
INKA-072-0467LDash Bracket 701128 LHD BMW Mini Cooper/Cooper S 07>
INKA-072-0468Dash Bracket 711159 NHB482 BMW X5 07>
INKA-072-0469Dash Bracket 711160 BMW X5 07> Vent
INKA-072-0470Dash Bracket 711162 NHB412 BMW 1 Series 07 - Facelift
INKA-072-0471Dash Bracket 71056 NHB316 BMW 1 E81/E82 04-11 -Vent
INKA-072-0471LDash Bracket 70056 LHD BMW 1 Series 04> -Vent
INKA-072-0472Dash Bracket 711310 BMW 3 E90 04> - Nav Facelift
INKA-072-0473Dash Bracket NHB497 BMW 1 SERIES 07> UP DASH
INKA-072-0474Dash Bracket NHB437 BMW X5 07> UPPER RT CONSOLE
INKA-072-0475Dash Bracket 711163 NHB426 BMW 5 Series 07 - Facelift
INKA-072-0477Dash Bracket 711239 BMW 1 F20 2011> 3/5 dr not Coupe/Convertible
INKA-072-0478Dash Bracket 711243 BMW3/4 series 2012- F30
INKA-072-0479Dash Bracket 711393 BMW 5 Series F10 2010-
INKA-072-0520Dash Bracket 71892 Buick CENTURY 1982-1996
INKA-072-0521Dash Bracket 71370 Buick CENTURY 1997-
INKA-072-0800Dash Bracket 711045 Cadillac BLS
INKA-072-0801Dash Bracket 71219 Cadillac CTS 2003-
INKA-072-0802Dash Bracket 71671 Cadillac DE VILLE 1994-1997
INKA-072-0803Dash Bracket 71373 Cadillac DE VILLE 2000-
INKA-072-0804Dash Bracket 71503 Cadillac SEVILLE 1998-
INKA-072-0805Dash Bracket 711031 NHB420 Cadillac STS 2005>
INKA-072-0806Dash Bracket 71066 Cadillac XLR 2004-
INKA-072-0840Dash Bracket 71628 Chevrolet CAMARO 1993-1996
INKA-072-0841Dash Bracket 71528 Chevrolet CAMARO 1997-
INKA-072-0842Dash Bracket 71883 Chevrolet CAPRICE 1991-1994
INKA-072-0843Dash Bracket 71429 Chevrolet CORVETTE C5 1999-
INKA-072-0844Dash Bracket 701013 Chevrolet EQUINOX
INKA-072-0845Dash Bracket 71679 Chevrolet EXPRESS VAN 1997-2002
INKA-072-0846Dash Bracket 71147 Chevrolet EXPRESS VAN 2003-
INKA-072-0847Dash Bracket 71391 Chevrolet IMPALA 2000-
INKA-072-0848Dash Bracket 711018 Chevrolet MATIZ 06-
INKA-072-0848LDash Bracket 701018 LHD Chevrolet MATIZ 06-
INKA-072-0849Dash Bracket 71372 Chevrolet MONTE CARLO 2000-
INKA-072-0850Dash Bracket 71873 Chevrolet S-10 / PICK-UP 1985-1993
INKA-072-0851Dash Bracket 71762 Chevrolet S-10 / PICK-UP 1994-1997
INKA-072-0852Dash Bracket 71898 Chevrolet SUBURBAN 1978-1991
INKA-072-0853Dash Bracket 71730 Chevrolet TAHOE 1995-1999
INKA-072-0854Dash Bracket 71250 Chevrolet TRIAL BLAZER 2002-
INKA-072-0855Dash Bracket 71899 Chevrolet VAN G20/30 1979-1996
INKA-072-0856Dash Bracket 711092 NHB444 Chevrolet CAPTIVA
INKA-072-0857Dash Bracket 711344 NHB530 Chevrolet Cruze Mar 09>
INKA-072-0880Dash Bracket 71100 NHB212 Chrysler CROSSFIRE 2004-
INKA-072-0881Dash Bracket 71118 Chrysler CROSSFIRE 2004-
INKA-072-0882Dash Bracket 711158 Chrysler Sebring 07>
INKA-072-0883Dash Bracket 71722 Chrysler NEW YORKER 1993-1997
INKA-072-0884Dash Bracket 71317 NHB042 Chrysler P/T CRUISER 2000-
INKA-072-0885Dash Bracket 71400 Chrysler P/T CRUISER 2000-
INKA-072-0886Dash Bracket 71292 Chrysler SEBRING Sedan 2001-
INKA-072-0887Dash Bracket 71053 NHB386 Chrysler 300C 2004>
INKA-072-0888Dash Bracket 711074 NHB331 Chrysler PT Cruiser 06
INKA-072-0889Dash Bracket 71300 NHB259 Chrysler VOYAGER 2001-
INKA-072-0890Dash Bracket 71482 NHB365 Chrysler VOYAGER L/SIDE 1996-2000
INKA-072-0891Dash Bracket 71414 NHB043 Chrysler NEON 2000>
INKA-072-0892Dash Bracket 711185 Chrysler VOYAGER 08>
INKA-072-0920Dash Bracket 71154 NHB045 CIT PICASSO 03>L/H DASH
INKA-072-0921Dash Bracket 71964 Citroen BX 1987-1993
INKA-072-0922Dash Bracket 71058 NHB205 CITROEN C4
INKA-072-0923Dash Bracket 71376 NHB044 Citroen PICASSO 2000-2002
INKA-072-0924Dash Bracket 71226 NHB208 Citroen PLURIEL 2003-
INKA-072-0925Dash Bracket 71602 NHB046 Citroen SAXO 1996-
INKA-072-0926Dash Bracket 71965 Citroen XANTIA 1 1993-1997
INKA-072-0927Dash Bracket 71545 Citroen XANTIA 1 1993-1997
INKA-072-0928Dash Bracket 71525 NHB191 Citroen XSARA 1998-
INKA-072-0928LDash Bracket 70525 LHD Citroen XSARA 1998-
INKA-072-0929Dash Bracket 71967 Citroen ZX 1992-1997
INKA-072-0930Dash Bracket 711041 NHB338 Kia Rio 06-11 left dash
INKA-072-0931Dash Bracket 711064 Citroen BERLINGO/Peugeot PARTNER 03
INKA-072-0932Dash Bracket 71312 NHB261 Citroen C5 2001-
INKA-072-0933Dash Bracket 71275 NHB014 Citroen C5 2001-2004
INKA-072-0934Dash Bracket 71054 NHB195 Citroen C5 2005-
INKA-072-0935Dash Bracket 711046 Citroen C6
INKA-072-0936Dash Bracket 71154 NHB431 Citroen PICASSO 2000-
INKA-072-0937Dash Bracket 71471 Citroen XANTIA 2 1998-
INKA-072-0938Dash Bracket 71781 Citroen XM 1995-
INKA-072-0939Dash Bracket 711123 NHB403 Citroen Dispatch 07-16
INKA-072-0940Dash Bracket 711126 NHB404 Citroen C4 Picasso
INKA-072-0941Dash Bracket 711078 NHB368 Citroen C2/C3 06-09 L/Dash
INKA-072-0942Dash Bracket 701046 NHB370 Citroen C6 Vent
INKA-072-0943Dash Bracket 711311 Citroen Berlingo June 08>
INKA-072-0944Dash Bracket 711187 NHB483 Citroen C5 08>
INKA-072-0945Dash Bracket 711339 NHB524 Citroen C3 Picasso Aug 08>
INKA-072-0946Dash Bracket 711390 Citroen C3/DS3 2010 onw
INKA-072-1200Dash Bracket 71142 Daewoo KALOS 2003-
INKA-072-1201Dash Bracket 71717 Daewoo ESPERO 1995-
INKA-072-1202Dash Bracket 71131 Daewoo EVANDA 2003-
INKA-072-1203Dash Bracket 71513 Daewoo MATIZ 1999-
INKA-072-1204Dash Bracket 71397 Daewoo MUSSO 2001-
INKA-072-1205Dash Bracket 71716 Daewoo NEXIA. Outgoing 1995-1997
INKA-072-1206Dash Bracket 71544 Daewoo NUBIRA 1998-1999
INKA-072-1207Dash Bracket 71418 Daewoo NUBIRA 2000-2002
INKA-072-1208Dash Bracket 71210 NHB252 Daewoo NUBIRA 2003-
INKA-072-1209Dash Bracket 71316 Daewoo REZZO/TACUMA 2000-
INKA-072-1240Dash Bracket 71205 NHB251 DAF CF 2002-
INKA-072-1241Dash Bracket 71396 DAF FT XF 95 1996-
INKA-072-1242Dash Bracket 71262 NHB361 DAF LF SERIES 2001-
INKA-072-1243Dash Bracket 711131 NHB465 DAF XF105
INKA-072-1244Dash Bracket 711324 NHB505 DAF CF
INKA-072-1280Dash Bracket 71850 Daihatsu APPLAUSE 1990-1998
INKA-072-1281Dash Bracket 71347 Daihatsu CHARADE 2004-
INKA-072-1282Dash Bracket 71348 Daihatsu EXTOL 2004-
INKA-072-1283Dash Bracket 71579 NHB141 Daihatsu ROCKY 1984-
INKA-072-1284Dash Bracket 71388 Daihatsu SIRION 1999-
INKA-072-1285Dash Bracket 71472 Daihatsu TERRIOS 1998-
INKA-072-1286Dash Bracket 711085 NHB360 Daihatsu Terios 2006-
INKA-072-1287Dash Bracket 71257 Daihatsu YRV 2001-
INKA-072-1320Dash Bracket 711063 Dodge CALIBER
INKA-072-1321Dash Bracket 71213 NHB041 Dodge CARAVAN 2001-
INKA-072-1322Dash Bracket 71580 Dodge DAKOTA 1997-2000
INKA-072-1323Dash Bracket 71260 Dodge DURANGO 2001-2003
INKA-072-1324Dash Bracket 71104 Dodge DURANGO 2004-
INKA-072-1325Dash Bracket 71218 Dodge RAM TRUCK 1500 2002-
INKA-072-1326Dash Bracket 71607 Dodge RAM TRUCK 1994-1997
INKA-072-1327Dash Bracket 71501 Dodge RAM TRUCK 1998-2001
INKA-072-1328Dash Bracket 71559 Dodge RAM VAN 1983-1997
INKA-072-1329Dash Bracket 71363 Dodge RAM VAN 1998-
INKA-072-1330Dash Bracket 71288 Dodge STRATUS Sedan 2001-
INKA-072-1331Dash Bracket 701093 Dodge RAM >06
INKA-072-1332Dash Bracket 711176 Dodge Nitro
INKA-072-1333Dash Bracket 711118 NHB447 Dodge CALIBER 07
INKA-072-1600Dash Bracket 72090 NHB298 ERF EC SERIES LEFT DASH
INKA-072-2000Dash Bracket 71654 Ferrari 355 F1. Airvent. 1994-
INKA-072-2001Dash Bracket 71571 Ferrari 355 F1. Beside radio. 1994-
INKA-072-2002Dash Bracket 71570 Ferrari 550 MARANELLO 1996-
INKA-072-2040Dash Bracket 71313 Fiat COUPE 1997-
INKA-072-2041Dash Bracket 71253 NHB211 Fiat DOBLO 2001-
INKA-072-2042Dash Bracket 71520 Fiat PALIO / SIENA/STRADA 1998-
INKA-072-2043Dash Bracket 71766 Fiat COUPE 1994-1997
INKA-072-2044Dash Bracket 711050 NHB319 Fiat CROMA 2006>
INKA-072-2044LDash Bracket 711050 LHD Fiat CROMA 2006>
INKA-072-2045Dash Bracket 71116 Fiat IDEA 2004-
INKA-072-2046Dash Bracket 71666 NHB087 Fiat MAREA 1996-
INKA-072-2047Dash Bracket 71436 NHB142 Fiat MULTIPLA 1999-
INKA-072-2048Dash Bracket 71837 Fiat PANDA 1990-1991
INKA-072-2049Dash Bracket 71115 NHB207 Fiat PANDA 2003-
INKA-072-2050Dash Bracket 71701 NHB292 Fiat Punto - 99
INKA-072-2051Dash Bracket 71753 Fiat PUNTO 1994-1999
INKA-072-2052Dash Bracket 711052 NHB329 Fiat GRANDE PUNTO 2006-09
INKA-072-2053Dash Bracket 71398 NHB194 Fiat PUNTO. Right side 2000-
INKA-072-2054Dash Bracket 71231 NHB050 Fiat STILO 2002-
INKA-072-2055Dash Bracket 71970 Fiat TIPO 1988-1995
INKA-072-2056Dash Bracket 711193 NHB476 Fiat 500
INKA-072-2057Dash Bracket 711190 NHB496 Fiat BRAVA / BRAVO 07>
INKA-072-2058Dash Bracket 711385 Fiat DOBLO 10-/Vauxhall Combo 2012
INKA-072-2080Dash Bracket 71913 Ford ECONLINE / CLUBWAGON 1992-1996
INKA-072-2081Dash Bracket 71565 Ford ECONLINE / CLUBWAGON 1997-
INKA-072-2082Dash Bracket 71258 Ford ESCAPE 2001-
INKA-072-2083Dash Bracket 71718 Ford ESCORT 1995-1999
INKA-072-2084Dash Bracket 71130 Ford EXPEDITION 2003-
INKA-072-2085Dash Bracket 71189 NHB209 Ford EXPLORER 2002-
INKA-072-2086Dash Bracket 71387 Ford EXURSION (F-Series Super Duty)
INKA-072-2087Dash Bracket 71920 Ford FIESTA 1989-1995
INKA-072-2088Dash Bracket 71261 NHB181 Ford FIESTA 2002-2005
INKA-072-2089Dash Bracket 711066 NHB342 Ford Fiesta 2006> (with 6000 radio)
INKA-072-2090Dash Bracket 71695 Ford Fiesta 96/Puma/Courier
INKA-072-2091Dash Bracket 71467 NHB004 Ford Focus 1998-2004
INKA-072-2091LDash Bracket 70467 LHD Ford Focus 1998-2004
INKA-072-2092Dash Bracket 71060 NHB183 Ford FOCUS 05-07 w/out Facelift Radio
INKA-072-2093Dash Bracket 71061 NHB186 Ford FOCUS 2005 onwards (vent)
INKA-072-2094Dash Bracket 71124 NHB311 Ford FOCUS C MAX 2004- vent
INKA-072-2095Dash Bracket 71123 NHB490 Ford FOCUS C MAX console 2004-
INKA-072-2096Dash Bracket 71466 NHB327 Ford FOCUS. Revised 29.02.00 1999-
INKA-072-2097Dash Bracket 71642 Ford F-Serie 150/250 Light Duty 199
INKA-072-2098Dash Bracket 71614 Ford F-Serie 150/250/350 1992-1996
INKA-072-2099Dash Bracket 71178 NHB088 Ford FUSION 2003-
INKA-072-2100Dash Bracket 71277 NHB449 Ford GALAXY 2001-2006
INKA-072-2101Dash Bracket 71649 NHB052 Ford KA 1996-
INKA-072-2102Dash Bracket 71163 Ford LTD 1999-
INKA-072-2103Dash Bracket 71877 Ford MONDEO 1993-1996
INKA-072-2104Dash Bracket 71589 NHB172 Ford MONDEO 1997-2000
INKA-072-2105Dash Bracket 71652 Ford MONDEO 1997-2000
INKA-072-2106Dash Bracket 71280 NHB257 Ford MONDEO 01-07 vent
INKA-072-2107Dash Bracket 71299 NHB026 Ford Mondeo 01-07 cons
INKA-072-2108Dash Bracket 701022 Ford MUSTANG 06-
INKA-072-2109Dash Bracket 71624 Ford MUSTANG 1994-1998
INKA-072-2110Dash Bracket 71914 Ford ORION 1986-1990
INKA-072-2111Dash Bracket 71706 Ford ORION 1991-1995
INKA-072-2112Dash Bracket 71492 Ford 3000 radio/Escort 95>, old/new double DIN
INKA-072-2113Dash Bracket 71680 Ford SCORPIO 1995-1998
INKA-072-2114Dash Bracket 71918 Ford SCORPIO 1986-1991
INKA-072-2115Dash Bracket 71769 Ford SCORPIO 1992-1994
INKA-072-2116Dash Bracket 71780 Ford SCORPIO. Outgoing 1995-1998
INKA-072-2117Dash Bracket 71916 Ford SIERRA 1982-1991
INKA-072-2118Dash Bracket 71862 Ford SIERRA 1992-1993
INKA-072-2119Dash Bracket 711079 NHB364 Ford S-Max Mar 06- Aug 07
INKA-072-2120Dash Bracket 711095 NHB359 Ford S-Max Vent
INKA-072-2121Dash Bracket 711076 NHB366 Ford Transit 05/2006-12
INKA-072-2122Dash Bracket 71919 Ford TRANSIT 1990-1994
INKA-072-2123Dash Bracket 71776 Ford TRANSIT 1995-3/2000
INKA-072-2124Dash Bracket 71331 NHB164 Ford Transit Mar 2000 - Apr 2006
INKA-072-2125Dash Bracket 71196 NHB025 Ford TRANSIT CONNECT 2003-
INKA-072-2126Dash Bracket 71765 Ford WINDSTAR 1995-1998
INKA-072-2127Dash Bracket 71497 Ford WINDSTAR 1999-
INKA-072-2128Dash Bracket 711155 NHB416 Ford Mondeo mid-07-2010
INKA-072-2129Dash Bracket 711156 NHB414 Ford Focus 07 - Facelift
INKA-072-2129LDash Bracket 701156 LHD Ford Focus 07 - Facelift
INKA-072-2130Dash Bracket 711100 NHB383 Ford Ranger 07-11
INKA-072-2131Dash Bracket 711067 NHB347 Ford Fusion 06> Left Dash
INKA-072-2132Dash Bracket 711075 NHB352 Ford Fusion 06> Vent
INKA-072-2133Dash Bracket 711117 NHB387 Ford Connect 06> L/Dash
INKA-072-2134Dash Bracket 71004 Ford Escort 97-OBSOLETE
INKA-072-2135Dash Bracket 711165 NHB453 Ford Mondeo 2007>
INKA-072-2136Dash Bracket 711036 Ford KA
INKA-072-2137Dash Bracket 711197 Ford FIESTA 07> Vent Mount
INKA-072-2138Dash Mount Bracket Ford Maverick 02>/Mazda Tribute 02>
INKA-072-2140Dash Bracket 711317 NHB501 Ford FIESTA 09
INKA-072-2140LDash Bracket 701317 LHD Ford FIESTA 09
INKA-072-2141Dash Bracket 711321 NHB504 Ford KA SEPT2008>
INKA-072-2142Dash Bracket NHB083 Ford UNIVERSAL RADIO
INKA-072-2143Dash Bracket 711341 NHB517 Ford S MAX/GALAXY 08> Facelift Radio
INKA-072-2144Dash Bracket 711360 NHB525 Ford Connect Mar 09> (no nav)
INKA-072-2145Dash Bracket 711234/711234k Ford C-Max/Grand C-Max 2011>
INKA-072-2146Dash Bracket 711299 Ford Focus 2011>
INKA-072-2147Dash Bracket 711233 Ford Mondeo 2011-14
INKA-072-2148Dash Bracket 711280 Ford Transit Custom 2013>
INKA-072-2149Dash Bracket 711477 Ford Ranger 2016>
INKA-072-2150Dash Bracket 711437 Ford Transit Jumbo 2014-
INKA-072-2151Dash Bracket 711460 Ford Mondeo 15
INKA-072-2400Dash Bracket 71451 GALLOPER INNOVATION 1999-
INKA-072-2440Dash Bracket 70062 GMC CANYON 2004-
INKA-072-2441Dash Bracket 71450 GMC DENALI/ SIERRA / SURBURBAN / YU
INKA-072-2442Dash Bracket 71613 GMC SAFARI 1996-
INKA-072-2443Dash Bracket 71893 GMC SIERRA / YUKON 1987-1994
INKA-072-2444Dash Bracket 71507 GMC SIERRA 1999-
INKA-072-2800Dash Bracket 71160 Holden MONARO 1999-2002
INKA-072-2801Dash Bracket 71161 Holden STATESMAN VH 1999-
INKA-072-2840Dash Bracket 71254 Honda ACCORD Sedan 1999-
INKA-072-2841Dash Bracket 71197 NHB053 Honda ACCORD Sedan 2003-06/2008
INKA-072-2842Dash Bracket 71255 Honda CIVIC, 4 door 2001-
INKA-072-2843Dash Bracket 71225 NHB080 Honda CR-V 2002-
INKA-072-2844Dash Bracket 71973 Honda ACCORD 1990-1992
INKA-072-2845Dash Bracket 71448 NHB277 Honda ACCORD Sedan 1999-
INKA-072-2846Dash Bracket 71508 Honda ACCORD SEDAN/COUPE. USA model
INKA-072-2847Dash Bracket 71689 Honda ACCORD. 1995-1997
INKA-072-2848Dash Bracket 71750 Honda CIVIC 1992-1995
INKA-072-2849Dash Bracket 71842 Honda CIVIC 1992-1995
INKA-072-2850Dash Bracket 711048 NHB343 Honda CIVIC 2006>
INKA-072-2851Dash Bracket 71281 NHB091 Honda CIVIC 3/5 door NOTE: EMBOSSED
INKA-072-2852Dash Bracket 71281V NHB092 Honda CIVIC 3/5 door, vent mount or
INKA-072-2853Dash Bracket 71818 Honda CIVIC AERODECK 1990-1991
INKA-072-2854Dash Bracket 71660 NHB034 Honda CIVIC, 3 or 4 doors 1996-2000
INKA-072-2855Dash Bracket 71548 Honda CR-V 1997-2001
INKA-072-2856Dash Bracket 71885 Honda CRX 1992-1996
INKA-072-2857Dash Bracket 701014 Honda ELEMENT
INKA-072-2858Dash Bracket 71047 NHB369 Honda FRV 2005-
INKA-072-2859Dash Bracket 71438 Honda HR-V 1999-
INKA-072-2860Dash Bracket 71167 Honda INTEGRA R 2001-
INKA-072-2861Dash Bracket 71324 NHB235 Honda JAZZ 02- Aug 08
INKA-072-2862Dash Bracket 71824 Honda LEGEND 1991-1996
INKA-072-2863Dash Bracket 71575 Honda LEGEND 2000-
INKA-072-2864Dash Bracket 71886 Honda PRELUDE 1993-1996
INKA-072-2865Dash Bracket 71609 NHB145 Honda PRELUDE 1997-
INKA-072-2866Dash Bracket 71884 Honda SHUTTLE 1996-
INKA-072-2867Dash Bracket 71251 Honda STREAM 2001-
INKA-072-2868Dash Bracket 711127 NHB400 Honda CRV 07-12
INKA-072-2869Dash Bracket Honda CIVIC HYBRID 2006
INKA-072-2870Dash Bracket 711307 NHB492 Honda Accord 06/08>
INKA-072-2871Dash Bracket 711328 NHB513 Honda Jazz Sep 08>
INKA-072-2872Dash Bracket 711337 NHB519 Honda Insight 09>
INKA-072-2873Dash Bracket 71099H Honda S2000 >2003
INKA-072-2920Dash Bracket 71417 Hummer Hummer Hum-V 1992-
INKA-072-2921Dash Bracket 71112 Hummer Hummer H2 2003-
INKA-072-2960Dash Bracket 71221 NHB199 Hyundai TERRACAN 2002-
INKA-072-2961Dash Bracket 71725 Hyundai ACCENT 1995-1999
INKA-072-2962Dash Bracket 71389 Hyundai ACCENT 2000-
INKA-072-2963Dash Bracket 71531 NHB214 Hyundai ATOS/PRIME 1998-
INKA-072-2964Dash Bracket 71271 NHB093 Hyundai COUPE 2002-
INKA-072-2965Dash Bracket 71298 Hyundai ELANTRA 2001-
INKA-072-2966Dash Bracket 71206 NHB198 Hyundai GETZ 2003-
INKA-072-2967Dash Bracket 71477 Hyundai H 1 1998-
INKA-072-2968Dash Bracket 71577 Hyundai H 100 1997-
INKA-072-2969Dash Bracket 71849 Hyundai LANTRA 1993-1995
INKA-072-2970Dash Bracket 71696 Hyundai LANTRA 1996-2000
INKA-072-2971Dash Bracket 71386 NHB201 Hyundai MATRIX 2002-
INKA-072-2972Dash Bracket 71320 NHB146 Hyundai SANTA FE 2000-
INKA-072-2973Dash Bracket 71626 Hyundai SONATA 1994-1998
INKA-072-2974Dash Bracket 71446 Hyundai SONATA 1999-2001
INKA-072-2975Dash Bracket 71378 NHB167 Hyundai SONATA 2002-
INKA-072-2976Dash Bracket 71036 NHB213 Hyundai SONATA 2005-
INKA-072-2977Dash Bracket 71584 Hyundai TIBORON 1997-
INKA-072-2978Dash Bracket 71323 NHB054 Hyundai TRAJET 2000-
INKA-072-2979Dash Bracket 71059 NHB187 Hyundai TUCSON 2004-
INKA-072-2980Dash Bracket 71416 Hyundai XG 1999-
INKA-072-2981Dash Bracket 711070 NHB356 Hyundai Santa Fe 06> L/Dash
INKA-072-2982Dash Bracket 711071 NHB380 Hyundai Acent 06> L/Dash
INKA-072-2983Dash Bracket 711104 NHB394 Hyundai Grandeur C/Con
INKA-072-2984Dash Bracket 711140 NHB436 Hyundai i30
INKA-072-2985Dash Bracket 711194 Hyundai i10
INKA-072-3240Dash Bracket 71081 NHB185 Isuzu RODEO 2004-
INKA-072-3241Dash Bracket 71493 Isuzu RODEO/AMIGO 1998-2003
INKA-072-3242Dash Bracket 711141 Isuzu Rodeo 04 Console
INKA-072-3243Dash Bracket NHB464 Isuzu RODEO 07>
INKA-072-3280Dash Bracket 71403 NHB056 Iveco DAILY 2000-
INKA-072-3281Dash Bracket 71121 NHB160 Iveco EURO CARGO 2003-
INKA-072-3282Dash Bracket 71462 NHB280 Iveco EURO TECH / TRAKKER / CARGO
INKA-072-3283Dash Bracket 71097 NHB443 Iveco STRALIS ACTIVE DAY/TIME 2003
INKA-072-3284Dash Bracket 71177 NHB448 Iveco STRALIS ACTIVE SPACE 2002-
INKA-072-3285Dash Bracket 711107 NHB388 Iveco Daily 06>
INKA-072-3286Dash Bracket NHB499 Iveco EUROCARGO 58>
INKA-072-3600Dash Bracket 71430 NHB273 Jaguar S-Type 1999-2001
INKA-072-3601Dash Bracket 71201 NHB094 Jaguar S-Type 2002-
INKA-072-3602Dash Bracket 71241 NHB018 Jaguar X-Type (console) 2001>
INKA-072-3603Dash Bracket 71243 Jaguar S-Type 2002-
INKA-072-3603LDash Bracket 70243 Jaguar S-Type 2002- LHD only
INKA-072-3604Dash Bracket 71761 Jaguar X300 (XJ6 + XJ12) 1994-2002
INKA-072-3605Dash Bracket 71099 Jaguar XJ. Series X308
INKA-072-3606Dash Bracket 71171 NHB244 Jaguar XJ. Series X350 2003-
INKA-072-3607Dash Bracket 71934 Jaguar XJ40/SOVEREIGN/DAIMLER 1986-
INKA-072-3608Dash Bracket 71574 Jaguar XK8 1996-
INKA-072-3609Dash Bracket 71242 Jaguar X-Type 2001-
INKA-072-3610Dash Bracket 72099 Jaguar XJ8 Series/XK8
INKA-072-3611Dash Bracket 711315 NHB487 Jaguar XF 2008>
INKA-072-3611LDash Bracket 701315 LHD Jaguar XF 2008>
INKA-072-3640Dash Bracket 71890 Jeep CHEROKEE 1982-1996
INKA-072-3641Dash Bracket 71553 Jeep CHEROKEE 1997-2001
INKA-072-3642Dash Bracket 711089 NHB382 Jeep Commander
INKA-072-3643Dash Bracket 71623 Jeep GRAND CHEROKEE 1996-1998
INKA-072-3644Dash Bracket 711042 NHB429 Jeep GRAND CHEROKEE 2005> RADIO/CD
INKA-072-3645Dash Bracket 711029 NHB231 Jeep GRAND CHEROKEE 2006>SAT NAV
INKA-072-3646Dash Bracket 71453 NHB057 Jeep GRAND CHEROKEE, 1999-2005 LEFT
INKA-072-3647Dash Bracket 71360 Jeep GRAND CHEROKEE, 1999-2005 RIGH
INKA-072-3648Dash Bracket 71236 NHB095 Jeep LIBERTY 2002-
INKA-072-3649Dash Bracket 71674 Jeep WRANGLER (TJ) 1997-
INKA-072-3650Dash Bracket 71889 Jeep WRANGLER 1991-1996
INKA-072-3651Dash Bracket 711143 Jeep Wrangler 07>
INKA-072-3652Dash Bracket 711130 NHB454 Jeep Compass/Jeep Patriot
INKA-072-4000Dash Bracket 71065 Kia PREGIO 2004-
INKA-072-4001Dash Bracket 71338 Kia CARENS 2001-2002
INKA-072-4002Dash Bracket 71366 Kia PREGIO 1999-2003
INKA-072-4003Dash Bracket 71486 Kia SHUMA 1, 2 1998-
INKA-072-4004Dash Bracket 71148 NHB348 Kia CARENS 2003-
INKA-072-4005Dash Bracket 71216 NHB096 Kia CARNIVAL 2002-
INKA-072-4006Dash Bracket 71444 Kia Carnival 1999-2001, Sedona -2002
INKA-072-4007Dash Bracket 71091 Kia CERATO 2004-
INKA-072-4008Dash Bracket 71629 Kia CREDOS 1997-1998
INKA-072-4009Dash Bracket 711059 NHB374 Kia MAGENTIS 2006>
INKA-072-4010Dash Bracket 71132 Kia OPIRUS 2004-
INKA-072-4011Dash Bracket 71276 Kia OPTIMA/MAGENTIS, left side 200
INKA-072-4012Dash Bracket 71310 Kia OPTIMA/MAGENTIS, right side 200
INKA-072-4013Dash Bracket 71096 Kia PICANTO 2004-
INKA-072-4014Dash Bracket 71494 Kia PRIDE 1996-
INKA-072-4015Dash Bracket 71305 Kia RIO 2001-
INKA-072-4016Dash Bracket 71622 Kia SEPHIA 1996-1997
INKA-072-4017Dash Bracket 71198 NHB192 Kia SORENTO 2003-
INKA-072-4018Dash Bracket 71764 Kia SPORTAGE 1994-1998
INKA-072-4019Dash Bracket 71390 NHB345 Kia SPORTAGE 2001-04
INKA-072-4020Dash Bracket 71309 Kia SPORTAGE 2001-
INKA-072-4021Dash Bracket 711094 NHB392 Kia Sedona 06> L/Dash
INKA-072-4022Dash Bracket 71037 NHB219 Kia SPORTAGE 2005-2010
INKA-072-4023Dash Bracket 711314 Kia CARENS 07
INKA-072-4024Dash Bracket NHB463 Kia CARENS 07>
INKA-072-4025Dash Bracket 711063 Kia CEED 12-
INKA-072-4400Dash Bracket 71846 Lancia DEDRA 1989-
INKA-072-4401Dash Bracket 71734 Lancia KAPPA 1995-
INKA-072-4402Dash Bracket 71405 Lancia LYBRA 2000-
INKA-072-4403Dash Bracket 71605 Lancia YPSILON 1996-
INKA-072-4480Dash Bracket 71287 NHB240 Land Rover DEFENDER 1983-2001
INKA-072-4481Dash Bracket 71841 Land Rover DISCOVERY -1994
INKA-072-4482Dash Mount Bracket LAND ROVER Discovery 2 >11/04
INKA-072-4483Dash Bracket 71529 NHB346 Land Rover FREELANDER 1998-2003
INKA-072-4484Dash Bracket 711069 NHB399 Land Rover Freelander 2 07-12
INKA-072-4485Dash Bracket 71111 NHB116 Land Rover FREELANDER 2004-
INKA-072-4486Dash Bracket 71044 NHB182 Land Rover Discovery 3
INKA-072-4486LDash Bracket 70044 LHD Land Rover Discovery 3
INKA-072-4487Dash Bracket 711152 NHB428 Landrover Defender 07>
INKA-072-4488Dash Bracket 711244 Landrover Discovery 4 2009 onwards
INKA-072-4489Dash Bracket 711440 Landrover Freelander 2013 onwards
INKA-072-4520Dash Bracket 711021 NHB242 LDV MAXUS
INKA-072-4560Dash Bracket 71185 Lexus ES 300 2003-
INKA-072-4561Dash Bracket 71445 NHB058 Lexus IS200,IS300 2001-2005
INKA-072-4562Dash Bracket 71521 NHB059 Lexus LS430 2001-
INKA-072-4562LDash Bracket 70521 Lexus GS300 98>
INKA-072-4563Dash Bracket 71140 NHB060 Lexus RX300 2004-
INKA-072-4564Dash Bracket 71336 Lexus RX300/370/HARRIER 1999-2003
INKA-072-4565Dash Bracket 71337 Lexus RX300/370/HARRIER 1999-2003
INKA-072-4566Dash Bracket 71238 Lexus SC 430 2001-
INKA-072-4567Dash Bracket 71711 Lexus GS300 - 97
INKA-072-4568Dash Bracket 711068 NHB349 Lexus IS200 2006>
INKA-072-4600Dash Bracket 71374 Lincoln CONTINENTAL 1998-
INKA-072-4601Dash Bracket 71399 Lincoln LS6/LS8 2000-
INKA-072-4602Dash Bracket 71415 Lincoln NAVIGATOR 1998-
INKA-072-4603Dash Bracket 71562 Lincoln TOWN CAR 1995-1997
INKA-072-4800Dash Bracket 71393 MAN M2000 large cabin. 12-25 ton
INKA-072-4801Dash Bracket 71335 MAN M2000 small cabin. 12-25 ton 19
INKA-072-4802Dash Bracket 71265 NHB255 MAN TG-A 2001-
INKA-072-4803Dash Bracket 711035 NHB377 MAN TG-L
INKA-072-4804Dash Bracket NHB478 MAN TGL/M 2005>
INKA-072-4805Dash Bracket NHB477 MAN TGS/TGX 2007>
INKA-072-4880Dash Bracket 71145 NHB197 Mazda 2 2003-
INKA-072-4881Dash Bracket 71129 NHB168 Mazda 3 2004-
INKA-072-4882Dash Bracket 71134 NHB097 Mazda RX8 2002-
INKA-072-4883Dash Bracket 71933 Mazda 323 1990-1994
INKA-072-4884Dash Bracket 71749 Mazda 323 F 5 door 1995-1996
INKA-072-4885Dash Bracket 71594 Mazda 323 F 5 door 1997-6/1998
INKA-072-4886Dash Bracket 71463 Mazda 323 F, Sedan 7/1998-
INKA-072-4887Dash Bracket 71465 Mazda 323 F; Sedan 7/1998-
INKA-072-4888Dash Bracket 71593 Mazda 323 S 4 door 1997-6/1998
INKA-072-4889Dash Bracket 711006 NHB355 Mazda 5 2005-07
INKA-072-4890Dash Bracket 71220 NHB098 Mazda 6 2002>
INKA-072-4891Dash Bracket 71924 Mazda 626 1986-1987
INKA-072-4892Dash Bracket 71923 Mazda 626 1988-1991
INKA-072-4893Dash Bracket 71843 Mazda 626 1992-1997
INKA-072-4894Dash Bracket 71596 Mazda 626 1998-1999
INKA-072-4895Dash Bracket 71392 Mazda 626 1998-2001
INKA-072-4896Dash Bracket 71601 Mazda B-Serie 1996-1998
INKA-072-4897Dash Bracket 71425 NHB271 Mazda B-Serie 1999- / Ford Ranger
INKA-072-4898Dash Bracket 71464 Mazda DEMIO 1998-5/2000
INKA-072-4899Dash Bracket 71315 Mazda DEMIO 6/2000-
INKA-072-4900Dash Bracket 71339 Mazda E-VAN 2000-
INKA-072-4901Dash Bracket 71361 NHB180 Mazda MPV 1999-
INKA-072-4902Dash Bracket 71585 Mazda MX-5 1990-1997
INKA-072-4903Dash Bracket 711060 NHB353 Mazda MX5/MIATA 2006>
INKA-072-4904Dash Bracket 71878 Mazda MX-6 1992-1997
INKA-072-4905Dash Bracket 71504 NHB115 Mazda MX5 / Eunos 1998-2005
INKA-072-4906Dash Bracket 71426 NHB272 Mazda PREMACY 1999-
INKA-072-4907Dash Bracket 71726 Mazda PROTEGE 1995-1996
INKA-072-4908Dash Bracket 71712 Mazda XEDOS 9 1993-1998
INKA-072-4909Dash Bracket 711170 Mazda CX7
INKA-072-4910Dash Bracket 711184 Mazda 6 08>
INKA-072-4911Dash Bracket 711312 Mazda 6 08-12 Upper Console
INKA-072-4912Dash Bracket 711318 NHB503 Mazda 2 SEPT2007>
INKA-072-4913Dash Bracket 711371 Mazda 3 2009-13
INKA-072-4914Dash Bracket 711435 Mazda 3 2014-
INKA-072-4960Dash Bracket 71048 NHB455 Merc CLS
INKA-072-4961Dash Bracket 711077 NHB393 Merc Sprinter 2006 onw Right side
INKA-072-4962Dash Bracket 70135 Mercedes Viano/Vito 04-06 Console Left Side
INKA-072-4963Dash Bracket 711034 NHB418 Mercedes ATEGO/AXOR 2 2005>
INKA-072-4964Dash Bracket 711007 Mercedes B-CLASS 2005-
INKA-072-4965Dash Bracket 711024 NHB337 Mercedes M CLASS 2006>
INKA-072-4966Dash Bracket 711056 NHB445 Mercedes R CLASS
INKA-072-4967Dash Bracket 711044 NHB336 Mercedes S CLASS 2006>
INKA-072-4968Dash Bracket 701077 NHB363 Mercedes Sprinter 06>, VW Crafter 06>
INKA-072-4969Dash Bracket 71187 NHB246 Mercedes ACTROS 2003-
INKA-072-4970Dash Bracket 71928 Mercedes 123-Serie (W123) 19
INKA-072-4971Dash Bracket 71621 Mercedes 124-Serie/E-Class (
INKA-072-4972Dash Bracket 71929 Mercedes 124-Serie/E-Class (
INKA-072-4973Dash Bracket 71930 Mercedes 190-models (W201) 1
INKA-072-4974Dash Bracket 71534 Mercedes A-Class (W168) 1998
INKA-072-4975Dash Bracket 71052 NHB312 Mercedes A-Class 2005-
INKA-072-4976Dash Bracket 71547 NHB288 Mercedes ACTROS 1997-2002
INKA-072-4977Dash Bracket 71432 NHB274 Mercedes AXOR 2002-
INKA-072-4978Dash Bracket 71411 NHB269 Mercedes C-Class (W202) 1993
INKA-072-4979Dash Bracket 71667 Mercedes C-Class (W202) 1993
INKA-072-4980Dash Bracket 71074 Mercedes C-Class (W203) 2001
INKA-072-4981Dash Bracket 71332 NHB003 Mercedes C-Class (W203) 2001-2006
INKA-072-4982Dash Bracket 71325 Mercedes CL, C215, (W215) 20
INKA-072-4983Dash Bracket 71539 NHB285 Mercedes CLK-Class (W208) 19
INKA-072-4984Dash Bracket 71214 NHB099 Mercedes CLK-Class (W209) 2002>
INKA-072-4985Dash Bracket 71720 Mercedes E-Class (W210) Air
INKA-072-4986Dash Bracket 71362 NHB266 Mercedes E-Class (W210) Right
INKA-072-4987Dash Bracket 71222 NHB030 Mercedes E-Class (W211) Consol
INKA-072-4988Dash Bracket 71202 NHB317 Mercedes E-Class (W211) A-Post Vent
INKA-072-4989Dash Bracket 71822 Mercedes G-Class (W463) 1993
INKA-072-4990Dash Bracket 71535 Mercedes M-Class (W163) 1998-
INKA-072-4991Dash Bracket 71382 NHB131 Mercedes M-Class (W163)Versio
INKA-072-4992Dash Bracket 71823 Mercedes S-Class (W140) 1993
INKA-072-4993Dash Bracket 71434 NHB275 Mercedes S-Class (W220) 1999-2
INKA-072-4994Dash Bracket 71184 NHB100 Mercedes S-Class 2003-
INKA-072-4995Dash Bracket 71173 NHB176 Mercedes SL 2002-
INKA-072-4996Dash Bracket 71829 Mercedes SL-Class (W129) 1
INKA-072-4997Dash Bracket 71568 Mercedes SLK-Class (W170) 19
INKA-072-4998Dash Bracket 71090 NHB410 Mercedes SLK-Class 2004-
INKA-072-4999Dash Bracket 71931 Mercedes S-models (W126) 198
INKA-072-5000Dash Bracket 71356 NHB462 Mercedes SPRINTER 2000-2006 Right Cons
INKA-072-5001Dash Bracket 71259 NHB101 Mercedes SPRINTER 2000-2006 Left Cons
INKA-072-5002Dash Bracket 71181 Mercedes VANEO 10/2002-
INKA-072-5003Dash Bracket 71252 NHB081 Mercedes VANEO 2002-10/2002
INKA-072-5004Dash Bracket 71619 NHB079 Mercedes V-Class, VITO (W638
INKA-072-5005Dash Bracket 71135 NHB130 Mercedes Vito,Viano 04-06 Right Cons
INKA-072-5006Dash Bracket 711144 NHB409 Merc C Class W204 07>
INKA-072-5007Dash Bracket 711146 Merc C Class W203 07> Vent
INKA-072-5008Dash Bracket 711168 Merc S Class 06 - Driver Side vent
INKA-072-5009Dash Bracket 711015 NHB358 Merc B Class 06> - L/Dash
INKA-072-5010Dash Bracket 711105 NHB390 Merc GL 06> - L/Dash
INKA-072-5011Dash Bracket 711206 Mercedes SPRINTER 06> Heavy Duty Mount
INKA-072-5012Dash Bracket 711077 NHB393 Mercedes Sprinter 06> R/Dash
INKA-072-5015Dash Bracket 711340 NHB529 Mercedes E Class W212 Mar 09>
INKA-072-5017Dash Bracket 711260 Mercedes C Class W204 2011 on
INKA-072-5040Dash Bracket 71080 MG TF 2003-
INKA-072-5080Dash Bracket 711025 NHB344 Mitsubishi CANTER 2005>
INKA-072-5081Dash Bracket 71693 Mitsubishi CARISMA 1996-1999
INKA-072-5082Dash Bracket 71419 NHB270 Mitsubishi CARISMA 2000-
INKA-072-5083Dash Bracket 71078 NHB178 Mitsubishi COLT 2004-08
INKA-072-5084Dash Bracket 71874 Mitsubishi ECLIPSE (D20/D22) 1991
INKA-072-5085Dash Bracket 71301 Mitsubishi ECLIPSE 2001-
INKA-072-5086Dash Bracket 71659 Mitsubishi ECLIPSE, -SPYDER (D30/
INKA-072-5087Dash Bracket 71978 Mitsubishi GALANT (E10) 1984-1988
INKA-072-5088Dash Bracket 71975 Mitsubishi GALANT 1989-1992
INKA-072-5089Dash Bracket 71714 Mitsubishi GALANT 1993-1996
INKA-072-5090Dash Bracket 71875 Mitsubishi GALANT 1993-1996
INKA-072-5091Dash Bracket 71595 NHB148 Mitsubishi GALANT 1997-
INKA-072-5092Dash Bracket 71077 NHB362 Mitsubishi GRANDIS 2004-
INKA-072-5094Dash Bracket 71636 Mitsubishi L 200 1991-1996
INKA-072-5095Dash Bracket 71421 NHB128 Mitsubishi L 200 1999-
INKA-072-5096Dash Bracket 71787 Mitsubishi L 300 1993-
INKA-072-5097Dash Bracket 711062 NHB333 Mitsubishi L200 2006.
INKA-072-5098Dash Bracket 71977 Mitsubishi LANCER (C70) 1989-1991
INKA-072-5099Dash Bracket 71188 Mitsubishi LANCER / EVO 7 2003-
INKA-072-5100Dash Bracket 71340 Mitsubishi LANCER. Not station wago
INKA-072-5101Dash Bracket 71732 Mitsubishi LANCER. Station wagon. 1
INKA-072-5102Dash Bracket 71153 Mitsubishi OUTLANDER 2003-
INKA-072-5103Dash Bracket 71839 Mitsubishi PAJERO 1991-1999
INKA-072-5104Dash Bracket 71342 Mitsubishi PAJERO PININ 2000-
INKA-072-5105Dash Bracket 71435 Mitsubishi PAJERO SPORT(V24/V43/V44
INKA-072-5106Dash Bracket 71341 NHB121 Mitsubishi SHOGUN 2000-
INKA-072-5107Dash Bracket 71694 Mitsubishi SPACE GEAR 1996-
INKA-072-5108Dash Bracket 71476 Mitsubishi SPACE STAR 1998-2002
INKA-072-5109Dash Bracket 71207 Mitsubishi SPACE STAR 2003-
INKA-072-5110Dash Bracket 71688 Mitsubishi SPACE WAGON (N30-N43) 19
INKA-072-5111Dash Bracket 71979 Mitsubishi SPACE WAGON 1988-1992
INKA-072-5112Dash Bracket 71443 Mitsubishi SPACERUNNER 1999-
INKA-072-5113Dash Bracket 711108 NHB405 Mitsubishi Shogun 07>
INKA-072-5114Dash Bracket 71616 NHB163 Mitsubishi COLT 96> Vent Mtd
INKA-072-5115Dash Bracket 711119 NHB451 Mitsubishi OUTLANDER 07>
INKA-072-5116Dash Bracket 71648 NHB291 Mitsubishi L200/Challenger/Shogun sport
INKA-072-5117Dash Bracket 711332 Mitsubishi COLT 2009> Mid 2012
INKA-072-5200Dash Bracket 71107 NHB135 Nissan X-Trail 2004>
INKA-072-5201Dash Bracket 71854 Nissan 100 NX (B13) 1991-1993
INKA-072-5202Dash Bracket 71852 Nissan 200 SX (S13) 1991-1994
INKA-072-5203Dash Bracket 71853 Nissan 300 ZX (Z32) 1990-199
INKA-072-5204Dash Bracket 71035 NHB134 Nissan 350Z 2004-
INKA-072-5205Dash Bracket 71692 Nissan ALMERA (N15) 1995-1999
INKA-072-5206Dash Bracket 71285 NHB061 Nissan ALMERA 2003-
INKA-072-5207Dash Bracket 71343 Nissan ALMERA TINO MPV 2000-2002
INKA-072-5208Dash Bracket 71117 NHB310 Nissan ALMERA TINO MPV 2003-
INKA-072-5209Dash Bracket 71345 Nissan ALMERA. Air vent. location
INKA-072-5210Dash Bracket 71346 NHB264 Nissan ALMERA 5dr 00-02, 3dr 00>
INKA-072-5211Dash Bracket 71499 Nissan ALTIMA 1998-
INKA-072-5212Dash Bracket 71328 Nissan ATLEON 2000-
INKA-072-5213Dash Bracket 71367 NHB064 Nissan CABSTAR 1999-
INKA-072-5214Dash Bracket 71314 Nissan CK TRUCK 1998-
INKA-072-5215Dash Bracket 71502 Nissan FRONTIER 1998-
INKA-072-5216Dash Bracket 71468 NHB281 Nissan KING CAB (D22) 6/1998-1999
INKA-072-5217Dash Bracket 71365 NHB133 Nissan KING CAB/NAVARA (D22) 2000-
INKA-072-5217LDash Bracket 70365 LHD Nissan KING CAB/NAVARA (D22) 2000-
INKA-072-5218Dash Bracket 71989 Nissan KING VAN (E24) 1990-1991
INKA-072-5219Dash Bracket 71987 Nissan MAXIMA (J30) 1989-1994
INKA-072-5220Dash Bracket 71408 Nissan MAXIMA 2000-
INKA-072-5221Dash Bracket 71344 Nissan MAXIMA QX 2000-
INKA-072-5222Dash Bracket 71329 Nissan MAXIMA QX 2000-
INKA-072-5223Dash Bracket 71992 Nissan MICRA (K11) 1993-1997
INKA-072-5224Dash Bracket 71474 Nissan MICRA 1998-2002
INKA-072-5225Dash Bracket 71475 Nissan MICRA 1998-2002
INKA-072-5226Dash Bracket 71179 NHB062 Nissan MICRA 2003-
INKA-072-5227Dash Bracket 71662 Nissan MK (210) - M-Serie 199
INKA-072-5228Dash Bracket 71038 NHB475 Nissan MURANO
INKA-072-5229Dash Bracket 711043 NHB323 Nissan NAVARA 2006> NON FACTORY SAT
INKA-072-5230Dash Bracket 71308 Nissan PATHFINDER 2001-
INKA-072-5231Dash Bracket 71040 NHB334 Nissan PATHFINDER 2005-
INKA-072-5232Dash Bracket 71039 Nissan Patrol 2005>
INKA-072-5233Dash Bracket 71988 Nissan PATROL GR (Y60) 1988-1998
INKA-072-5234Dash Bracket 71522 Nissan PATROL GR (Y61) 1998-
INKA-072-5235Dash Bracket 71406 Nissan PRIMERA (P11) 1997-1999
INKA-072-5236Dash Bracket 71657 Nissan PRIMERA (P11) 1997-1999
INKA-072-5237Dash Bracket 71407 Nissan PRIMERA 2000-2001
INKA-072-5238Dash Bracket 71229 NHB063 Nissan PRIMERA 2002-
INKA-072-5239Dash Bracket 71742 Nissan PRIMERA TRAVELLER, -Estate
INKA-072-5240Dash Bracket 71851 Nissan PRIMERA TRAVELLER, -Estate
INKA-072-5241Dash Bracket 71991 NHB296 Nissan SERENA (C23) 1993-
INKA-072-5242Dash Bracket 71186 Nissan SILVA 2001-
INKA-072-5243Dash Bracket 71230 Nissan SKYLINE R34 GT-R 2000-
INKA-072-5244Dash Bracket 71981 Nissan SUNNY (N13) 1986-1990
INKA-072-5245Dash Bracket 71856 Nissan SUNNY (N14) 1991-1995
INKA-072-5246Dash Bracket 71984 Nissan TERRANO (WD21) 1988-1993
INKA-072-5247Dash Bracket 71744 Nissan TERRANO 1994-1996
INKA-072-5248Dash Bracket 71983 Nissan TERRANO II (R20) 1993-19
INKA-072-5249Dash Bracket 71364 NHB150 Nissan TERRANO II (R20) 2000-
INKA-072-5250Dash Bracket 711049 NHB373 Nissan NOTE
INKA-072-5250LDash Bracket 701049 Nissan NOTE LHD only
INKA-072-5251Dash Bracket 71359 Nissan XTERRA 2000-
INKA-072-5252Dash Bracket 71268 NHB256 Nissan X-TRAIL 2001-2003
INKA-072-5253Dash Bracket 711142 Nissan 350Z 06>
INKA-072-5254Dash Bracket 711098 NHB357 Nissan Murano FX45 L/Dash
INKA-072-5255Dash Bracket 711102 NHB384 Nissan Micra 03> L/Dash
INKA-072-5256Dash Bracket 711137 NHB424 Nissan QUASHQAI L/Cons
INKA-072-5256LDash Bracket 701137 Nissan QUASHQAI L/Cons LHD only
INKA-072-5257Dash Bracket 711174 NHB442 Nissan X-TRAIL 08>
INKA-072-5258Dash Bracket NHB495 NIS NAVARA AVENTURA 08>
INKA-072-5259Dash Bracket 711441 NISSAN QASHQAI 14-
INKA-072-5600Dash Bracket 71500 Oldsmobile ALERO 1999-
INKA-072-5601Dash Bracket 71353 Oldsmobile AURORA 2001-
INKA-072-5602Dash Bracket 71489 Oldsmobile BRAVADA 1996-1997
INKA-072-5603Dash Bracket 71527 Oldsmobile BRAVADA 1998-
INKA-072-5604Dash Bracket 71506 Oldsmobile CUTLASS 1997-1999
INKA-072-6000Dash Bracket 71182 NHB239 Peugeot PARTNER. Car without glove
INKA-072-6001Dash Bracket 711028 NHB332 Peugeot 1007 NOT 023
INKA-072-6002Dash Bracket 71880 Peugeot 106 1993-1996
INKA-072-6003Dash Bracket 71578 Peugeot 106 1997-
INKA-072-6004Dash Bracket 71947 Peugeot 205 1988-1998
INKA-072-6005Dash Bracket 71454 NHB065 Peugeot 206 1999-
INKA-072-6006Dash Bracket 71490 Peugeot 206 1999-
INKA-072-6007Dash Bracket 711072 NHB375 Peugeot 207 Left Cons
INKA-072-6008Dash Bracket 71289 NHB258 Peugeot 306 1993-
INKA-072-6009Dash Bracket 71881 Peugeot 306 1993-
INKA-072-6010Dash Bracket 71291 NHB011 Peugeot 307 SW 2002-
INKA-072-6011Dash Bracket 71422 Peugeot 307 SW 2002-
INKA-072-6012Dash Bracket 71946 Peugeot 405 1988-1992
INKA-072-6013Dash Bracket 71637 Peugeot 405 1993-1995
INKA-072-6014Dash Bracket 71891 Peugeot 405 For cars without climat
INKA-072-6015Dash Bracket 71948 NHB006 Peugeot 406 1996-2003
INKA-072-6016Dash Bracket 71368 Peugeot 406 Located right side radi
INKA-072-6017Dash Bracket 71083 Peugeot 407 airvent 2004-
INKA-072-6018Dash Bracket 71082 NHB161 Peugeot 407 console 2004>
INKA-072-6018Dash Bracket 70082 Peugeot 407 LHD console 2004>
INKA-072-6019Dash Bracket 71944 Peugeot 605 1990-1994
INKA-072-6020Dash Bracket 71733 Peugeot 605 1995-2000
INKA-072-6021Dash Bracket 71303 Peugeot 607. Left side 2001-
INKA-072-6022Dash Bracket 71350 NHB102 Peugeot 607. Right side 2001-
INKA-072-6023Dash Bracket 71774 NHB066 Peugeot 806 95-01, Expert to 06
INKA-072-6024Dash Bracket 71224 NHB051 Peugeot 807 2002-
INKA-072-6025Dash Bracket 71773 NHB295 Peugeot BOXER 1995-2001
INKA-072-6026Dash Bracket 71212 NHB048 Peugeot BOXER 2002-
INKA-072-6027Dash Bracket 71604 NHB049 Fiat Scudo >01, Citroen Jumpy 01
INKA-072-6028Dash Bracket 71551 NHB047 Peugeot PARTNER 1997-2002
INKA-072-6029Dash Bracket 71094 NHB308 Peugeot Partner 04-08 with glovebox
INKA-072-6030Dash Bracket 711106 NHB389 Boxer 06>,Ducato 06>, Relay 06>
INKA-072-6031Dash Bracket 711073 Peugeot 207 Vent
INKA-072-6032Dash Bracket 711303 NHB486 Peugeot Bipper
INKA-072-6033Dash Bracket 711129 NHB441 Peugeot 308
INKA-072-6080Dash Bracket 71678 Pontiac BONNEVILLE 1992-1999
INKA-072-6081Dash Bracket 71371 Pontiac BONNEVILLE 2000-
INKA-072-6082Dash Bracket 71556 Pontiac GRAND AM 1995-1998
INKA-072-6083Dash Bracket 71412 Pontiac GRAND AM 1999-
INKA-072-6084Dash Bracket 71808 Pontiac TRANS SPORT 1990-1996
INKA-072-6085Dash Bracket 71413 Pontiac TRANS SPORT 1997-1998
INKA-072-6086Dash Bracket 71581 Pontiac TRANS SPORT 1997-1998
INKA-072-6120Dash Bracket 71306 NHB260 Porsche 996 (911) / BOXSTER 1998-2005
INKA-072-6121Dash Bracket 71041 NHB217 Porsche BOXSTER (997) 2005-
INKA-072-6122Dash Bracket 71567 Porsche BOXSTER 1997-2005 with storage tray
INKA-072-6123Dash Bracket 71137 NHB218 Porsche CAYENNE 2003-
INKA-072-6124Dash Bracket 71785 Porsche 911 95>
INKA-072-6125Dash Bracket NHB474 Porsche 911(998)08>
INKA-072-6160Dash Bracket 71263 PROTON IMPIAN 2002-
INKA-072-6800Dash Bracket 71208 NHB367 Range Rover 2002-
INKA-072-6801Dash Bracket 71237 NHB104 Range Rover 2002-
INKA-072-6802Dash Bracket 71786 Range Rover CLASSIC/VOUGE/SE/LSE 3
INKA-072-6803Dash Bracket 71760 Range Rover HSE/HSI/DSE/DT 1995-200
INKA-072-6804Dash Bracket 71840 Range Rover VOUGE/LSE 1986-1995
INKA-072-6805Dash Bracket 711135 NHB473 Range Rover 2007
INKA-072-6806Dash Bracket 71044s NHB489 Range Rover SPORT 05>
INKA-072-6807Dash Bracket 711364 Range Rover SPORT 10-13
INKA-072-6808Dash Bracket 711365 Range Rover VOGUE 2010 onwards
INKA-072-6840Dash Bracket 71125 NHB069 Renault SCENIC 2004-
INKA-072-6841Dash Bracket 71869 Renault 19 1993-1996
INKA-072-6842Dash Bracket 71296 Renault AVANTIME 2001-
INKA-072-6843Dash Bracket 71754 Renault CLIO 1993-1997
INKA-072-6844Dash Bracket 71480 Renault CLIO 1998-2001
INKA-072-6845Dash Bracket 71269 NHB067 Renault CLIO 2002-
INKA-072-6846Dash Bracket 711047 NHB406 Renault Clio 2006>
INKA-072-6847Dash Bracket 71747 Renault ESPACE 1991-1996
INKA-072-6848Dash Bracket 71598 Renault ESPACE 1997-2002
INKA-072-6849Dash Bracket 71176 NHB068 Renault ESPACE 2003-
INKA-072-6849LDash Bracket LHD 70176 Renault ESPACE 2003-06
INKA-072-6850Dash Bracket 72065 NHB297 Renault Megane I / Scenic I Ph I 96-99
INKA-072-6851Dash Bracket 71524 NHB070 Renault KANGOO phase 1 and 2 1998-
INKA-072-6852Dash Bracket 71549 Renault LAGUNA 1994-2000
INKA-072-6853Dash Bracket 711005 NHB215 Renault LAGUNA console 2005-07
INKA-072-6854Dash Bracket 711009 NHB340 Renault LAGUNA vent 2005-
INKA-072-6855Dash Bracket 71796 Renault LAGUNA 1994-2000
INKA-072-6856Dash Bracket 71295 NHB002 Renault LAGUNA 2001-
INKA-072-6856LDash Bracket 70295 Renault LAGUNA 2001> LHD version
INKA-072-6857Dash Bracket 71404 Renault MAGNUM 1994-
INKA-072-6858Dash Bracket 71109 NHB314 Renault MASTER 2004-
INKA-072-6859Dash Bracket 71199 NHB015 Renault Megane 03-08
INKA-072-6859LDash Bracket 70199 NHB015 Renault Megane 03-08
INKA-072-6860Dash Bracket 71665 Renault MEGANE I 99-03,SCENIC I phase 2 99-03
INKA-072-6861Dash Bracket 71355 Renault MEGANE,-SCENIC,RX4. Airvent
INKA-072-6862Dash Bracket 71087 NHB299 Renault MODUS 2004-
INKA-072-6863Dash Bracket 71394 NHB268 Renault PREMIUM 1995-
INKA-072-6864Dash Bracket 71709 Renault RAPID 1994-1998
INKA-072-6865Dash Bracket 71871 Renault SAFRANE 1993-
INKA-072-6866Dash Bracket 71617 Renault TRAFIC 1992-2000
INKA-072-6867Dash Bracket 71172 NHB071 Renault TRAFIC 2001> (not SatNav)
INKA-072-6868Dash Bracket 71708 Renault TWINGO 1993-
INKA-072-6869Dash Bracket 71240 NHB156 Renault VEL SATIS 2002-
INKA-072-6870Dash Bracket 711099 NHB371 Renault Espace 06> C/Con
INKA-072-6871Dash Bracket 711179 Renault TWINGO 08>
INKA-072-6872Dash Bracket NHB328 Renault CLIO 06> VENT
INKA-072-6873Dash Bracket 711153 NHB457 Renault LAGUNA 08>
INKA-072-6874Dash Bracket 711103 NHB446 RENUALT PREMIUM/KERAX07
INKA-072-6875Dash Bracket 711326 NHB506 RENUALT MEGANE 09>
INKA-072-6876Dash Bracket 711308 NHB515 RENUALT KANGOO Sep 08>
INKA-072-6877Dash Bracket 711313 NHB518 RENUALT KOLEOS SEP 08>
INKA-072-6878Dash Bracket 711358 NHB522 RENUALT GRAND SCENIC May 09> Vent
INKA-072-6879Dash Bracket 711399T RENUALT TRAFIC 11-14
INKA-072-6920Dash Bracket 71431 NHB033 ROVER 75 1999-
INKA-072-6921Dash Bracket 71071 NHB243 ROVER 25 2004-
INKA-072-6922Dash Bracket 71647 NHB035 ROVER 25/200 1996-2003
INKA-072-6923Dash Bracket 71847 ROVER 400 1990-1994
INKA-072-6924Dash Bracket 71994 NHB032 Rover 400 95> VENT
INKA-072-6925Dash Bracket 71072 NHB300 ROVER 45 2004-
INKA-072-6926Dash Bracket 71698 NHB158 ROVER 45/400 1995-2003
INKA-072-6927Dash Bracket 71996 ROVER 600 / Accord 4-dr (-98)
INKA-072-6928Dash Bracket 71887 ROVER 600 1993-1999
INKA-072-6929Dash Bracket 71235 ROVER 75 1999-
INKA-072-6930Dash Bracket 71997 ROVER 800 1993-
INKA-072-6931Dash Bracket 71098 ROVER CITYROVER 2004-
INKA-072-6932Dash Bracket 71633 NHB289 ROVER MGF 1996-
INKA-072-7200Dash Bracket 71685 Saab 9.3 Sedan 1998-2002
INKA-072-7201Dash Bracket 71735 Saab 9.3 Sedan 1998-2002
INKA-072-7202Dash Bracket 71193 NHB105 Saab 9.3 Sport Sedan 2003-
INKA-072-7203Dash Bracket 71538 NHB106 Saab 9.5 1998-
INKA-072-7204Dash Bracket 71270 Saab 9.5 1998-
INKA-072-7205Dash Bracket 71935 Saab 900 1978-1993
INKA-072-7206Dash Bracket 71793 Saab 9000 1984-1998
INKA-072-7207Dash Bracket 711124 NHB397 Saab 93 07>
INKA-072-7240Dash Bracket 711010 NHB335 SCANIA 144 R P, R & T Cab Console S
INKA-072-7241Dash Bracket 71771 SCANIA 94/144 1996-2003
INKA-072-7242Dash Bracket 71068 SCANIA R 2004-
INKA-072-7280Dash Bracket 71427 NHB117 SEAT TOLEDO 1999-
INKA-072-7281Dash Bracket 71076 NHB440 SEAT ALTEA >2006
INKA-072-7282Dash Bracket 71379 SEAT IBIZA 2000-2001
INKA-072-7283Dash Bracket 71215 NHB073 SEAT IBIZA 2002-2008
INKA-072-7284Dash Bracket 711040 NHB322 SEAT LEON 2006> VENT
INKA-072-7285Dash Bracket 711145 NHB407 Seat Leon 05>
INKA-072-7320Dash Bracket 71086 NHB221 Skoda FABIA with storage drawer 20
INKA-072-7320LDash Bracket 70086 LHD Skoda FABIA with storage drawer 20
INKA-072-7321Dash Bracket 71608 Skoda OCTAVIA 1997-1998
INKA-072-7322Dash Bracket 71532 NHB074 Skoda OCTAVIA GLX/SLX 1999-2003
INKA-072-7323Dash Bracket 71217 Skoda OCTAVIA GLX/SLX. Airvent. 1
INKA-072-7324Dash Bracket 71075 NHB162 Skoda Octavia, console 2004>
INKA-072-7325Dash Bracket 71763 Skoda PICK UP 1996-
INKA-072-7326Dash Bracket 71149 NHB126 Skoda SUPERB 2002-
INKA-072-7327Dash Bracket 71223 Skoda SUPERB 2002-
INKA-072-7328Dash Bracket 71381 NHB125 Skoda FABIA 2000-
INKA-072-7329Dash Bracket 71085 NHB303 Skoda OCTAVIA, airvent 2004-
INKA-072-7330Dash Bracket 711125 NHB402 Skoda Fabia 08>
INKA-072-7331Dash Bracket 711166 Skoda Fabia 08> Vent
INKA-072-7360Dash Bracket 71433 NHB123 MCC Smart 1999-2007
INKA-072-7361Dash Bracket 71084 MCC Smart ROADSTER 2004-
INKA-072-7362Dash Bracket NHB419 MCC Smart CAR Top Dash
INKA-072-7363Dash Bracket 711181 MCC Smart FORTWO 08>
INKA-072-7400Dash Bracket 71533 Ssangyong KORANDO 1998-
INKA-072-7401Dash Bracket 71691 Ssangyong MUSSO 1995-2000
INKA-072-7402Dash Bracket 71190 NHB247 Ssangyong REXTON 2002-
INKA-072-7403Dash Bracket 711058 NHB378 Ssangyong KYRON
INKA-072-7404Dash Bracket 71042 NHB460 Ssangyong RODIUS
INKA-072-7440Dash Bracket 71192 NHB248 Subaru FORESTER 2003-
INKA-072-7441Dash Bracket 71809 Subaru IMPREZA 1993-1997
INKA-072-7442Dash Bracket 71509 NHB282 Subaru IMPREZA 1998-2000
INKA-072-7443Dash Bracket 71282 NHB075 Subaru IMPREZA 2001-2004
INKA-072-7444Dash Bracket 71049 NHB236 Subaru IMPREZA 2005-
INKA-072-7445Dash Bracket 71815 Subaru LEGACY 1991-1993
INKA-072-7446Dash Bracket 71797 Subaru LEGACY 1994-1998
INKA-072-7447Dash Bracket 71437 Subaru LEGACY/OUTBACK 1999-2003
INKA-072-7448Dash Bracket 71120 NHB152 Subaru LEGACY/OUTBACK 2004-
INKA-072-7449Dash Bracket 711086 NHB395 Subaru Tribeca 06> L/Dash
INKA-072-7450Dash Bracket 711173 NHB481 Subaru Impreza 08>
INKA-072-7480Dash Bracket 71630 Suzuki ESTEEM 1995-
INKA-072-7481Dash Bracket 71469 Suzuki GRAND VITARA / XL7 1998-2002
INKA-072-7482Dash Bracket 71158 NHB153 Suzuki GRAND VITARA 03 >Feb 06
INKA-072-7483Dash Bracket 711026 NHB350 Suzuki GRAND VITARA 2006>
INKA-072-7484Dash Bracket 711027 NHB330 Suzuki GRAND VITARA 2006> VENT
INKA-072-7485Dash Bracket 71278 Suzuki IGNIS 2001-2003
INKA-072-7486Dash Bracket 71127 NHB222 Suzuki IGNIS/IGNIS SUV 2004-
INKA-072-7487Dash Bracket 71439 Suzuki JIMNY 1999-
INKA-072-7488Dash Bracket 71420 Suzuki LIANA 2001-2003
INKA-072-7489Dash Bracket 71106 NHB165 Suzuki LIANA 2004-
INKA-072-7490Dash Bracket 71550 Suzuki SWIFT 1997-
INKA-072-7491Dash Bracket 711011 NHB224 Suzuki SWIFT 2005>
INKA-072-7492Dash Bracket 71819 Suzuki VITARA 1990-1995
INKA-072-7493Dash Bracket 71631 Suzuki VITARA 1996-
INKA-072-7494Dash Bracket 71458 Suzuki WAGON R 1998-2000
INKA-072-7495Dash Bracket 71318 Suzuki WAGON R 2001-
INKA-072-7496Dash Bracket 711087 NHB351 Suzuki SX4 06> L/Dash
INKA-072-7497Dash Bracket 711019 NHB372 Suzuki JIMNY 06> L/Dash
INKA-072-7600Dash Bracket 72999 TAXI London Black Cab LPITX1
INKA-072-7640Dash Bracket 71156 NHB029 Toyota AVENSIS 03 >Mar 09
INKA-072-7640LDash Bracket 70156 Toyota AVENSIS 03 >Mar 09 LHD
INKA-072-7641Dash Bracket 71233 NHB154 Toyota COROLLA 2002-
INKA-072-7642Dash Bracket 71245 Toyota COROLLA VERSO 2002-2003
INKA-072-7643Dash Bracket 71138 NHB108 Toyota LANDCRUISER (120) 2003-
INKA-072-7644Dash Bracket 71105 NHB230 Toyota PRIUS 2004-09
INKA-072-7645Dash Bracket 71758 Toyota 4RUNNER 1990-1995
INKA-072-7646Dash Bracket 71635 Toyota AVALON 1996-2003
INKA-072-7647Dash Bracket 71375 Toyota AVALON 2000-
INKA-072-7648Dash Bracket 71157 NHB019 Toyota AVENSIS 2003>
INKA-072-7649Dash Bracket 71526 NHB284 Toyota AVENSIS 1998-2000
INKA-072-7650Dash Bracket 71290 Toyota AVENSIS 2001-2002
INKA-072-7651Dash Bracket 71294 NHB118 Toyota AVENSIS 2001-2002
INKA-072-7652Dash Bracket 71272 NHB225 Toyota AVENSIS VERSO 2002-Mar 09
INKA-072-7653Dash Bracket 711020 NHB226 Toyota AYGO
INKA-072-7654Dash Bracket 71958 Toyota CAMRY 1987-1991
INKA-072-7655Dash Bracket 71247 Toyota CAMRY 2002-
INKA-072-7656Dash Bracket 71833 Toyota CAMRY V10 1992-1996
INKA-072-7657Dash Bracket 71573 Toyota CAMRY V20 1997-2001
INKA-072-7658Dash Bracket 71661 Toyota CARINA epsilon 1992-1997
INKA-072-7659Dash Bracket 71962 Toyota CARINA epsilon 1992-1997
INKA-072-7660Dash Bracket 71959 Toyota CARINA II 1988-1991
INKA-072-7661Dash Bracket 71804 Toyota CARINA. Outgoing 1982-1987
INKA-072-7662Dash Bracket 71401 NHB119 Toyota CELICA 2000-
INKA-072-7663Dash Bracket 71961 Toyota CELICA T160 1986-1989
INKA-072-7664Dash Bracket 71800 Toyota CELICA T180 1990-1993
INKA-072-7665Dash Bracket 71788 Toyota CELICA T200 1994-1999
INKA-072-7666Dash Bracket 71663 Toyota COROLLA E10 1993-1997
INKA-072-7667Dash Bracket 71802 Toyota COROLLA E10 1993-1997
INKA-072-7668Dash Bracket 71543 Toyota COROLLA E11 1998-2001
INKA-072-7669Dash Bracket 71960 Toyota COROLLA E9 1988-1992
INKA-072-7670Dash Bracket 71070 NHB159 Toyota COROLLA VERSO 05/2004> 2004-
INKA-072-7671Dash Bracket 71552 Toyota DYNA 1994-2001
INKA-072-7672Dash Bracket 71248 Toyota DYNA 2002-
INKA-072-7673Dash Bracket 711033 NHB339 Toyota HI LUX/VIGO 2005>
INKA-072-7674Dash Bracket 71805 Toyota HI-ACE 1990-1995
INKA-072-7675Dash Bracket 71664 NHB120 Toyota HI-ACE 1996-
INKA-072-7676Dash Bracket 71542 Toyota HI-ACE Automatic 1996-
INKA-072-7677Dash Bracket 71491 NHB111 Toyota HI-LUX 1998-
INKA-072-7678Dash Bracket 71180 Toyota LANDCRUISER (120) 2003-
INKA-072-7679Dash Bracket 71183 NHB229 Toyota LANDCRUISER J100 2003-
INKA-072-7680Dash Bracket 71478 Toyota LANDCRUISER J100 w/radio. 19
INKA-072-7681Dash Bracket 71311 Toyota LANDCRUISER J100 w/screen.
INKA-072-7682Dash Bracket 71707 Toyota LANDCRUISER J70 1986-1996
INKA-072-7683Dash Bracket 71656 Toyota LANDCRUISER J80 1994-
INKA-072-7684Dash Bracket 71267 Toyota LANDCRUISER J90 Airvent. 199
INKA-072-7685Dash Bracket 71639 NHB290 Toyota LANDCRUISER J90 Console 1997
INKA-072-7686Dash Bracket 71756 Toyota MR2 1991-1999
INKA-072-7687Dash Bracket 71354 NHB107 Toyota MR2 2000-
INKA-072-7688Dash Bracket 71566 Toyota PICNIC 1997-
INKA-072-7689Dash Bracket 71807 NHB461 Toyota PREVIA 1995-1999
INKA-072-7690Dash Bracket 71327 Toyota PREVIA Right side 2000-
INKA-072-7691Dash Bracket 71334 Toyota PRIUS 2000-2003
INKA-072-7692Dash Bracket 71772 Toyota RAV 4 1995-2000
INKA-072-7693Dash Bracket 71321 NHB155 Toyota RAV 4 2001-2003
INKA-072-7694Dash Bracket 711054 NHB326 Toyota RAV 4 2006>
INKA-072-7695Dash Bracket 71572 Toyota STARLET 1996-
INKA-072-7696Dash Bracket 71383 Toyota TUNDRA 2000-
INKA-072-7697Dash Bracket 71442 NHB021 Toyota YARIS VERSO 2000-
INKA-072-7698Dash Bracket 711055 NHB354 Toyota YARIS/ECHO 2006>
INKA-072-7699Dash Bracket 711161 NHB456 Toyota Corrolla 07 - Console
INKA-072-7700Dash Bracket 711164 Toyota Corrolla 07 - Airvent
INKA-072-7701Dash Bracket 711113 NHB385 Toyota Avensis 06> L/Dash
INKA-072-7701LDash Bracket 701113 LHD Toyota Avensis 06>
INKA-072-7702Dash Bracket 711120 NHB430 Toyota Auris 2007-2012
INKA-072-7703Dash Bracket 711121 Toyota Auris Vent
INKA-072-7704Dash Bracket 711300 Toyota Landcruiser Amazon 08>
INKA-072-7705Dash Bracket NHB466 Toyota AURIS 07>
INKA-072-7706Dash Bracket 711336 NHB511 Toyota AVENSIS Apr 09>
INKA-072-7707Dash Bracket NHB516 Toyota PRIUS 04-09 Vent OBSOLETE
INKA-072-7708Dash Bracket 711355 NHB527 Toyota VERSO Apr 2009>
INKA-072-7709Dash Bracket 711054 NHB528 Toyota RAV 4 Mar 06>
INKA-072-7710Dash Bracket 711361 NHB532 Toyota Prius 2009>
INKA-072-7711Dash Bracket 711410 Toyota Auris 13-
INKA-072-7720Dash Bracket 71234 TVR CERBERA
INKA-072-7721Dash Bracket 71917 TVR CHIMAERA
INKA-072-8400Dash Bracket 71073 NHB196 Vaux ASTRA 04-10 Lower Console
INKA-072-8401Dash Bracket 71736 Vaux ASTRA 1991-1998
INKA-072-8402Dash Bracket 71942 Vaux ASTRA 1991-1998
INKA-072-8403Dash Bracket 71101 NHB193 Vaux ASTRA 2004- Vent mount
INKA-072-8404Dash Bracket 71402 NHB324 Vauxhall Corsa 2001>
INKA-072-8405Dash Bracket 71939 Vaux CORSA(-A) 1991-1992
INKA-072-8406Dash Bracket 71911 NHB296-02 Vaux CORSA(-B) 1993-2000
INKA-072-8407Dash Bracket 71858 Vaux FRONTERA 1992-1996
INKA-072-8408Dash Bracket 71583 Vaux FRONTERA 1996-1998
INKA-072-8409Dash Bracket 71485 Vaux FRONTERA B 1999-
INKA-072-8410Dash Bracket 71940 Vaux KADETT(-E) 1986-1990
INKA-072-8411Dash Bracket 71175 Vaux MERIVA. Airvent. Location 2003
INKA-072-8412Dash Bracket 71174 NHB245 Vauxhall MERIVA to 2009. console
INKA-072-8413Dash Bracket 71859 Vaux MONTEREY 1992-1996
INKA-072-8414Dash Bracket 71582 NHB055 Vaux MONTEREY 1997-
INKA-072-8415Dash Bracket 71941 Vaux OMEGA(-A) 1986-1993
INKA-072-8416Dash Bracket 71741 Vaux OMEGA(-B) 1994-1999
INKA-072-8417Dash Bracket 71385 NHB076 Vaux OMEGA. Air vent. Location. 2
INKA-072-8418Dash Bracket 71369 Vaux OMEGA. Heavy duty. Center cons
INKA-072-8419Dash Bracket 71912 Vaux SENATOR 1987-1994
INKA-072-8420Dash Bracket 71330 NHB305 Vaux SPEEDSTER 2000-
INKA-072-8421Dash Bracket 71737 NHB293 Vaux TIGRA 1994-
INKA-072-8422Dash Bracket 71211 NHB315 Vaux VECTRA 2002-
INKA-072-8424Dash Bracket 71943 Vaux VECTRA(-A) 1989-1995
INKA-072-8425Dash Bracket 71511 Vaux VECTRA(-B) 1996-1998
INKA-072-8426Dash Bracket 71643 Vaux VECTRA(-B) 1996-2001
INKA-072-8426LDash Bracket 70643 LHD Vaux VECTRA(-B) 1996-2001
INKA-072-8427Dash Bracket 71274 NHB082 Vauxhall Vivaro 01-02/06 w/out Nav
INKA-072-8428Dash Bracket 71512 NHB031 Vauxhall ASTRA 1998-2003
INKA-072-8429Dash Bracket 71102 NHB112 Vauxhall Astra 2004> Console
INKA-072-8429LDash Bracket LHD 70102 Vauxhall Astra 2004>
INKA-072-8430Dash Bracket 71155 NHB109 Vauxhall Corsa 2001-14
INKA-072-8431Dash Bracket 71162 NHB450 Vauxhall MONARO 2004-
INKA-072-8432Dash Bracket 71523 NHB283 Vauxhall MOVANO 1998-
INKA-072-8433Dash Bracket 71384 NHB267 Vauxhall OMEGA Y2K
INKA-072-8434Dash Bracket 71441 NHB276 Vauxhall VECTRA (B) 1999-2001
INKA-072-8434LDash Bracket 70441Vauxhall VECTRA (B) 1999-2001 LHD ONLY
INKA-072-8435Dash Bracket 71209 NHB013 Vauxhall Vectra C
INKA-072-8435LDash Bracket LHD 70209 Vauxhall Vectra C
INKA-072-8436Dash Bracket 71424 NHB017 Vauxhall ZAFIRA 1999-
INKA-072-8437Dash Bracket 711016 NHB241 Vauxhall Zafira B
INKA-072-8438Dash Bracket 711017 NHB341 Vauxhall ZAFIRA B Vent
INKA-072-8439Dash Bracket 711201 NHB472 Vauxhall Vivaro 06-10 with CDxx
INKA-072-8440Dash Bracket 711084 NHB438 Vauxhall ANTARA
INKA-072-8441Dash Bracket NHB485 Vauxhall ASTRA CONSOLE 04>
INKA-072-8442Dash Bracket 711320 NHB500 Vauxhall INSIGNIA 08-13
INKA-072-8443Dash Bracket 711302 NHB521 Vauxhall AGILA Sep 08>
INKA-072-8444Dash Bracket 711356 Vauxhall Astra J 2010 onwards
INKA-072-8445Dash Bracket 711392 Vauxhall Meriva 2010 onwards
INKA-072-8449Dash Bracket 711433 Vauxhall Insignia Mk2 2014 onwards
INKA-072-8450Dash Bracket 711476 Vauxhall Astra 2016 onwards
INKA-072-8451Dash Bracket 711438 Vauxhall Vivaro , Renault Master 2015-
INKA-072-8480Dash Bracket 71170 NHB127 VW TOUAREG 2003-
INKA-072-8481Dash Bracket 71095 NHB302 Volkswagen VW Caddy 2004-15
INKA-072-8482Dash Bracket 71832 VW CORRADO 1989-1996
INKA-072-8483Dash Bracket 711012 NHB376 VW FOX/CROSSFOX
INKA-072-8485Dash Bracket 71530 NHB188 VW GOLF IV 1998-2003
INKA-072-8486Dash Bracket 71046 NHB313 Volkswagen VW Golf Plus 2005>
INKA-072-8487Dash Bracket 71045 VW GOLF PLUS 2005- (as 71046?)
INKA-072-8488Dash Bracket 71119 NHB113 VW Golf MkV 2004>
INKA-072-8489Dash Bracket 71114 NHB232 VW GOLF V with shelf top dashboard
INKA-072-8490Dash Bracket 71518 NHB027 Volkswagen Bora 1998-2004, Golf Mk4
INKA-072-8490LDash Bracket 70518 LHD Volkswagen Bora 1998-2004, Golf Mk4
INKA-072-8491Dash Bracket 71395 NHB170 VW LT 1997-
INKA-072-8492Dash Bracket 71687 VW LT 1997-
INKA-072-8493Dash Bracket 71143 VW MULTIVAN T5 2003-
INKA-072-8494Dash Bracket 71517 NHB077 VW NEW BEETLE 1998-
INKA-072-8495Dash Bracket 71956 VW PASSAT 1988-1996
INKA-072-8496Dash Bracket 711003 NHB234 VW PASSAT 2005 console 2005-10
INKA-072-8496LDash Bracket 711003 LHD VW PASSAT 2005 console 2005-
INKA-072-8497Dash Bracket 711008 NHB233 VW PASSAT 2005 vent 2005-
INKA-072-8498Dash Bracket 71641 NHB190 VW PASSAT vent 1997-
INKA-072-8499Dash Bracket 71304 NHB020 VW PASSAT. With climate lower pos.
INKA-072-8500Dash Bracket 71576 NHB320 VW PASSAT. With shelf lower pos.
INKA-072-8501Dash Bracket 71670 VW POLO (4N) 1995-1999
INKA-072-8502Dash Bracket 71830 VW POLO 1981-1991
INKA-072-8503Dash Bracket 71831 VW POLO 1991-1994
INKA-072-8504Dash Bracket 71449 NHB278 VW POLO 2000-2001
INKA-072-8505Dash Bracket 71228 NHB110 VW POLO 2002-09
INKA-072-8506Dash Bracket 711097 VW Polo Drivers Vent
INKA-072-8507Dash Bracket 71590 VW SHARAN 1996-2000
INKA-072-8508Dash Bracket 71724 VW SHARAN 1996-2000
INKA-072-8509Dash Bracket 71239 NHB468 VW SHARAN 2001-
INKA-072-8510Dash Bracket 71322 NHB012 VW SHARAN 2001-2010
INKA-072-8511Dash Bracket 71803 VW TARO 1991-
INKA-072-8512Dash Bracket 71144 NHB129 VW TOURAN Airvent location 2003-
INKA-072-8513Dash Bracket 71244 NHB253 Volkswagen VW Touran, console 2003>
INKA-072-8514Dash Bracket 71460 VW TRANSPORTER 1999-2002
INKA-072-8515Dash Bracket 71461 NHB279 VW TRANSPORTER Air.vent location 19
INKA-072-8516Dash Bracket 71126 NHB078 Volkswagen VW Transporter T5 2003-09
INKA-072-8517Dash Bracket 71955 VW VANAGON 1990-1995
INKA-072-8518Dash Bracket 71611 VW VANAGON 1996-
INKA-072-8519Dash Bracket 71995 VW VENTO 1993-1995
INKA-072-8520Dash Bracket 71968 VW VENTO 1995-
INKA-072-8521Dash Bracket 71969 VW VENTO 1995-
INKA-072-8522Dash Bracket 711091 NHB417 VW GOLF Mk5 2004-2008 Upp Cons
INKA-072-8523Dash Bracket 711183 NHB480 VW TIGUAN , GOLF PLUS
INKA-072-8524Dash Bracket 711330 NHB502 VW GOLF MK6 09>
INKA-072-8525Dash Bracket NHB423 VW T5 SAT NAV BRKT CENT
INKA-072-8526Dash Bracket 711329 VW GOLF MK6 09> VENT
INKA-072-8527Dash Bracket 711238 VW PASSAT 2011-14
INKA-072-8528Dash Bracket 711375 VW Transporter T5/T28 2010-15
INKA-072-8529Dash Bracket 711407 VW Golf Mark 7 Nov 2012 on
INKA-072-8530Dash Bracket 711453 VW Passat 2015-
INKA-072-8560Dash Bracket 71951 Volvo 240 1982-1992
INKA-072-8561Dash Bracket 71950 Volvo 460 1989-1995
INKA-072-8562Dash Bracket 71727 Volvo 850 1992-1996
INKA-072-8563Dash Bracket 71952 Volvo 940 1991-1997
INKA-072-8564Dash Bracket 71953 Volvo 960 1988-1996
INKA-072-8565Dash Bracket 71057 NHB166 Volvo S60/V70 2005-
INKA-072-8566Dash Bracket 71470 Volvo S70 1997-2000
INKA-072-8567Dash Bracket 71546 NHB287 Volvo S70 1997-2000
INKA-072-8568Dash Bracket 71457 Volvo S80 1999-
INKA-072-8569Dash Bracket 71777 NHB458 Volvo TRUCK FH Series 1993-2001
INKA-072-8570Dash Bracket 71204 NHB250 Volvo TRUCK FH Series 2002-
INKA-072-8571Dash Bracket 71200 NHB467 Volvo TRUCK FL Series 2002-
INKA-072-8572Dash Bracket 71484 Volvo V40 1996-
INKA-072-8573Dash Bracket 71655 NHB009 Volvo S40,V40,T4 1996-2003
INKA-072-8574Dash Bracket 71092 Volvo V50 2004-
INKA-072-8576Dash Bracket 71927 Volvo V90 1997-
INKA-072-8577Dash Bracket 71293 NHB433 Volvo XC70 2001> vent
INKA-072-8578Dash Bracket 71352 NHB001 Volvo XC70 2001-
INKA-072-8579Dash Bracket 71194 NHB249 Volvo XC90 2003-
INKA-072-8580Dash Bracket 711023 Volvo XC90 VENT
INKA-072-8581Dash Bracket 711088 NHB381 Volvo S80 Vent L or R
INKA-072-8582Dash Bracket 711110 NHB391 Volvo S80 06> L/Dash
INKA-072-8583Dash Bracket NHB439 Volvo V70 2007> CONSOLE
INKA-072-8584Dash Bracket NHB508 Volvo XC60 Apr 08>
INKA-072-8585Dash Bracket Volvo S60/V60 2010>
INKA-072-8586Dash Bracket Volvo V50 2004>
INKA-072-9900Dash Bracket 71001 TOOL NO.1 Helps removing mouldings and panels
INKA-072-9912Dash Bracket 71015 Ford MONDEO 2004- No. 12
INKA-072-9913Dash Bracket 71088 RADIO FRAME MOUNT DIN, 40mm, angled
INKA-072-9914Dash Bracket 71089 UNIVERSAL DASH MOUNT 45mm, angled 1
INKA-072-9915Dash Bracket 71150 BFE-UNIVERSAL RADIO MOUNT 38 MM BFE
INKA-072-9917Dash Bracket 71152 BFE-UNIVERSAL RADIO MOUNT 38MM MTU
INKA-072-9918Dash Bracket 71249 UNIVERSAL DASH MOUNT 10mm, angled 1
INKA-072-9919Dash Bracket 71286 NHB220 UNIVERSAL DASH MOUNT 30mm, angled 1
INKA-072-9920Dash Bracket 71650 NHB022 UNIVERSAL DASH MOUNT 30mm
INKA-072-9921Dash Bracket 71651 NHB023 UNIVERSAL DASH MOUNT 45mm
INKA-072-9922Dash Bracket 71536 RADIO QUICK MOUNT Mounted in the DIN
INKA-072-9923Dash Bracket 71540 NHB024 UNIVERSAL DASH MOUNT 10mm
INKA-072-9925Dash Bracket NHB408 UNIVERSAL BRACKET
INKA-220-4150Parking Sensor, 4 Rear, Buzzer, Flat, 2.5m cables
INKA-220-4159Parking Sensor, 4 Rear, Buzzer, Flat, 5m cables
INKA-220-4169Parking Sensor, 4 Rear, Buzzer, Flat Rubber, 5m cables
INKA-220-4170Parking Sensor, 4 Rear, Buzzer, Angled, 2.5m cables
INKA-220-4179Parking Sensor, 4 Rear, Buzzer, Angled, 5m cables
INKA-220-4250Parking Sensor, 4 Rear, Display, Flat, 2.5m cables
INKA-220-4258Parking Sensor, 4 Rear, Display, Flat, 5m cables, display ext
INKA-220-4268Parking Sensor, 4 Rear, Display,Flat Rubber,5m cables,display ext
INKA-220-4269Parking Sensor, 4 Rear, Display, Flat Rubber, 5m cables
INKA-220-4270Parking Sensor, 4 Rear, Display, Angled, 2.5m cables
INKA-220-4278Parking Sensor, 4 Rear, Display, Angled, 5m cables, display ext
INKA-220-4350Parking Sensor, 4 Rear, Buzzer & Disp, Flat, 2.5m cables
INKA-220-4358Parking Sensor, 4 Rear, Buzzer & Disp, Flat,5m cables,display ext
INKA-220-4368Parking Sensor,4 Rear,Buzzer & Disp,Flat Rubber,5m cabl,disp ext
INKA-220-4369Parking Sensor, 4 Rear, Buzzer & Disp, Flat Rubber, 5m cables
INKA-220-4370Parking Sensor, 4 Rear, Buzzer & Disp, Angled, 2.5m cables
INKA-220-4378Parking Sensor,4 Rear,Buzzer & Disp,Angled,5m cables,display ext
INKA-225-4250Parking Sensor, 4 Front, Display, Flat
INKA-225-4260Parking Sensor, 4 Front, Display, Rubber
INKA-225-4270Parking Sensor, 4 Front, Display, Angled
INKA-229-9910Premium Sensor Accessory - Buzzer
INKA-229-9920Premium Sensor Accessory - LED Display
INKA-229-9930Premium Sensor Accessory - Rubber Shield Adaptor
INKA-229-9932Premium Sensor Accessory - 4.0m Display Cable Extension
INKA-229-9933Premium Sensor Accessory - 5m Cable Extension
INKA-229-9950Premium Sensor Accessory - Hole Saw dia 19
INKA-229-9951Premium Sensor Accessory - Hole Saw dia 25
INST-2101AG510 Antenna, Stripline, T-Bar
INST-2105Antenna, Stripline, end-entry cable
INST-2230Bracket Antenna
INST-22505m FME extension cable
INST-2260FME male/male in-line connector
INST-2701VA11D Voltage Dropper 24Volt DC to 12V DC 2 circuits of 2Amp
INST-2705Cigar-Lighter Socket - Durite
INST-2840Boom Mic Adaptor 3.5mm to THB Bury kits
INST-2842Boom Mic Adaptor 3.5mm to CK3100
INST-2850Boom Mic 34cm, 2.5mm, Nokia,3200
INST-2852Boom Mic 34cm, 3.5mm, CK3000 Evo,CK3100
INST-2853Boom Mic 34cm, 2.5mm, amplified, THB Bury
INST-2860Boom Mic 45cm, 2.5mm, Nokia,3200
INST-2862Boom Mic 45cm, 3.5mm, CK3000 Evo,CK3100
INST-2863Boom Mic 45cm, 2.5mm, amplified, THB Bury
INTELLI-AUTO-SOT-040Autoleads AUTO-SOT-040 or eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-AUTO-SOT-043Autoleads AUTO-SOT-043 or eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-AUTO-SOT-045Autoleads AUTO-SOT-045 or eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-AUTO-SOT-046Autoleads AUTO-SOT-046 or eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-AUTO-SOT-047Autoleads AUTO-SOT-047 or eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-AUTO-SOT-048Autoleads AUTO-SOT-048 or eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-AUTO-SOT-048Autoleads AUTO-SOT-048 or eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-AUTO-SOT-049Autoleads AUTO-SOT-049 or eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-AUTO-SOT-049Autoleads AUTO-SOT-049 or eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-AUTO-SOT-053Autoleads AUTO-SOT-053 or eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-AUTO-SOT-060Autoleads AUTO-SOT-060 or eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-AUTO-SOT-061Autoleads AUTO-SOT-061 or eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-AUTO-SOT-062Autoleads AUTO-SOT-062 or eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-AUTO-SOT-063Autoleads AUTO-SOT-063 or eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-AUTO-SOT-064Autoleads AUTO-SOT-064 or eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-AUTO-SOT-065Autoleads AUTO-SOT-065 or eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-AUTO-SOT-067Autoleads AUTO-SOT-067 or eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-AUTO-SOT-068Autoleads AUTO-SOT-068 or eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-AUTO-SOT-069Autoleads AUTO-SOT-069 or eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-AUTO-SOT-070Autoleads AUTO-SOT-070 or eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-AUTO-SOT-071Autoleads AUTO-SOT-071 or eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-AUTO-SOT-072Autoleads AUTO-SOT-072 or eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-AUTO-SOT-073Autoleads AUTO-SOT-073 or eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-AUTO-SOT-074Autoleads AUTO-SOT-074 or eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-AUTO-SOT-075Autoleads AUTO-SOT-075 or eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-AUTO-SOT-075Autoleads AUTO-SOT-075 or eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-AUTO-SOT-076Autoleads AUTO-SOT-076 or eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-AUTO-SOT-077Autoleads AUTO-SOT-077 or eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-AUTO-SOT-078Autoleads AUTO-SOT-078 or eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-AUTO-SOT-082Autoleads AUTO-SOT-082 or eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-AUTO-SOT-084Autoleads AUTO-SOT-084 or eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-AUTO-SOT-084Autoleads AUTO-SOT-084 or eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-AUTO-SOT-085Autoleads AUTO-SOT-085 or eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-AUTO-SOT-086Autoleads AUTO-SOT-086 or eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-AUTO-SOT-090Autoleads AUTO-SOT-090 or eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-AUTO-SOT-092Autoleads AUTO-SOT-092 or eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-AUTO-SOT-092Autoleads AUTO-SOT-092 or eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-AUTO-SOT-093Autoleads AUTO-SOT-093 or eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-AUTO-SOT-096Autoleads AUTO-SOT-096 or eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-AUTO-SOT-097Autoleads AUTO-SOT-097 or eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-AUTO-SOT-097Autoleads AUTO-SOT-097 or eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-AUTO-SOT-109Autoleads AUTO-SOT-109 or eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-AUTO-SOT-117Autoleads AUTO-SOT-117 or eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-AUTO-SOT-122Autoleads AUTO-SOT-122 or eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-AUTO-SOT-126Autoleads AUTO-SOT-126 or eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-AUTO-SOT-128Autoleads AUTO-SOT-128 or eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-AUTO-SOT-129Autoleads AUTO-SOT-129 or eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-AUTO-SOT-135Autoleads AUTO-SOT-135 or eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-AUTO-SOT-901Autoleads AUTO-SOT-901 or eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-AUTO-SOT-908Autoleads AUTO-SOT-908 or eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-AUTO-SOT-910Autoleads AUTO-SOT-910 or eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-AUTO-SOT-911Autoleads AUTO-SOT-911 or eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-AUTO-SOT-912Autoleads AUTO-SOT-912 or eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-AUTO-SOT-913Autoleads AUTO-SOT-913 or eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-AUTO-SOT-914Autoleads AUTO-SOT-914 or eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-AUTO-SOT-915Autoleads AUTO-SOT-915 or eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-AUTO-SOT-918Autoleads AUTO-SOT-918 or eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-AUTO-SOT-921Autoleads AUTO-SOT-921 or eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-AUTO-SOT-922Autoleads AUTO-SOT-922 or eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-AUTO-SOT-927Autoleads AUTO-SOT-927 or eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-AUTO-SOT-929Autoleads AUTO-SOT-929 or eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-AUTO-SOT-938Autoleads AUTO-SOT-938 or eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-AUTO-SOT-947Autoleads AUTO-SOT-947 or eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-AUTO-SOT-963Autoleads AUTO-SOT-963 or eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-AUTO-SOT-976Autoleads AUTO-SOT-976 or eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-AUTO-SOT-976FBAutoleads AUTO-SOT-976FB or eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-AUTO-SOT-990Autoleads AUTO-SOT-990 or eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-AUTO-SOT-990Autoleads AUTO-SOT-990 or eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-KRAM-86070Kram 86070 plus Ignition-Generator.
INTELLI-KRAM-86073Kram 86073 plus Ignition-Generator.
INTELLI-KRAM-86076Kram 86076 plus Ignition-Generator.
INTELLI-KRAM-86102Kram 86102 plus Ignition-Generator.
INTELLI-KRAM-86103Kram 86103 plus Ignition-Generator.
INTELLI-KRAM-86104Kram 86104 plus Ignition-Generator.
INTELLI-KRAM-86105Kram 86105 plus Ignition-Generator.
INTELLI-KRAM-86110Kram 86110 plus Ignition-Generator.
INTELLI-KRAM-86111Kram 86111 plus Ignition-Generator.
INTELLI-KRAM-86112Kram 86112 plus Ignition-Generator.
INTELLI-KRAM-86113Kram 86113 plus Ignition-Generator.
INTELLI-KRAM-86114Kram 86114 plus Ignition-Generator.
INTELLI-KRAM-86115Kram 86115 plus Ignition-Generator.
INTELLI-KRAM-86116Kram 86116 plus Ignition-Generator.
INTELLI-KRAM-86117Kram 86117 plus Ignition-Generator.
INTELLI-KRAM-86118Kram 86118 plus Ignition-Generator.
INTELLI-KRAM-86119Kram 86119 plus Ignition-Generator.
INTELLI-KRAM-86120Kram 86120 plus Ignition-Generator.
INTELLI-KRAM-86121Kram 86121 plus Ignition-Generator.
INTELLI-KRAM-86122Kram 86122 plus Ignition-Generator.
INTELLI-KRAM-86123Kram 86123 plus Ignition-Generator.
INTELLI-KRAM-86124Kram 86124 plus Ignition-Generator.
INTELLI-KRAM-86125Kram 86125 plus Ignition-Generator.
INTELLI-KRAM-86130Kram 86130 plus Ignition-Generator.
INTELLI-KRAM-86131Kram 86131 plus Ignition-Generator.
INTELLI-KRAM-86132Kram 86132 plus Ignition-Generator.
INTELLI-KRAM-86133Kram 86133 plus Ignition-Generator.
INTELLI-KRAM-86134Kram 86134 plus Ignition-Generator.
INTELLI-KRAM-86135Kram 86135 plus Ignition-Generator.
INTELLI-KRAM-86136Kram 86136 plus Ignition-Generator.
INTELLI-KRAM-86137Kram 86137 plus Ignition-Generator.
INTELLI-KRAM-86138Kram 86138 plus Ignition-Generator.
INTELLI-KRAM-86139Kram 86139 plus Ignition-Generator.
INTELLI-KRAM-86140Kram 86140 plus Ignition-Generator.
INTELLI-KRAM-86144Kram 86144 plus Ignition-Generator.
INTELLI-KRAM-86145Kram 86145 plus Ignition-Generator.
INTELLI-KRAM-86150Kram 86150 plus Ignition-Generator.
INTELLI-KRAM-86151Kram 86151 plus Ignition-Generator.
INTELLI-KRAM-86154Kram 86154 plus Ignition-Generator.
INTELLI-KRAM-86155Kram 86155 plus Ignition-Generator.
INTELLI-KRAM-86157Kram 86157 plus Ignition-Generator.
INTELLI-KRAM-86160Kram 86160 plus Ignition-Generator.
INTELLI-KRAM-86161Kram 86161 plus Ignition-Generator.
INTELLI-KRAM-86165Kram 86165 plus Ignition-Generator.
INTELLI-KRAM-86170Kram 86170 plus Ignition-Generator.
INTELLI-KRAM-86171Kram 86171 plus Ignition-Generator.
INTELLI-KRAM-86172Kram 86172 plus Ignition-Generator.
INTELLI-KRAM-86173Kram 86173 plus Ignition-Generator.
INTELLI-KRAM-86174Kram 86174 plus Ignition-Generator.
INTELLI-KRAM-86175Kram 86175 plus Ignition-Generator.
INTELLI-KRAM-86177Kram 86177 plus Ignition-Generator.
INTELLI-KRAM-86178Kram 86178 plus Ignition-Generator.
INTELLI-KRAM-86180Kram 86180 plus Ignition-Generator.
INTELLI-KRAM-86181Kram 86181 plus Ignition-Generator.
INTELLI-KRAM-86182Kram 86182 plus Ignition-Generator.
INTELLI-KRAM-86189Kram 86189 plus Ignition-Generator.
INTELLI-KRAM-86190Kram 86190 plus Ignition-Generator.
INTELLI-KRAM-86191Kram 86191 plus Ignition-Generator.
INTELLI-KRAM-86195Kram 86195 plus Ignition-Generator.
INTELLI-KRAM-86197Kram 86197 plus Ignition-Generator.
INTELLI-KRAM-86200Kram 86200 plus Ignition-Generator.
INTELLI-KRAM-86250Kram 86250 plus Ignition-Generator.
INTELLI-KRAM-86291Kram 86291 plus Ignition-Generator.
INTELLI-KRAM-86348Kram 86348 plus Ignition-Generator.
INTELLI-KRAM-86394Kram 86394 plus Ignition-Generator.
INTELLI-KRAM-86795Kram 86795 plus Ignition-Generator.
INTELLI-KRAM-86796Kram 86796 plus Ignition-Generator.
INTELLI-KRAM-86942Kram 86942 plus Ignition-Generator.
INTELLI-KRAM-86946Kram 86946 plus Ignition-Generator.
INTELLI-PC000001AAParrot PC000001AA eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-PC000005AAParrot PC000005AA eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-PC000006AAParrot PC000006AA eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-PC000007AAParrot PC000007AA eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-PC000008AAParrot PC000008AA eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-PC000009AAParrot PC000009AA eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-PC000010AAParrot PC000010AA eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-PC000011AAParrot PC000011AA eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-PC000016AAParrot PC000016AA eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-PC000018AAParrot PC000018AA eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-PC000019AAParrot PC000019AA eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-PC000020AAParrot PC000020AA eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-PC000021AAParrot PC000021AA eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-PC000023AAParrot PC000023AA eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-PC000024AAParrot PC000024AA eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-PC000025AAParrot PC000025AA eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-PC000026AAParrot PC000026AA eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-PC000027AAParrot PC000027AA eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-PC000031AAParrot PC000031AA eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-PC000033AAParrot PC000033AA eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-PC000042AAParrot PC000042AA eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-PC000043AAParrot PC000043AA eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-PC000044AAParrot PC000044AA eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-PC000045AAParrot PC000045AA eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-PC000047AAParrot PC000047AA eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-PC000048AAParrot PC000048AA eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-PC000049AAParrot PC000049AA eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-PC000050AAParrot PC000050AA eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-PC000054AAParrot PC000054AA eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-PC000057AAParrot PC000057AA eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-PC000061AAParrot PC000061AA eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-PC000066AAParrot PC000066AA eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-PC000069AAParrot PC000069AA eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
INTELLI-PC000070AAParrot PC000070AA eqv. plus Ignition-Generator
KRAM-86070Kram 86070.
KRAM-86073Kram 86073.
KRAM-86076Kram 86076.
KRAM-86102Kram 86102.
KRAM-86103Kram 86103.
KRAM-86104Kram 86104.
KRAM-86105Kram 86105.
KRAM-86110Kram 86110.
KRAM-86111Kram 86111.
KRAM-86112Kram 86112.
KRAM-86113Kram 86113.
KRAM-86114Kram 86114.
KRAM-86115Kram 86115.
KRAM-86116Kram 86116.
KRAM-86117Kram 86117.
KRAM-86118Kram 86118.
KRAM-86119Kram 86119.
KRAM-86120Kram 86120.
KRAM-86121Kram 86121.
KRAM-86122Kram 86122.
KRAM-86123Kram 86123.
KRAM-86124Kram 86124.
KRAM-86125Kram 86125.
KRAM-86130Kram 86130.
KRAM-86131Kram 86131.
KRAM-86132Kram 86132.
KRAM-86133Kram 86133.
KRAM-86134Kram 86134.
KRAM-86135Kram 86135.
KRAM-86136Kram 86136.
KRAM-86137Kram 86137.
KRAM-86138Kram 86138.
KRAM-86139Kram 86139.
KRAM-86140Kram 86140.
KRAM-86144Kram 86144.
KRAM-86145Kram 86145.
KRAM-86150Kram 86150.
KRAM-86151Kram 86151.
KRAM-86154Kram 86154.
KRAM-86155Kram 86155.
KRAM-86157Kram 86157.
KRAM-86160Kram 86160.
KRAM-86161Kram 86161.
KRAM-86165Kram 86165.
KRAM-86170Kram 86170.
KRAM-86171Kram 86171.
KRAM-86172Kram 86172.
KRAM-86173Kram 86173.
KRAM-86174Kram 86174.
KRAM-86175Kram 86175.
KRAM-86177Kram 86177.
KRAM-86178Kram 86178.
KRAM-86180Kram 86180.
KRAM-86181Kram 86181.
KRAM-86182Kram 86182.
KRAM-86189Kram 86189.
KRAM-86190Kram 86190.
KRAM-86191Kram 86191.
KRAM-86195Kram 86195.
KRAM-86197Kram 86197.
KRAM-86200Kram 86200.
KRAM-86250Kram 86250.
KRAM-86291Kram 86291.
KRAM-86348Kram 86348.
KRAM-86394Kram 86394.
KRAM-86795Kram 86795.
KRAM-86796Kram 86796.
KRAM-86942Kram 86942.
KRAM-86946Kram 86946.
PARR-039-2510Parrot Control box for CK3100
PARR-039-2603Parrot Flashcable for CK3000, Evo, CK3100, CK3300, CK3500
PARR-039-2608Parrot Speaker Box universal with ISO connection
PARR-039-2617Parrot Mains Adaptor for powering kits via ISO
PARR-039-2621Parrot Answer Button Unit for CK3000 Evolution
PARR-039-2623Parrot Remote Control set for MK6100
PARR-039-2625Parrot CK Microphone CK3100, Evo (new type with changeable clip)
PARR-039-2626Parrot microphone for 3200, 3400
PARR-039-2627Parrot Twin Microphone MK6000, MK6100, MKi9x00
PARR-039-2630Parrot LCD unit for CK3100,CK3300,CK3500
PARR-039-2637Parrot OLED Display Unit for MKi9100
PARR-039-2638Parrot Colour Display Unit for MKi9200
PARR-039-2641Parrot blue control box for MKi9100
PARR-039-2642Parrot blue control box for MKi9200
PARR-039-2650Parrot ISO Power Lead (CK3000, Evo, 3100, 3300, 3500)
PARR-039-2651Parrot ISO Audio Lead (CK3000, Evo)
PARR-039-2652Parrot ISO Audio Lead (CK3100, 3300, 3500)
PARR-039-2653Parrot ISO Audio/Power Lead 3200/3400,MK-series,MKi9000,9100,9200
PARR-039-2655Parrot ISO Audio & Power Leads (CK3100, CK3300, CK3500)
PARR-039-2656Parrot ISO Audio & Power Leads CK3000 Evolution
PARR-039-2661Parrot Lead MK6100 screen to control box
PARR-039-2662Parrot replacement lead for MKi9100 Display
PARR-039-2663Parrot replacement lead for MKi9200 Display
PARR-039-2664Parrot replacement Swivel Bracket for MKi9200 Display/Lead - OBS
PARR-039-2665Parrot replacement iPod lead for MKi-series MusicKit
PARR-039-2666Parrot replacement lead only (not bracket) for MKi9200 Display
PARR-039-3221Parrot Remote Buttons for MKi9000, MKi9100, MKi9200
PARR-039-3222Parrot Remote Strap for MKi9000, MKi9100, MKi9200
PARR-039-3223Parrot Remote Bracket for MKi9000, MKi9100, MKi9200
PARR-039-3231Parrot Remote Buttons for MK6100
PARR-039-3232Parrot Remote Strap for MK6100
PARR-039-4651ISO Audio/Power Lead for Parrot CK3000,CK3000 Evolution, Evo
PARR-039-4652ISO Audio/Power Lead for Parrot CK3100,CK3300,CK3500
PARR-039-4653ISO Audio/Power Lead for Parrot 3200,3400,MK-series,MKi-series
PARR-039-6600Boom Mic 45cm, 2.5mm, Parrot CK3200,3400,MKi9000,MKi9100,MKi9200
PARR-039-6601Boom Mic 34cm, 2.5mm, Parrot CK3200,3400,MKi9000, MKi9100,MKi9200
PARR-039-6641Boom Mic 34cm, 3.5mm, Parrot CK3000,Evolution,CK3100,3300,3500
PARR-039-6642Boom Mic 45cm, 3.5mm, Parrot CK3000,Evolution,CK3100,3300,3500
PC000001AAParrot PC000001AA eqv.
PC000005AAParrot PC000005AA eqv.
PC000006AAParrot PC000006AA eqv.
PC000007AAParrot PC000007AA eqv.
PC000008AAParrot PC000008AA eqv.
PC000009AAParrot PC000009AA eqv.
PC000010AAParrot PC000010AA eqv.
PC000011AAParrot PC000011AA eqv.
PC000016AAParrot PC000016AA eqv.
PC000018AAParrot PC000018AA eqv.
PC000019AAParrot PC000019AA eqv.
PC000020AAParrot PC000020AA eqv.
PC000021AAParrot PC000021AA eqv.
PC000023AAParrot PC000023AA eqv.
PC000024AAParrot PC000024AA eqv.
PC000025AAParrot PC000025AA eqv.
PC000026AAParrot PC000026AA eqv.
PC000027AAParrot PC000027AA eqv.
PC000030AAParrot PC000030AA eqv.
PC000031AAParrot PC000031AA eqv.
PC000033AAParrot PC000033AA eqv.
PC000042AAParrot PC000042AA eqv.
PC000043AAParrot PC000043AA eqv.
PC000044AAParrot PC000044AA eqv.
PC000045AAParrot PC000045AA eqv.
PC000047AAParrot PC000047AA eqv.
PC000048AAParrot PC000048AA eqv.
PC000049AAParrot PC000049AA eqv.
PC000050AAParrot PC000050AA eqv.
PC000054AAParrot PC000054AA eqv.
PC000057AAParrot PC000057AA eqv.
PC000061AAParrot PC000061AA eqv.
PC000066AAParrot PC000066AA eqv.
PC000069AAParrot PC000069AA eqv.
PC000070AAParrot PC000070AA eqv.
SAFE-440BPS40 Scorpion Parking Sensor, 4 Rear Flat Sensors, Buzzer
SAFE-440DPS40D Scorpion Parking Sensor, 4 Rear Flat Sensors, Display
SAFE-441BPS41 Scorpion Parking Sensor, 4 Rear Angled Sensors, Buzzer
SAFE-441DPS41D Scorpion Parking Sensor, 4 Rear Angled Sensors, Display
SAFE-442BPS42 Scorpion Parking Sensor, 4 Rear Flat, Buzzer, long cables
SAFE-442DPS42D Scorpion Parking Sensor, 4 Rear Flat, Display,long cables
SAFE-445FPS45 Scorpion Parking Sensor, 4 Front Flat Sensors, Display
SAFE-446FPS46 Scorpion Parking Sensor, 4 Front Angled Sensors, Display
SAFE-447FPS47 Scorpion Parking Sensor, 4 Front Flat,Display,long cables
SOT-0440-01SOT ISO Adaptor For BMW (Rd Pin)
SOT-0441-01SOT ISO Adaptor For BMW (Flat Pin)
SOT-0442-01SOT ISO Adaptor For BMW 2009> populated data
SOT-0442-GaSOT ISO Adaptor For BMW 2009> populated data
SOT-0880-01SOT ISO Adaptor For Chrysler/Jeep 00>
SOT-0881-01SOT ISO Adaptor For Chrysler in line
SOT-2050-01SOT ISO Adaptor lead Fiat 500L
SOT-2080-01SOT ISO Adaptor lead Ford (post 2001)
SOT-2081-01SOT ISO Adaptor lead Ford Fiesta 02>
SOT-2082-01SOT ISO Adaptor For Ford Mondeo/C-MAX populated
SOT-2082-SaSOT ISO Adaptor For Ford Mondeo/C-MAX populated
SOT-2083-01SOT ISO Adaptor For Ford Mondeo 03>
SOT-2087-01SOT ISO Adaptor for Ford Fiesta mid-2010 onwards 24-pin connector
SOT-2088-01Ford Fiesta, Focus, Transit 2018-
SOT-2088-GaFord Fiesta, Focus, Transit 2018-
SOT-2841-01SOT ISO Adaptor For Honda Civic 06>
SOT-3600-01SOT ISO Adaptor For Jaguar/Land Rover
SOT-4024-01SOT ISO Adaptor for Kia/Hyundai 2011> new connector
SOT-4880-01SOT ISO Adaptor For Mazda (post 2001)
SOT-4980-01SOT ISO Adaptor For Mercedes 2004-, Audio 10-20
SOT-5080-01SOT ISO Adaptor For Mitsubishi
SOT-5081-01SOT ISO Adaptor For Mitsubishi 07> not nav
SOT-5223-01SOT ISO Adaptor For Nissan Pathfinder/Navara
SOT-6000-01SOT ISO Adaptor For Peugeot, Citroen
SOT-6000-GaSOT ISO Adaptor For Peugeot, Citroen
SOT-6003-01SOT ISO Adaptor for Peugeot, Citroen 2017-
SOT-7440-01SOT ISO Adaptor For Subaru
SOT-7640-01SOT ISO Adaptor For Toyota
SOT-7641-01SOT ISO Adaptor For Toyota Landcruiser Sep amp Rad
SOT-8400-01SOT ISO Adaptor lead Vauxhall (2000 on)
SOT-8404-01SOT ISO Adaptor For Vaux Q/lock 04 fully populated
SOT-8404-SaSOT ISO Adaptor For Vaux Q/lock 04 fully populated
SOT-8405-01SOT ISO Adaptor For Vauxhall Insignia 08>
SOT-8405-GaSOT ISO Adaptor For Vauxhall Insignia 08>
SOT-8406-01SOT ISO Adaptor For Vauxhall Insignia 14-17
SOT-8406-GaSOT ISO Adaptor For Vauxhall Insignia 14-17
SOT-8407-01SOT ISO Adaptor For Vauxhall Insignia 18>
SOT-8500-01SOT ISO Adaptor for VW Delta radios
SOT-8502-01SOT ISO Adaptor for VW Delta radios 2010>, 40-pin fully populated
SOT-8502-GaSOT ISO Adaptor for VW Delta radios 2010>, 40-pin fully populated
SOT-8582-01SOT ISO Adaptor For Volvo S40/V50 2004> 14 pins
SOT-8583-01SOT ISO Adaptor For Volvo S40/V50 2004>
SWC-7658-01ANAlogz SWC Toyota Combined with AUX retention
SWC-7658-01JANAlogz SWC Toyota Combined with AUX retention
SWC-7658-01LANAlogz SWC Toyota Combined with AUX retention

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